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Wordpress for beginners :Build Websites Fast without Coding

Wordpress: Learn how to create websites & stores with no coding experience but at the same time make some extra income!

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Sep 2015

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Free site migrations + Hack fix guarantee + Support with 100% solve rate
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What you will learn

Create websites with no coding experience

Create online stores with no coding experience

Have the skills necessary to make money selling services or websites


Let me ask you a few questions!!!!

  1. Want to learn how to create amazing professional websites that can even process payments online?
  2. Want to do it with NO coding experience?
  3. Want to create a part time income and maybe even a full time business?

If you say YES to the above questions, this course will make your dreams a reality.

It doesn't matter if you are 100 or 7 years old, you can learn this easily!

It doesn't matter where you are in the world, you can use this information to make money online.

As long as you understand and write, you can do this!

My Story........

Hello my name is Edwin Diaz and even though I am a successful software and web developer it wasn't alway like this.

The Information I'm going to show here on this course could dramatically change your life; if it is applied.

I'm giving you a shortcut into what took me a long time to do. This is your chance to take what is yours and live your life at your own terms.


Wordpress for beginners :Build Websites Fast without Coding
Wordpress for beginners :Build Websites Fast without Coding
Wordpress for beginners :Build Websites Fast without Coding
Wordpress for beginners :Build Websites Fast without Coding




What is wordpress

Installing wordpress in your computer


Installing Development environment

Installing Editor

Downloading Wordpress

Configuring and installing Wordpress

Installing Wordpress live ONLINE!


Hosting and Domain

Installing wordpress

Wordpress Basics


Welcome Screen

How posts work part 1

How posts work part 2

Media, Pages and Comments





Background Images

The Editor



Import and Export

Wordpress : Settings


General: Settings

Settings: Writing

Settings: Reading

Settings: Discussion

Settings: Media and Permalinks


Installing SEO Plugin

SEO Explanation

Contact Page

From Blog to Website and more

Creating a store with no coding


Installing the Store Plugin

Creating first example product




Store setttings


General settings

Product settings

Tax settings

Checkout settings

Shipping settings

Account settings

Emails and API settings

System status and Addons


Modifying themes

Adding a T-shirt - CHALLENGE

Adding More T-shirts - SOLUTION

Adding Feature Products

Adding Slider

Adding Size Attributes

Layout Options & Modification

How to make money from your skills now


First Source: Explanation

First Source: Research

First Source: Titles

First Source: Subscriptions

First Source: Creating a Listing

First Source: Ending Listins

Second Source: Example

Third Source : Example

Fourth Source : Example

Make professional websites the easy way!


D14 July 2021

Unless I'm missing something... I'm not seeing a link to the Facebook Group page. Also, there's a mention of an editor called brackets and it no long exists on the page mentioned in the course. Would like to have a link to the instructor to ask questions since I can't find the FB Group page.

Ahmad2 August 2019

Good course for who don't know what wordpress is .. something I didn't like is some plugins that Edwin used in the course I could not find it , anyway is a good course to start, Thank You Ediwn

Francisco10 April 2018

Edwin is a wonderful instructor who really cares about his students, and does a great job of explaining everything. He even shows you how he made money using the same knowledge. Excellent instructor and is always recommended.

Yeshua12 May 2017

Great so far Edwin has giving me a lot of learning using Wordpress, sometimes i get confuse with unnecessary things that can be change on the same page if you go back and forth can kind of confuse the learner. But thanks for the material and knowledge shared.

Oscar20 January 2017

I find this course wo be very brief, but incredibly useful. I am a developer and love to code my websites but companies are often inquiring about WP since they want to manage their content easily, so this course actually helped me in a big way. I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn WP very quickly and in a fun way, as are all of Edwin's courses!

Dhulkifl7 December 2016

Edwin knows how to teach and is thorough in his explanations, easily one of the best instructor on Udemy keep it up Ed!

Isidro4 September 2016

Edwin Diaz you have not delivery this course with the same passion as the other ones, your PHP courses are good and this course is like going backwards...sometimes it seems like you didn't know what you are talking about...

Richard26 August 2016

There is no depth of explanation about the various options/settings being showed during his presentation. I understand he's not wanting to spend much time on them, but to someone who's paid for a course, they expect a bit more explanation, like how one might use a feature, etc.

Tom18 March 2016

Great instructor. Lays out the lectures and explains the if ands and buts. Have registered for other courses of his due to his ability to get the points across

Victor10 October 2015

Great beginners course for Wordpress. Edwin is quick in answering questions on the forum. Highly recommended.

John5 October 2015

Thank you for sharing your knowledge on how to get started with Wordpress. Easy yet very powerful and saves time from having to code. I have always been a proponent of not having to recreate the wheel. All the plugins/Add-ins make it very easy. Your unique style of teaching works very well for me. I'll probably take your PHP for beginners as well. Thanks again!

Janet4 October 2015

I have to say I LOVE Edwin's courses that he teaches, it is so nice to see a caring energetic teacher. All the teachers at UDEMY are pretty good, but Edwin has that extra energy. Thank you - five stars


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