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Video Creation A-Z: Use InVideo to build High Quality Videos

Want to create professional, beautiful and unique videos using InVideo and it's IVA (Artificial Intelligence) feature?

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Learn to create marketing videos for Instagram stories, Facebook videos, Whatsapp videos, etc. to promote your business/blog

Create professional eye-catching videos that grab people's potential online

Walkthrough examples from scratch

Learn everything you need to know about InVideo

Be able to have a direct influence on your brand creation by doing it yourself


Do you need to produce professional-quality online marketing videos fast, easy and, most important of all, for an extremely low price?

EXCLUSIVE TO THIS COURSE - InVideo provides a business class usage option that costs $10 per month. However, WE ARE OFFERING AN UNMISSABLE DISCOUNT - GET INVIDEO ACCESS FOR 25% LESS.

This course encourages you to enroll for free and then consider upgrading – most likely soon afterward :)

This course provides a detailed description and demonstration of every feature supported by an awesome, online, cloud-based and web-accessible software application named InVideo.

InVideo can be used to produce personal and business marketing videos for distribution online via social media and various marketing channels.

  • Facebook video memes

  • Animated logos

  • Real estate marketing ads

  • Affiliate product videos

  • Newsletter sign-up videos

  • Wedding Slideshows

  • Business Marketing Videos

  • Explainer Videos

  • And many more...

InVideo includes thousands of free videos and images culled from Pixabay, Pexels, Storybook and other sites for easy insertion into your videos. It even includes videos and images from Shutterstock. Finish your video by adding free music, narrating scenes and by adding text and animated visual effects. All of this can be done in just one place :)

Using InVideo, you can quickly and easily create professional-quality marketing videos that sell.

InVideo is backed by unparalleled customer support. All computing and storage are performed on cloud storage servers, accessible via any web browser. InVideo is like Canva for the video market.

This course is really two courses skilfully melded together: An InVideo Training Course and an overview of Online Video Marketing strategies and techniques.

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Video Creation A-Z: Use InVideo to build High Quality Videos
Video Creation A-Z: Use InVideo to build High Quality Videos
Video Creation A-Z: Use InVideo to build High Quality Videos
Video Creation A-Z: Use InVideo to build High Quality Videos


All about Videos!

How videos play important role?

Why videos are the integral part of businesses?

When to use? Most dominant form of communication

How videos affect your business sales?

Videos - What, Why, When?

Getting started with InVideo!


Overview and About InVideo

Why to choose InVideo?

Types of Videos you can easily make with InVideo

Pricing/Plans for InVideo

Setting up your InVideo account

Setting up Brand Presets - Add Logo

Setting up Brand Presets - Add end-clip

Integrating and Sharing with Social Media

InVideo - Getting Started

InVideo Tutorial (Convert Article/Blog to Video)

Why go for this option?

Stories vs. Listicles

Adding favourites

Type 1 - Headline and Story

Type 2 - URL --> Auto Fetching

InVideo Tutorial (Convert Article/Blog to Video)

InVideo Tutorial (Pre-made Templates and Starting from Scratch)

Better option for creating Ads

Pro? - Start from Scratch

Search and upload media content online

Enhancers, Stickers and Layers

Effects and Shapes

Adding Background Music, Voice over and media from computer

Adding text and IVA: Intelligent Video Assistant

Share, Manage, Export and Support

Sharing, Managing and Exporting the videos

How you can get support from InVideo?


Fernando28 March 2020

This course is AMAZING!! Dhyey is an extremely engaging teacher and I love the way he presents the information - in a visual way (PowerPoint). Divyansh explains the points well but he speaks FAR too quick, I think he has to slow down. Overall, the course is great and I'm really enjoying it :)


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