Video Lighting: Master The Art of Lighting in Video and Film

Master The Art of Lighting in Video and Film to Produce Professional-looking Videos.

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Mar 2020

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What you will learn

how to use lighting equipment

types of lighting to use

color temperature of lighting

learn about dynamic range & lighting

electrical requirements of video lighting

you will learn how to use essential lighting equipment and techniques in order to accomplish desired aesthetic effects


Digital video has introduced all kinds of possibilities for do-it-yourself video and film.

Believe it or not, your videos can look almost as good as professionals without buying new cameras. The secret is in better lighting.

While broadcast television networks do use better quality cameras, the fact is the major difference between Uncle Joe's underexposed home videos and really excellent broadcast television pictures is principally lighting and exposure.

In this course, Video Lighting Basics, you get a crash course in the basics of video lighting, including a few tips to get around the most common problems you'll run into in your productions. You will learn how to use essential lighting equipment and techniques in order to accomplish desired aesthetic effects.

This course will teach you how to get the lighting perfect for any shot, in studio and out. We’ll teach you how to master the art of light rigs, so wherever you find yourself shooting someone, you can make them look great and produce a professional-looking video.


Video Lighting: Master The Art of Lighting in Video and Film
Video Lighting: Master The Art of Lighting in Video and Film
Video Lighting: Master The Art of Lighting in Video and Film
Video Lighting: Master The Art of Lighting in Video and Film




Lighting Fundamentals

Understanding Dynamic Range & Lighting

Types of Lighting

Color Temperature of Lighting

Electrical Requirements


Tungsten Fresnels

Tungsten Spotlights

Two Versatile Lighting Instruments

Tungsten Softbox

Other Lights and Gear

Fluorescent Lights

LED Lights

Stands and Accessories for Lights

Demos and Conclusion

Lighting Demos and Conclusion

Bonus: Quick and Easy 3 Point Lighting Tip


Titus3 October 2020

I would appreciate some more technical explanation such as lumen vs. lux, show formulars or at least in graphic the dependencies between lumen, distance, volume angle, etc. Or show the optical architecture between the lighting types, Explain about the light directions, full shadows, semishadows, etc.....

Onkar18 July 2020

A very basic learning experience. Expected more detailed learning but over all good compressed knowledge that one can get who just started with lighting.

Filip12 December 2019

The information was good but some parts was a bit too improvised for my taste. 10 minutes of nervous clicking around on Amazon I could have done without. But still good value for money here :)

Kim6 December 2019

This course does teach about lighting, types of lights and technical aspects of lighting, however it spends a lot of time on types of lighting that an average home user simply wouldn't use. I was hoping to learn about lighting for a YouTube set, and the only part that was very helpful were the demo lighting situations at the end. Maybe I didn't understand the course content, but this course wasn't very helpful for me.

Tracy15 October 2019

This felt way too far in the weeds. Instructor is obviously well educated regarding lighting - but basics are never really discussed. Lots of website clicking, where to find gels, lights, etc. Lots of discussion on camera exposure. Looking more for placement, shadow reduction, mood lighting, etc.

Candyce13 August 2019

The course was ok. Having an explanation of the different types of lights was helpful, but a demonstration of each one in a setting would have been good too. Also in some sections, the extra gear that you can get online kind of overtook some sections.

Martin23 February 2018

First time ever anyone explained to me what shutterspeed aperture ISO and so forth actually mean - in a down to earth engineering way that I can relate to, and what it does with exact well demonstrated examples. Many other tutorial gloss over this as if everybody knew. So based on what little I saw so far I would happily give seven stars if I could.

Ray20 February 2018

Great course on video lighting basics. I particularly enjoyed the explanations about types of lighting, effects, etc.

Yannis20 October 2017

It was a good course, you get good information for lighting set up and useful information from where you can buy alternative equipments too.

Kirk25 May 2017

He does a really good job explaining the differnt types of lights, and shows an example of each light then outlines the purpose. A great start to lead into a more advanced course.

Christopher14 April 2017

This is a really solid course. One thing I will say is I really wish there was more content with a focus on lighting setups, like "here's a room, here's how we're going to light it." There was some of that, but the majority of the course was a bit more technical information on different types of lights and their respective uses. That said, the instructor is clearly very knowledgeable, and delivers the subjects very well.

Nikki11 October 2016

This kid knows his lights. This was a great refresher for me after being away from the film business for years.

Andrea7 September 2016

This was a bit more involved than I was looking for, but he definitely knows what he is talking about. It is technical.

Steven11 June 2015

Great detail about video lighting without boring tech talk. Enjoyed it and will watch again very soon. I learned pretty much what I wanted to learn. Not to be missed. Good production

Pedro3 January 2015

I'll be using many of the lighting techniques I learned from this course. Thank you so much for putting together this wonderful course!


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