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Vyond: how to make 2D animation videos

Learn 2D animated graphics to make videos on your own. Vyond: animation and motion graphics software

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Mar 2021

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What you will learn

Building graphic films in total autonomy for your own marketing or that of your customers. Even if you've never made a video!

Learning about the Character Creator to create characters and settings with Vyond Studio, which has everything you need.

Moving animated characters in space and working in 2D and yet giving the viewer the perception of 3D

Adding voiceovers and audio lines for the cartoons you create

Basics of composition of the shots that are most suited to better communicate a message

Completely mastering Vyond studio through shortcuts and tricks


A great course on Vyond. (maybe you know it used to be called GoAnimate). In the video course I will guide you every step of the way, with every single tool, showing you the best methods that I myself have used to create many videos for my clients.

  • This video course is a quick way to learn software and get started right away

  • It will be very easy to go from studying to making your first movie

  • I'll show you all the tools to create a complete video

  • You will see how to use the tools (even in an advanced way) and make videos that are not simply good, rather outstanding!

  • The sections of the course will lead you to study all the tools in the interface

I have been using Vyond for many years, since it was called GoAnimate and it was the only software program for building 2D animations. Today it is the most widely used program and certainly the most frequently imitated. Since it changed its name to Vyond Studio it has become a super software program that will allow you to build videos of all kinds, in fact even customize characters through the Character Creator , making them look like whoever you want!

Vyond promises anyone will be able to make their own videos, even those who have never made a graphic or a video!

What videos can you build?

  • Communication videos

  • Marketing videos

  • Sales videos

  • Branding videos

  • Storytelling videos

  • Fiction videos

... and many others. With Vyond Studio, the sky’s the limit!

I have created specific sections by dividing everything you will learn during the course by topic:

  • Introduction (lessons 1-4)

  • The tools lez. (5-28)

  • Context-sensitive tools (lessons 29-36)

  • Timeline (Lesson 37)

Vyond in constant growth (lessons 38-41)

REMEMBER: it is not important that you have 2D graphics basics, Vyond is the right tool even for those who do not know the world of video or the world of animation at all. It is the right tool for you and it will quickly teach you how to make your videos!

I really hope you can be with me throughout this journey, which I have designed with passion and professionalism.

Thanks for your attention, a warm greeting.



Vyond: how to make 2D animation videos
Vyond: how to make 2D animation videos
Vyond: how to make 2D animation videos
Vyond: how to make 2D animation videos



Lesson 1 - Introduction to the Vyond course

Lesson 2 - Free Trial and Paid Plan

Lesson 3: The dashboard

Lesson 4: the interface


Introduction to Vyond tools

Lesson 6 - The copy&paste tool

Lesson 7 - The "order" tool

Lesson 8: clear tool + trash

The Preview tool

The SAVE key and those that complete the upper Toolbar

The UPLOAD tool - let's learn how to upload materials

The "character" tool

The character creator - create a character

The character creator - let's learn how to dress up the character

The character creator - preview button

The props

Chart tool

The text tool - write a text

Introduction to the use of music

Audio tool: how to best use it

Audio tool: micr-recording

Audio tool: text to speech

Partner sites: what they are for

The "replace" key - Why it is important to use it

The background: can we change scene with just one click?

Transitions - how to use them

Introduction to the camera tool

How to build a shot - The fields and the plans

Still shot: let's learn the camera tool

The movements: zoom in - zoom out

The movements: the tracking shot

Context-sensitive tools

Background & Scene Settings

Character Tools - Action

Tools dedicated to the characters: expression

Tools dedicated to the characters: dialogue

Character tools: Entry and exit effects

Tools dedicated to the characters: the motion path

Character tools: the "more" tool

Tools dedicated to PROP

The timeline

The timeline

Vyond is a constantly growing software

Grid and list in dashboard

Hello and thanks!

A taste of advanced Vyond

Advanced Vyond: motion path + camera tool


Zander11 March 2021

Course content is all right but is challenging to follow because of the background audio. Yes, we've got it; the author does not speak English and hired a narrator to read the translation. The most lesson starts with an Italian voice, and it still playing through the whole lesson. What learning values it brings to the students? My answer is - nothing but destruction. It gives me a headache because I have to filter out this background noise from the actual narration. With all compliments to a good narrator's voice, the narrator delivers no engagement; it is monotonic and boring. After lessons or two, I get tired of this annoying audio and go to do something else. I like the content by cannot bypass this. Otherwise, you can learn from the training, especially if you are a beginner. My advice is to remove all background audio, except maybe the first lesson, to help people understand why voice-over is not synced to the talking head. I wish I knew Italian; the course probably is much better on its Italian version.

Ann6 March 2021

the voice is kind of monotone, but I am learning a little things so far. I have already made a video, so looking for ways to improve. I am sure it will help with that.

Michel29 January 2021

This is one of the best courses I’ve ever had online. The explanations go in-depth into the program, and Giovanni also provides very precious bits of advice about movie-making.


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