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TOEFL Writing Task 1: An Introduction

Master TOEFL's Integrated Essay

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Jun 2021

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What you will learn

everything you need to know about TOEFL's Writing Task 1: The Integrated Essay

how to organize your essay

how to paraphrase and summarize

common grammar mistakes and how to fix them

aimed at intermediate to advanced ESL students who need an introduction to Writing Task #1


  • Writing for the TOEFL requires a plan

    Don't let the TOEFL test scare you! Get simple strategies on how to write an effective Writing Task #1 essay.

    This course will help you improve English writing skills and prepare you for success with Writing Task #1.

    If you are confused about how to begin and where to start this course is for you.

    Hi! I'm Kirstyn of TOEFL Land and I've helped hundreds of students achieve success on the TOEFL writing section.

    Here's what Nazila had to say about her TOEFL Writing experience after classes with me:

    "Kirstyn showed me that TOEFL can be not a big deal. You can get the score you want if you know what to do and how to do it. With her help and the new confidence that I gained, I went in and I took the test again and this time I not only managed to finish my essay, I even had extra time to edit my essay. And I scored 28 in the writing section, which I'm very happy about."

    -Nazila from Iran, Teacher

  • In this course you will learn:

    • What to expect on the TOEFL Writing Task #1

    • How to structure and organize your essay

    • Proper sentence construction

    • An easy to follow template for Writing Task #1

    • How to avoid common grammar mistakes

    • How to summarize and paraphrase points from a reading and lecture

  • Additional Learning Materials Include:

    • 6 Example Essays with an Oppositional Relationship

    • 1 Example Essay with a Problem/Solution Relationship

    • 1 Example Essay with a Lecture that Supports the Reading

Here's what other students had to say after taking TOEFL writing classes with me:

"If you want to score high on the TOEFL exam, if you're falling behind and you don't know how to start or how to practice, Kirstyn is really the right person to take with."

-Khaled from Syria

"Kirstyn taught me the methods and techniques that I needed to get my score. And finally, I got the score that I needed and got into UCLA extension and I'm currently studying there."

-Daniella from Chile

"I took Kirstyn's class several years ago and it helped me improve my TOEFL score. The writing techniques she taught me was amazing and useful. Even now I am still using the techniques to write my email and reports."

-Kazuki from Tokyo, Japan, Business Executive & Entrepreneur


TOEFL Writing Task 1: An Introduction
TOEFL Writing Task 1: An Introduction
TOEFL Writing Task 1: An Introduction
TOEFL Writing Task 1: An Introduction




The TOEFL Test

Writing Task #1: A 20 minute essay

The 20 minute essay

An Easy Example Essay

The Cat Essay

Writing Task #1 Template

What is a template?

Learn the Verbs

Learn the Transitions

Writing Task #1 Song

A Full Length Writing Task 1 Example

Valentine's Day Reading

Valentine's Day Reading Notes

Valentine's Day Lecture

Valentine's Day Lecture Notes

Valentine's Day Example Essay

4 Most Common Grammar Mistakes

Introduction to Editing

Mistake #1: The "S"

Mistake #2: The Comma

Mistake #3: Run-on Sentences

Mistake #4: Articles

Review the 4 Most Common Mistakes

Writing Task #1 Tips

Tip #1: Know What the Question Asks For

Tip #2: It's a Summary, Not an Opinion

Tip #3: Don't Mix Up the Reading and the Lecture

Tip #4: Writing Something is better than Writing Nothing

Tip #5: Summarize What You Have

Tip #6: Focus on the Details

Tip #7: Paraphrase

Tip #8: Use a Variety of Words

Tip #9: Spelling Matters

Tip #10: Grammar

Review the 10 Writing Task #1 Tips

Practice Your Editing Skills

Introduction to Editing Practice

Sentence #1

Sentence #2

Sentence #3

Sentence #4

Sentence #5

Sentence #6

Sentence #7

Sentence #8

Sentence #9

Sentence #10

Remember This

6 Sample Essays

It's time to level up.

Reading Hydroelectric Power

Lecture Hydroelectric Power

Essay Hydroelectric Power

Reading Volcanism and Dinosaur Extinction

Lecture Volcanism and Dinosaur Extinction

Essay Volcanism and Dinosaur Extinction

Reading GMO food

Lecture GMO food

Essay GMO food

Reading Whole Wheat

Lecture Whole Wheat

Essay Whole Wheat

Reading Electric Vehicles

Lecture Electric Vehicles

Essay Electric Vehicles

Reading 5G

Lecture 5G

Essay 5G

The Problem-Solution Relationship

Problem-Solution Relationship

Reading: Health Problems

Lecture: The Meditation Solution

Essay: Health Problem - Meditation Solution

When the Lecture Disagrees!

Will the lecture disagree with the reading on my test day?

Reading: Honoring the Feminine

Lecture: Honoring the Feminine

Template for A Supporting Lecture

Essay: Honoring the Feminine

Frequently Asked Questions


A Final Word

A Final Word

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