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Whiteboard Video Creation with VideoScribe (2021 Edition)

MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation: Level 2 - Part 8 course on Whiteboard Video Creation using VideoScribe tool

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May 2021

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What you will learn

Create whiteboard animation videos with various AI powered tools at high speed using VideoScribe software and Animjoy

Learn about the functions and features provided by these popular whiteboard video-creation platforms

Sell whiteboard videos and offer them as your services on popular freelancing platforms

Discover new-found techniques and tricks while making whiteboard videos through using these software


Welcome to the eighth course in Level 2 as part of the series "MBA in Creative Arts, Design and Animation".

In a typical product training session - imagine you've made a presentation which you believe, may engage or wow the audience. However, it doesn't work out at the end of the day. It simply doesn't. The audience just walks out bleary-eyed, shell-shocked, and bored after a long line of presenters has in-fact bombarded them with PowerPoint slide presentations. This would include your 30 slider presentation on the latest and greatest products, features, functions, or benefits. The audience is lucky if they retain 20% of what was presented after 60 days.

This is where whiteboard videos come into action. This mind-blowing and wonderful course teaches you completely on how to grab the audience feel and engage them with creating these style of videos that will ultimately create an impact in people's minds and capture them at the same time. We will look at a few whiteboard creation tools like videoscribe and animjoy that will help you make great videos at the fastest time possible - thanks to even artificial intelligence technology at the end of the day. This can make it happen !! This concept is in-fact termed as "Visual Storytelling" by experts.

If you have the creativity and guts to become the best whiteboard animation creation on the planet - then this course is for You !! If you have the interest and the passion to achieve and show something great to everyone - then this course is for You !!

After all, whiteboard videos are the most engaging, the most captivating and are the ones that can create a wow factor anywhere, you take it with you.

We will also look at a freelancing platform to help you sell services for others and make videos for your clients too.

Enroll now and let's start rolling. Why wait? 

Who this course is for:

  • People who want to create animated or whiteboard videos to promote their brand

  • People who want to make money online as a freelancer. Please also note that creativity is a must and a required trait in order to create beautiful whiteboard videos

Special Note: Access to videoscribe software and Animjoy is a must to practice the lessons taught from the course.


Whiteboard Video Creation with VideoScribe (2021 Edition)
Whiteboard Video Creation with VideoScribe (2021 Edition)
Whiteboard Video Creation with VideoScribe (2021 Edition)
Whiteboard Video Creation with VideoScribe (2021 Edition)


Whiteboard video creation with Videoscribe in 2020

Artificial Intelligence Powered Whiteboard Creation Tool

VideoScribe: Complete Tutorial - Part 1

VideoScribe: Complete Tutorial - Part 2

VideoScribe: Complete Tutorial - Part 3

VideoScribe: Complete Tutorial - Part 4

Bonus Lecture in Freelancing and What's Next about whiteboard creation

Introduction to a popular freelancing platform to help you sell your videos

Closing thoughts

Bonus Lecture: Take your prize


Jamshed13 March 2021

I Liked This Course Except The part of The Instuctors voice It was really glitch and was hard to understand but i understood at the end of the and now i am a proffession white board video creator

Shubham10 January 2021

this is nice or good course. i like it but if they provides some best useful side that help us to manage and create some interesting so that had a better rating. all over this is good for me

Saqib31 August 2020

I enjoyed this course a lot. As I am new to whiteboard animation, it fits my needs to learn the basics and be a pro making whiteboard videos. The Instructor was pleasant and Professional. I would recommend this course to learn whiteboard animation.

Md.30 November 2019

I completed the whole course. Each part was easy. although i knew about videscrible a little in doing online research i hope that as i completed this course from udemy i think i can be able to work in marketplace as a professional. Thanks a lot to the course instructor.

Karthik8 November 2019

Too much talking and fun. Need more insights on tools. Need to be little serious on training. instead of songs and fun, would have told about what other options available..

Mayank4 November 2019

The hold and unnecessary reviewing of the entire animation repeatedly can be improved. Thank you for providing a walk-through to creating whiteboard animation using VideoScribe.

Lyf6 October 2019

So far, I've gotten some knowledge but the presenter just can't stop trying to be cool. When you decide to play a long video in your course at least allow it to speak for itself. Don't come in to sing a backup.

Vivek6 October 2019

it's really very cool , the best part is the session is not boring for a single minute , during slow lecture the teacher always try to engage the students with singing songs n other funny stuffs , finally for teaching , teacher cover all important part for making a white board video . covering the entire important things for any topic with interesting class , no student want more then that

Gehad21 August 2019

So annoying course! I had to leave after the first video. His mic making a terrible voice. And the course style and the training method are poor. He just trying and making a lot of mistakes. He doesn't have any additional value in the course. You can find more than he explained on Youtube. Thank god I didn't pay for the course. I'm sorry if I'm giving you a bad review but I have to be honest so no one needs to waste his\her time. Try to do more professional courses. in the future.

Carlos21 August 2019

Pésimo, mucha labia, habla mucho pero 'dice poco'. Cualquiera hace en un minuto lo que este señor explica en 20 minutos

Qkhn12 August 2019

Animjoy is not working. I liked the course and would like to get a response if there are any other pages like animjoy or any trick to make it work.

Jignesh8 July 2019

Worst course ever been through. Teaches nothing that could be productive and its a shame that he calls himself a legend.


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