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Vlogging for Beginners: Learn How to Create a Vlog

Learn how to Shoot and Edit your Vlog

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Vlogging for Beginners: Learn How to Create a Vlog


1.5 hours


Jun 2021

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What you will learn

They will learn how to shoot videos and create a Vlog


Have you always wanted to start a Vlog of your own?

Then you've come to the right place.

This course will teach you how to shoot, edit and upload videos for your Vlog.

We will begin by understanding what are the different piece of equipment you will be needing to create your vlog. In this section we will be looking at the different types of camera, tripod, stabilization Gimbal, lighting and a lot more.

You will be seeing actual demos which will make you understand what these equipment do to enhance your videos. You'll also be learning how to stabilize your videos using a Gimbal when you are walking and shooting.

Then we'll be moving to the section on recording audio. Here's you'll be learning how to record your audio the correct way using an external mic and an external recorder. This will take your audio to the next level and give your Vlog a professional feel.

After that we'll be moving on the shooting section where you'll be watching me show you the entire process of how I shoot my own videos. This will give you a practical understanding of how to actually shoot your video.

Then we'll seeing how a GoPro camera works and how you can use it for various types of videos that can spice up your Vlog and make things a lot of fun.

After that we'll be spending a considerable time in learning how to edit our videos using Adobe Premiere Pro. Here you'll be learning all the basic techniques that will help you turn your videos into precise and beautiful looking content.

After we've learned how to edit our videos, we'll also be learning some of the important things to know when you upload your Vlog videos on YouTube so you can rank higher and get more views and subscribers.

Vlogging is one of the popular hobbies/professions currently and I can't wait to get the opportunity to teach you this beautiful art.

I hope to see you inside the course :)


Introduction to Vlogging

Introduction to Vlogging and Different Types of Camera.

Information about Vlogging equipment used in this course

Using the Tripod and Gimbal

Using the Tripod and Gimbal for your Vlogs

Recording Audio for your Vlog

Recording Audio for your Vlog with an External Mic

Shooting the Video for your Vlog

How to Shoot the Video for your Vlog

Using the GoPro camera

Using the GoPro camer to spice up your Vlog

Editing your Vlog

Editing your Vlog using Adobe Premiere Pro - Part 1

Editing your Vlog using Adobe Premiere Pro - Part 2

Editing your Vlog using Adobe Premiere Pro - Part 3

Uploading your Vlog on YouTube

Important things to do when uploading your Vlog on YouTube


Bonus Lecture


Phil5 January 2021

Excellent, well presented, Kush explained the topics very well, and the videos were interesting and informative.

Beverly22 July 2020

It was super informative. I purchased products that would be helpful for a beginner. I did NOT subscribe to Premiere Pro. I did look for another video all and found one I think will work for now. Thanks!

Charlotte27 April 2020

Good content, maybe not a lot of professional terminology used (camera shake?) but interesting. The speaker may also consider a more professional appearance.


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