Yoga-Therapy for menstruation and PMS

Connect with your femininity


1.5 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

DO's and DON'T s during your menstruation

yoga practices to ease menstrual pain

prevention of PMS

pranayama: breathing excercises to calm the nervous system

yoga practice for headaches and migraines

yoga practice for back ache

yoga practice for belly ache and cramps

yoga practice to relax the nervous system

yoga practice to start the menstrual flow

tips on aromatherapy

auto-massage tips with reflexology

relaxation: getting through pain in a meditative way

menstruation - time to set new intentions

self-observation through the cycles of life

worksheets to print: cycle, intentions, moon phases, aromatherapy, do's and don'ts

literature list


Tired of menstrual cramps and PMS?

This course will teach you how to alleviate and prevent many of these complaints through yoga, breathing and relaxation exercises. You will also discover how aromatherapy and self-massage can influence your well-being in this phase of the cycle.

In addition, I will give you many helpful tips on nutrition, exercise, and suggestions about how to experience menstruation positively and use it for your personal growth and development.

Every woman goes through different phases of feminine power in the course of her life. Most women have their menstrual period for approximately 35-40 years. Very few, however, experience this phase of the cycle consciously positive, because society is based on male-oriented values such as straightforwardness, strength, competitive thinking, assertiveness, etc.

We have often turned away from our femininity in order to survive within a male dominated world. Women are naturally not linear and experiencing constant change, just like nature and life in general!

If we stray too far from our nature, we feel it mentally and physically. Many complaints manifest themselves through our thought patterns and physical symptoms.

This course will inspire you to take time for yourself and your femininity. Time to soften up and be a woman! Time to celebrate and emancipate your period as a part of you!

The included worksheets will help you to record self-observations during the menstrual and lunar cycle. They will also support you to use the time of the menstruation and the new beginning of the new cycle to set intentions.


Yoga-Therapy for menstruation and PMS
Yoga-Therapy for menstruation and PMS
Yoga-Therapy for menstruation and PMS
Yoga-Therapy for menstruation and PMS




DO's and DON'T s



Connect with your cycle and your femininity

Honor your menstrual blood

Yoga practice


Spinal mobilization

Migraines and headaches

Cramps and abdominal pain

Gentle exercises for back pain and belly ache

Relaxation of the abdomen and the pelvic floor

Relaxation of hips and back

Relax in Shavasana




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