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Google Cloud: Host Website Free Forever Using cpanel on GCP

Host your Unlimited Websites on Google Cloud Platform VPS Using Free CPanel and Save Money on Expensive Web Hosting

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Google Cloud: Host Website Free Forever Using cpanel on GCP


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Apr 2020

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What you will learn

Host your website on Google Cloud Platform vps with cpanel

Claiming $300 Credits From Google Cloud Platform

Overview and Introduction to Google Cloud Platform

Setup Google Cloud Virtual Machine Server

Connect virtual machine using SSH

Install PHP 7.1 and PHPMYADMIN

Install Control Panel or cpanel

Install Wordpress

Save Money on Web-Hosting

Earn Money using this method


1.Why Google Cloud?

The great thing is that Google cloud has an amazing free tier which you can use for host your website free forever also Google cloud platform has a stable and advance technology that you can use to host your website.The services provided by Google Cloud run on the same cloud infrastructure, that Google uses internally for its own products such as Google Photos, Youtube, Gmail and of course Google Search.So google cloud platform is the best option to host your Website.

2.What you will learn?

You will learn:-

0.Host your website on Google Cloud VPS with cpanel

1. Claim your $300 free credit

2.Host your website on always free tier

3.install easy to use control panel

4.SSH Keys

5.External IP address

6.Install WordPress

and many more.

3. Benefits of this course?

Free Hosting with Google Cloud

Host Unlimited Websites On Google Cloud Platform

Amazing c panel

99.9% Up-time

Earn $$$ on freelancing sites with this method


GCP Overview And Offers

Introduction of Course

Introduction of Hosting,Types and Cloud Computing

History And Introduction of Google Cloud

Free Trials , Requirments and Sign up Process For GCP

Configuring VM Instance

Creating an instance

IP Overview & Reserve An IP

Connect your VM using SSH

Install And Configure Control Panel

Control Panel Installation (Commands)

Install File Manager

Configure DNS

Setup DNS from GCP and Domain Registrar

Add Domain And Sub-Domains In Cpanel

Update PHP and install Wordpress

Update PHP Version (Commands)

Install and config Wordpress




José-Antonio6 July 2020

It is a good course, but I would like to say that: 1. It was a bit hard for me to understand what we were doing by configuring a VM instance, installing the control panel... etc. The first part of the course is very interesting, but for me, a two minute slide explaining from there what we were going to do and why (configure a VM instance, install cPanel, administer DNSs, install file manager, domains, subdomains, Wordpress, mySql, etc...) and its relationship to this intro, would agreggate lot of value: I still don't understand the point of configuring mySQL, I thought it was enough to have my html, ccs and script files in my folders. 2. It was hard for me to grasp the fact that there is the domain and there is webhosting and that we get each by different means and then we need to connect them. It was a little bit bothering that the fact that I knew what a domain is and how to get one, what are their properties and how to configure them in a domain provider was just taken for granted. In summary my feeling is that I learned how to do a lot of things but not why and their relationship to the first part of the course. And I didn't learn what a domain is, how to get one and what parts it plays and it doesn't regarding hosting a web app. Other than this it was a great course! Thanks and best regards.

Raymond11 June 2020

Really good course, but I feel some sections should have been arranged differently. Maybe just me. Well worth the time and cost! Thank you!

Sergio20 May 2020

Great instructor. I enjoyed the whole course and I learned a lot in a very short time. Really helpful. Thanks

Peter18 May 2020

i didnt succssed in getting this to work because i didnt know about subdomaines in the ssh thing ill give it an other go once i figure it out

M16 May 2020

This course is not as simple as the instructor says in his description. There is no explanation of why he is using the options he is using on Google cloud or Sentora. No explanation for the other options besides what he selects. Very complicated process. No mention of how to provide this web hosting for others, how to earn from this as he says, no mention of how that works, the process and the charges for using multiple domains. It is very complicated with a lot of technical unexplained material. It's definitely not for people with no coding knowledge. All in all, I am very disappointed with the sudden end of the lectures, especially when he mentions, see you in the next lecture. I was waiting to go to the lectures where he explains how this can be used for other websites and how do we provide hosting for others but the course just ended suddenly without full completion or explanation. In one lecture he even asks us to search for resources on line. Very disappointed and not what I hoped to learn at all.

Edward23 April 2020

Easy to follow. Great video. For a new user of GCP there is a lot to learn. Because it is command line - great care is needed. Practice is the key. - eventually the sequence make sense. Very good value. I would highly recommend. Thank you for your efforts.

Davi7 April 2020

Great course for learning how to work with Google cloud Services, learn some sql and starting implementic really cool projects. Thank you I really enjoyed and I would recommend taking it to my friends

Ahmed14 February 2020

If you are looking to get free hosting, learn basic GCD and learn how to host your own wordpress websites then this is for you, can't recommend it enough

Ramon2 February 2020

Exactly what I was needing. This course is an amazing tool which has helped me out to run a website project. The instructor is fabulous his lecture is clear and accurate. Thank you so much.


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