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Clear and Simple NSX-T 3.0 (VCP-NV 2021 2V0-41.20)

Whether you are an absolute beginner or a CCIE this is the NSX course for you! Ideal Prep for the VCP-NV 2021!

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Describe the features of the NSX-T Service Router, such as NAT, VPN, and Load Balancing.

Describe basic network concepts such as ARP, MTU, Spanning Tree, Routing, and Switching.

Understand key concepts related to VMware NSX-T Switching, Routing, and Security.

Understand vSphere networking components and terminology, including Standard and Distributed Virtual Switches, VMNICs, vNIC, and VM Port Groups.


Are you looking for NSX-T 3.0 Training? Do you want to learn from an experienced trainer who makes complex concepts simple and easy to understand?

I am a VMware Certified Instructor who has taught thousands of hours of live training directly for VMware. Most lectures in this course are 5 - 15 minutes long. A few deeper topics are slightly longer. This course gives you a complete understanding of NSX-T concepts. So join me in becoming an NSX Guru today!

VMware NSX is the most disruptive network technology in recent memory. Demand for employees who understand NSX will continue to grow as the product reaches maturity. This course is designed to help you understand all of the concepts behind NSX-T 3.0. We'll start at the very beginning, and learn basic networking. If you are a vSphere Administrator with a limited networking background this will be very helpful.

NSX-T 3.0 will be covered in a few different sections. First we'll learn the basics about NSX-T 3.0 objects, and differentiate the Management, Control, and Data Planes. From there we'll dig deep into switching and routing functions within NSX-T 3.0. We'll also cover security, and how NSX can provide microsegmentation.

This course will also help you prepare for the VMware VCP-NV 2V0-41.20 exam. The new VCP-NV 2021 Certification can be achieved by passing the NSX-T 3.0 exam that this course is based on. In order to take the VCP-NV exam you will need to complete some course requirements from VMware as well. Be sure to check those out as you prepare to get certified.


Clear and Simple NSX-T 3.0 (VCP-NV 2021 2V0-41.20)
Clear and Simple NSX-T 3.0 (VCP-NV 2021 2V0-41.20)
Clear and Simple NSX-T 3.0 (VCP-NV 2021 2V0-41.20)
Clear and Simple NSX-T 3.0 (VCP-NV 2021 2V0-41.20)




Networking Basics

About this Section

The OSI Model

Ethernet Basics

Maximum Transmission Unit (MTU)

Ethernet Broadcasts

Spanning Tree Protocol (STP)

IP Network Basics

Address Resolution Protocol (ARP)

vSphere Networking Fundamentals

About this Section

Virtual Networking Basics

vSphere Standard Switches

vSphere Distributed Switches

NSX-T Management and Control Plane


NSX-T Management, Control, and Data Planes

NSX Manager Architecture

NSX Controller Concepts

NSX Controller Plane Sharding

Preparing Transport Nodes for NSX-T

NSX-T Data Plane


Transport Zones

VLAN Transport Zone

Demo - Configure Hosts for NSX-T

Demo Monitor NSX TEPs

Uplinks and Teaming

Demo - TEPs and NIC Teaming

Logical Switching

N-VDS Logical Switch

vSphere 7, vDS, and N-VDS

Demo - Create Layer 2 Segments

Demo - Configure Segment Profiles

NSX Controller Tables

Demo - View NSX Controller Tables with the CLI

BUM Traffic Replication

Demo: Configure BUM Traffic Replication Mode


Introduction to NSX-T Distributed Routing

NSX-T Single Tier Routing Architecture

NSX-T Multi-Tier Routing Architecture

Demo - Configure East West Routing

Demo - Configure North South Routing

Demo - Using the CLI to View Routes

Service Router Active/Active Availability

Service Router Active/Standby Availability

Demo - High Availability Deep Dive

NSX-T Edge Node

NSX-T Routing Protocols

NSX-T Edge Services

Layer 2 Bridging

Network Address Translation (NAT)

Demo - Configuring Network Address Translation (NAT)

Demo Reflexive NAT


Demo: DHCP

Load Balancing

Demo: Load Balancing


Demo: IPSEC VPN Configuration

Layer 2 VPN


NSX-T Firewalls

Demo: Configure the NSX-T Distributed Firewall

Demo NSX-T Firewall Rules for a Three-Tier Application

Demo Configure the NSX-T Edge Firewall

NSX-T Introspection Services

Endpoint Protection

Demo: Configure NSX-T URL Analysis

NSX-T Installation

About this Section

Installing NSX Manager

Demo: Installing NSX Manager

Demo: Add a Compute Manager


Shaheer30 August 2021

This course navigates through the topics in a very chronological order, which is amazing. It gives insights into the various configuration elements that an administrator needs to consider. The length of the slides and DEMOs is just apt. The missing pieces would be the coverage of IAM like Roles, integration with vIDM etc. Overall, I like the course and is recommended for beginners to intermediate administrators.

Darryl18 August 2021

Possibly the best UDemy course I've taken yet. However, I wished the networking intro was cut and more walkthroughs were included toward the end. That said, I learned much.

Solomon31 July 2021

The training courses are made up of 5-20 minute videos that I can view at my convenience. The video lessons keep-it-simple and explain things clearly and succinctly.

M19 July 2021

Rick is a great teacher but i think this course is lacking, i highly doubt anyone can pass the VCP with this course alone. This course doesn't even cover the sample questions in the exam blueprint. That being said i thought this course was good if you are looking to learn the absolute basics

Edwin8 July 2021

So I did 5 day NSX-T 3.0 course with Vmware, training was good though fast paced and ideal for those with past experience. As a newbie, it was difficult to grasp all concepts. Rick's way of teaching is second to none, I'm now getting the confidence that upon completion of this course and having gone through the VMWARE NSX-T ® REFERENCE DESIGN GUIDE, I should be able to sit the exam.

Rick1 June 2021

Just awesome. The explanations of the Single Tier Routing with the Distributed Router and the Services Router is fantastic

Shinos26 May 2021

it was an amazing experience where you get more interested lesson after other. brilliant explanation by Rick.

Justin28 April 2021

Very good course, very detailed explanations on complex topics. Liked that I can follow along with VMware Hands on Labs. I would recommend this course.

Tayo30 March 2021

When looking for the best NSX-T or general VMware techie explanation in simple terms on Udemy.....look no further


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