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Xamarin on Steroids: Xamarin Forms Shell and MVVM

Build Native iOS and Android Mobile Apps in Less Time Using the Deadly Xamarin Forms Shell + MVVM Combination.

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Build applications with Xamarin for both iOS and Android at the same time

Use Xamarin Forms Shell to faster make your apps

Learn how to combine Shell and MVVM to build professional apps that have clean code



Do you know what's the most important currency in the world?

And no, it's no bitcoin.

It's time.

Once you spend it, there is no way to get it back.

Do you want to know how to build a native Android and iOS app at the same time?

By using the Xamarin Forms framework.

What is the Xamarin Forms framework?

It is a free cross-platform framework for building native mobile applications on Windows or macOS. You can develop both iOS and Android native apps at the same time. Think about it! You write one code, but you can run the app on both the iOS platform and on the Android platform.

The output from the Xamarin SDK is the fully native app.

But wait, it gets even better...

Do you know that you can even speed up your development with Xamarin Forms?

Yes, it's possible. Just use Xamarin Forms Shell.

Shell is a framework you can use to build side menus and tab bar pages quicker in Xamarin Forms.

It provides you with a simple code syntax for building the above-mentioned features. So that you don't waste your time on those features that are so common to mobile apps. And focus instead on app-specific functionality.

In this course, I'm going to show you how to build a crypto wallet mobile app.

I'll also share with you some tips I have learned over the years developing apps:

  • How to use the MVVM with the Shell, to separate the UI from the business logic

  • How to reuse common generic classes across multiple projects

  • How to use resource dictionaries to reuse your design

If you are a beginner developer in Xamarin Forms, then this course is not the right fit for you. But if you are already familiar with the Xamarin platform and want to learn advanced topics, so you can become a better developer, then you are in the right place.

You probably know this, but in order to start with this course, you don't even need a Mac computer. You only need Visual Studio, and it has free community editions. You can test all your code changes on the Android emulator (however, if you want to test the iOS app, you need to have a Mac computer).

With the Xamarin on Steroids course you get:

  • Video lectures

  • Guideline on how to build the cryptocurrency wallet app using Xamarin Forms Shell and MVVM

  • Source code of the completed app

  • Book with 81 Xamarin Interview Questions

After you finish the "Xamarin on Steroids: Xamarin Forms Shell and MVVM" course, you will know how to build beautiful cross-platform Xamarin Forms apps.

This course comes with 30 days money-back guarantee. If you don't like this course, just request a refund.

No hard feelings. My goal is to make you a happy developer who will understand the Xamarin Forms Shell, so you can actually use it and make app development an easier process.

With all that being said, click the enroll button and I'll see you inside!


Xamarin on Steroids: Xamarin Forms Shell and MVVM
Xamarin on Steroids: Xamarin Forms Shell and MVVM
Xamarin on Steroids: Xamarin Forms Shell and MVVM
Xamarin on Steroids: Xamarin Forms Shell and MVVM



Course Overview

What is Xamarin Forms Shell

What is Xamarin Forms Shell

Shell Basics

Section Introduction

Create New Project

Define the Initial Layout of the App

Build the Side Menu

Style the Side Menu

Build the Tab Bar Using Shell

Tip 1 - Use Code Snippets for Faster Development

Charts and Best Practices in Xamarin.Forms

Section Introduction

Dependency Injection Using Autofac

Tip 2 - Reuse Styles With Resource Dictionaries

Working With Charts in Xamarin.Forms

Build the Assets Collection

Build the Latest Transactions Collection

Wallet View Final Touches

Shell Navigation

Section Introduction

Build the Transactions View

Populate List With Data

Navigation in Xamarin.Forms Shell

Generic Shell Navigation

Navigation With Parameters

Validations and Working With Database

Section Introduction

Radio Buttons in Xamarin.Forms

Implement the Add Transactions View

Validation Rules

Validate Amount Entry

Generic Repository Pattern

Save Data to the Database

Load Data from the Database

Update Existing Data

Override the Back Button Behavior Using Shell

Get Data From the Rest API

Section Introduction

Generic Network Service

Get Data from the Crypto API

Calculate Data for the Assets View

Implement the Assets View

Onboarding and Login Flow

Section Introduction

Implement the Loading View

Introduce the Login Flow

Update the Navigation Service to Change Between Flows

Implement the Onboarding View

Navigate to the Register View

Implement the Register View

Register Functionality

Login View Implementation

Course Recap


Cryptollet App - Source Code

Xamarin.Forms Shell Code Snippets

Free eBook - 81 Xamarin Interview Questions

3-Step Formula to Accelerate Your Mobile App Development


Bonus Lecture


Daniel24 June 2021

Too many times data is added with either little or no notification, sometimes entire sections of code are added with no notification. I'm glad I downloaded the completed application code as otherwise I would have given up and asked for a refund.

Richard7 May 2021

I'm coming to the end of the course and it's a very good course but make no mistake you need to be comfortable with C# as the instructor goes very fast and does bring up a new class from time to time and it expects you to come to terms with it hence the "intermediate" tag no doubt. What you get here is a really nice looking app by the end where you quite literally start off with a menu. It's nicely structured, isn't a 35+ hour course that far too many instructors are keen to plod out now and just gets to the point which is bulidng an app with xamarin forms shell. That said - What I would have liked to see is changing the backgrounds of the shell menu font text with triggers, perhaps with some sort of background gradient and maybe some xamarin essentials features like accessing photos, text messages etc and logging in with two factor authentication but I realise this is becoming more of a wishlist than a review now so maybe those can be in a future course :) Overall very happy I purchased this course as I've learnt a lot in a short space of time from this instructor. It is worthwhile buying.

Tony25 April 2021

Excellent presentation. Very thorough and easy to follow. Instructor takes the extra time to teach each topic completely. Incudes extra bonus material to make this a very complete course. Excellent. Thank you.

Lloyd13 March 2021

it is impossible to follow him .. the only source code he provides is the completed code . He cuts and paste without explaining what the code does. It seems like he just wants to put this up and doesn't want to teach it. I bought this course to be taught how to do this not to just copy and paste code. VERY DISAPPOINTED. The one thing good about him is that he gets right back with you when you post a issue.

Tibor26 February 2021

The entire course has been very informative and covered a lot of common areas of xamarin development.

Alex13 February 2021

Lots of issues: 1. Code is not compiling starting from Section 2 Video 6. No sources code provided, there I cant compare my code agains his. Lecturer is rushing through videos, he talks quickly, clicks around the UI and not explaining all that much.

Simon1 February 2021

Very good course, would love to see more about Authorisation, either with Azure or ASP.Net Auth, as a previous Apple and Android developer using Objective C and Java, this makes development a lot easier, keep up the good work and look forward to more Xamarin courses.

Supernova@Supernova.Business4 November 2020

Very happy to have found this gem. All the answers I needed as I am starting out my Xamarin journey, expanding my knowledge from web development. Really happy and I am more than half way.

Running27 October 2020

good breakdown each component,, and good for the beginner with basic C# and Xamarin knowledge but lack of real development experience. It could be better to share the dependency version of library. And also teach some tips on how much adapt different screen size or platform.

Pediredla7 September 2020

This course is useful for beginers and explanation is very excellent and we expect more concepts for coming feature

Olof29 August 2020

Good pace, much to soak in, im early into the course and there is allot of new concepts to Xamarin witch i have not had in older courses. So the course is really filling the gap from older courses. I stumbled on some basic action like adding assets, but the author was quick to assist. Good course and I think i will get a fast introduction to some of the new concepts in Xamarin.

Douglas25 August 2020

Just amazing, content is exactly what we need and goes from UI to database and web API calls, everything that any app would have/need to work, only thing I missed was how to update the database structure without losing data, eg: table transaction got a new field etc


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