Introduction To Twitch TV Video Game Live Streaming

Learn How To Get Started With Twitch TV and Streaming Your Favorite Video Games Live Online!

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Feb 2019
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What you will learn

Learn how to setup a Twitch TV Channel

Setup a Greenscreen

Understanding different streaming platforms

Use Facebook & YouTube to build a Twitch Audience

How you can earn revenue with Twitch from Donations and Affiliate products


Are you looking to get started with Twitch TV?

In this course we walk you through everything you need to know to start streaming your favorite video games live.

What is Twitch TV?

For those of us who love to play video games Twitch is the perfect platform to get out there and start broadcasting your game play to the world. Twitch TV gives you the platform to start building an audience through the online gaming community.

Here is what you get in this course:

In this course we walk you through everything including setting up your channel, getting artwork, picking a streaming platform to use, building your audience and even learning how to receive donations while you play your games live.

We discuss topics such as:

  • Setting Up Your Channel

  • Comparing different streaming platforms

  • Using a Greenscreen on your stream

  • Getting High Quality Artwork Designed

  • Becoming Personable With Your Audience

  • Running Contests & Giving Away Prizes

  • Building Your Audience Through YouTube, Facebook and more.


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Introduction To Twitch.TV

Thank you for taking the course! What do you get out of it?
Introduction with John Shea.
Want Help From John?
Overview of Twitch.TV
Why do you want to stream on Twitch?
Partner Program, Subscriptions & Ways To Earn Revenue Streaming
Real Quick..

Case studies of success on Twitch.

Noahj456 used YouTube to build a large Twitch audience.
Syndicate has the most Twitch followers and built from YouTube.
Socialblade has hundreds more case studies you can view.

Which game to play? What are people watching?

League of Legends is the top game on Twitch.
Looking deep into the browse features will show you a lot about streaming.
Play Anything You Want - But Keep Sight Of What's Trending
The opportunity is to find a game you like where people will watch.
New games on release day provide a great opportunity to get new viewers.

Hardware Setup and Picking a Streaming Platform

To stream you need hardware to stream and software to manage it.
Simple getting started streaming solution: direct from the console with Twitch.
Entry level streaming solution: BenQ monitor and Elgato HD capture card.
The microphone is one of the most important pieces of equipment.
Wirecast is what I use to stream on my iMac with a green screen.
Open Broadcaster Software (OBS)

Setting Up Your Channel

Setting Up Your Channel
Getting High Quality Artwork For Your Channel
Another Source For Graphic Design & eSports Logos
Adding a Greenscreen

Consistency & Your Personality

Doing a little bit every day is the most effective way to do anything.
Being Entertaining On Your Stream
Playing Games Consistently For an Audience
Giving back to your streamers will ensure they come back.

Building a Following

Uploading videos to Facebook works great for me to get people watching me game.
Uploading videos to YouTube works great to get organic traffic over time.
Follow for follow Facebook groups help to get your initial following fast.
Making Friends With Other Streamers
Receiving Donations While You Stream
How I handle haters and negative comments.


The Conclusion To The Course
Bonus: How I'm Landing $1000 Clients Every Month


December 10, 2020
Si, fue una buena opción ya que el curso te introduce mucho desde un principio al ambiente del tema que se esta abordando.
June 29, 2018
Excellent intro video series about the twitch/streaming industry, the tools (extra software/hardware) you may need and core basic tips about how you can start building an audience.
February 23, 2018
The course should have shown more than it did, like how to do a green screen and how to set up Twitch step by step (false advertisement).
July 31, 2017
I'd give this 0 stars if I could. The content is absolutely terrible. One instructor is starting a brand new channel with no experience or follower base, the other suggests spending $1600 on gift cards for giveaways to get a following. The videos are outdated missing key features of different software platforms. Save your money, invest in tools to better your stream - this isn't one of them. Everything they say in this course any streamer can summarize for your easily if you just ask in their chat.
April 16, 2017
Great course for a beginner with amazing insights and views on making a living as a video game streamer
January 10, 2017
good video for beginners and people who may have done their own research. I feel as though I have walked away with more than I started with, and I now know what to do, and I am confident in the next step that must be taken on the path to success.
September 5, 2016
I really think it's awesome what the instructors on this course are doing, teaching people the basics and making it very easy and natural to digest the information.
July 6, 2016
The course was great. I was able to set up my Twitch and YouTube channels and get all the necessary equipment to be successful. Now all I need to do is work at it and not get discouraged. The only reason I don't give 5 stars is that I would have liked the course to be more in-depth, but overall, it's a good course and would recommend.
March 27, 2016
A solid, well-structured class on twitch livestreaming, including many tips for contents development and community marketing
February 1, 2016
I would have wanted more depth and no shortcuts. Really $1,600 plus in $19.99 coupons to get followers. And theres nothing on your twitch site.



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