The Complete XMPP Course: Chat Server Setup Android/iOS Apps

Easy and quick Setup XMPP Chat Server with Android , iOS and Windows Chat apps

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Set-up their own open source chat server in Amazon cloud or any other VPS and set-up chat client applications for windows, Android and iOS platforms.


Beginners who are curious about the technology behind chat applications and professionals who want to enhance their knowledge in XMPP server and client technology are welcome to have your skills enhanced.

Also entrepreneurs who wish to start chat server application as a 'Software as a Service'  business model are welcome too.

  • Lets start by an Overview of the XMPP protocol which is popular for chat and messaging applications
  • setting up an Amazon Web Service VPS called EC2 with Ubuntu Linux
  • Compare the popular chat servers and install  the Prosody, the light weight, efficient open source chat server
  • Explore the basic configuration options for prosody to get started.
  • Install few additional modules which is needed for file sending etc.
  • Configure SSL certificate for our chat server to enhance the safety and security.
  • Install and configure windows/mac/Linux Chat App called Pidgin (Open Source)
  • Install and configure Android Chat App called Conversations (Open Source)
  • Install and configure iOS Chat App called Chat Secure (Open Source)


    The Complete XMPP Course: Chat Server Setup Android/iOS Apps
    The Complete XMPP Course: Chat Server Setup Android/iOS Apps
    The Complete XMPP Course: Chat Server Setup Android/iOS Apps
    The Complete XMPP Course: Chat Server Setup Android/iOS Apps



    Quick Overview of the Course

    Introduction to XMPP Chat Protocol and its features

    XMPP Protocol Introduction and features

    Setup a free Amazon Web Service EC2 VPS Ubuntu Server for XMPP and manage it

    Setup a free-tier Amazon EC2 Ubuntu Server and its administration

    XMPP Chat server Prosody Installation and Configuration

    Install Prosody XMPP Chat Server in Amazon Ubuntu VPS Server

    Prosody Configuration

    Basic Prosody Configuration

    Secure Chat - SSL Certificate configuration in server

    SSL Certificate Generation and Configuration

    Chat Clients - Configuring Windows/Linux/Mac Chat Client - Pidgin (Open Source)

    Configuring Win/Linux/Mac Chat App

    Chat Clients - Configuring Android Chat App - Conversations (Open Source)

    Configuring Android Chat App

    Chat Clients - Configuring iPhone Chat App - Chat Secure (Open Source)

    Configuring iOS chat App

    OMEMO Encryption for XMPP

    OMEMO Encryption for XMPP


    Fittrack6 April 2020

    Using almost half the course just to setup an EC2 instance and install prosody that could have easily been done with a blog post seems like a waste of time

    Jesus29 November 2019

    Fue un buen curso, aunque me hubiera gustado más detalle en la gestión y administración de los usuarios.

    Marko26 March 2019

    Now my own XMPP server is running well. Thanks to this course. Now it covers also the OMEMO encryption which is a huge boost for the messaging privacy. I can recommend these course to everyone who is involved in self-hosting or will getting independent with his chats from other vendors. Special details about the function of the XMPP protocol you'll not learn here. It's a solid walk trough in how to setup a server and configuring clients for using it.

    Ethan14 October 2018

    A very interesting topic indeed, I will definitely try to use this, I gave 4 stars only because I thought there were subtitles for all the videos in the course but there are only in the intro.


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