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Vue.js Fast Crash Course

Learn to use the popular and hot JavaScript Framework VueJs / Vue or Vue.js

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

And the end of the course students will how know how to use Vue.js to create great Javascript features in their applications


This Javascript Framework called Vue.js,  or Vue has become very popular, especially in the Laravel community. Vue has adopted and improved many features of the other bigger frameworks like Angular, React and Ember.

With Vue you can be up and running within 3 minutes. We can link to a local Vue script, use a CDN or just use the amazing CLI to create single file applications with ease.

No more do we need to rely on jQuery to create really cool functionalities since Vue makes it a lot easier to play around with the DOM and create really amazing functionalities in our app with less code. 

Learning to use this Javascript framework has become important since developers are always in need of fast, flexible and easy to implement Frameworks.. 

This course covers the main Vue features so that anybody can be up and running with it in no time. 

Here are some of the things we are covering 

  • Data binding
  • Control Structures
  • Conditionals
  • Lists redering
  • Computed properties
  • Components
  • Routing
  • HTTP
  • and more.....


Vue.js Fast Crash Course
Vue.js Fast Crash Course
Vue.js Fast Crash Course
Vue.js Fast Crash Course


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Reference Files

What is Vue.js

Creating our first Vue App

Data Binding

String Interpolation

Data Binding

Two Way Databinding

Two Way Databinding part 2


Inline Style Binding

Class Binding

Event Binding

Control Structures

List Rendering

Computed Properties


Data Binding

Vue Components

Registering Components

Inline Templates

Using data method in Components

Nesting Components


More advanced Features


Structure overview

Creating our first Component

Using Single Vue File Components


Routing part 1

Routing part 2

Where next!

Advanced Features


Nico4 October 2020

I am very new to the topic. So far nothing complicated, for me I just don't know the whole JS slang... yet.

Sjoerd27 September 2020

Bit chaotic/unorganized at times, but that is made up more then enough by the kind nature and humor of the instructor. Very positive vibe that got me excited to work through it and get more into Vue. Do note, this is a crash course and not a full course, but the basics are most definitely covered :)

Yustinus10 September 2020

This course is honestly give me knowledge and new skill. You can explain in simple way and that's awesome. The fact that you are being funny sometimes is good, you really make me enjoy the course. Glad the world gave good people like you. I hope you have joyful and meaningful life. Thank you Edwin!

Putu18 August 2020

Great tutorial and very personal approach. I like it. I learn a lot with this introductory course. I do hope in the future, the course will be updated with CRUD from php mysqli. Thank you

Thorsten9 July 2020

I was searching for a VueJS Course and I found it. Thanks to Edwin, for this structural perfect content - it helps a lot!

Abdul26 February 2020

So far the lecture is good, hope to be the same for the upcoming videos as well. This guy is really an awesome teacher..

ABDULAZIZ19 February 2020

After 2 days of searching for sources to learn Vue. this was the best to start with. Thank you so much.

Ibbad18 February 2020

He don't know any thing about vue.js and teaching to others. Udemy just making money and allows anyone to teach if he/she know something or not.

Dmytro11 February 2020

It is a great crash course to understand what Vue.js is. Edwin Diaz can describe hard things in easy language.

Ioniki3 February 2020

Very easy, straight to the point, nicely understandable, this help me to better myself with vue.js, and how to use node.js. Thank you for a great instructor.

Robert22 January 2020

Edwin Diaz has done it again! I have been muddling through some other advance Vue courses on Udemy and keep hitting brick walls. His "crash course" is concise but informative and helps to lay a good groundwork for my continuing Vue studies. I'm getting ready to start his node course and I am looking forward to it! Edwin is without a doubt one of the best instructors on Udemy!

Kumar19 January 2020

Edwin Diaz is a great instructor, I have also taken his Laravel course and he explains things completely, not just showing 1 method but all kind of different real world approaches. Also the support on his Q/A is just awesome, mostly response within a day. I would certainly recommend taking courses from Edwin Diaz.

Damilola12 January 2020

I'm trying to get my hands dirty on some sort of vue-ish project, I think this is a good starting point for me...

Francesco4 January 2020

Problem in Introduction video: no content after 1m36s, i.e. 2-3 lost minutes. In my humble opinion, using a front end framework like Vue.js as imported .js library decreases its own application and potential. For this reason all modern front end frameworks (such as Vue.js, Angular, ...) come with a CLI (npm-based or not) and, in general, with a completely different approach in front end development / deployment for a professional use. So, good job for the Vue CLI part. Interesting and useful the quizzes inside. The course can be good for beginners.

Nikita30 December 2019

Man! I think you are a wonderful person and are very fun and nice guy )) But for training you need to focus on more 'cleanest' style providing material. Of course, I'am understand what this is only crush course, but for more deepest and global's courses need more structure, clean in code, more detailed understanding of the material and rigor it. You know, it's programming and it's near from mathematics and exact sciences. Do not take it personally, you are obviously the most beautiful person. Criticism can be unpleasant, I know very well from my own experience, but it's great motivation to growing and deepest knowledge in our disciplines ) I wish you only the most wonderful and success in all your endeavors!


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