Your YouTube Channel Launch Plan Calendar Step-by-Step

Create a Plan for Your Channel Launch and understand What to Track in Analytics for Better Growth

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What you will learn

Step-by-Step Plan on How To Launch Your YouTube Channel

Daily & Weekly Step-by-Step Plan

Learn How YouTube works

Grow a YouTube Channel from Scratch

Understand How Features like Thumbnails, Titles and More work


In this course we first go over some YouTube fundamentals, to make sure you first understand how YouTube works and what it is looking for in its decision making when choosing whom to give impressions to (the only real way to grow on YouTube). With these understandings you can backwards engineer your decision making creatively to make sure you are giving YouTube what they are looking for.

Then we develop a launch calendar day by day; a prelaunch month, a launch month and post launch month. Warning; this calendar is designed for a full time YouTuber and is intense. As I explain, please tweak this calendar to your availability, don't get "burnout" or apply too much pressure on getting results, do as much as you can and follow the guide and make it fit what you are able to apply.

We than cover some video essentials such as titles, thumbnails, tags, metadata and in some lectures how to use AI to help you develop ideas for these and speed up the process.

I get a lot of questions about YouTube so the "extras" section is covering some of these. Going live, the new rules for monetization, buying a YouTube channel, changing your niche advice and more.

This is an intermediate course best suited for those with some understanding of YouTube already.



Who I am, why me, what you'll get in this course
How I grew my YouTube channel fast in just 1 month (and then why i broke them)
You don't have to be great in front of camera to grow on youtube
You don't have to be able to film or edit to be successful on youtube
Get Real - what to REALLY expect in 2022 with YouTube growth
1-on1 Coaching

Understand YouTube first (this will save you mistakes) here's what I've learnt..

How youtube works - the 2022 algorithm
Youtube is a business remember (an ad-display network)... therefore we should...
Your niche & how important it is in 2022 not to stray
Video length for the algorithm (and how this changes with channel age)
Topic is king in 2022... but only just
Titles and thumbnails to grow quick when you first start (& then when to change)
How much is too much content? How much to launch... really
Video structure to grow fast
After launch follow the stats... always; here's what to look for

Before you launch

Don't stray away from niche - here's your plan
Plan launch videos & research competitors
Your practice video and use it as a template (exactly what to do)
Familiarise yourself with filming and editing before you start (keep it simple)

The ULTIMATE step-by-step/ day-by-day plan for FAST GROWTH

What I did step-by-step to grow (see what I did on my channel)
Daily for 1 month minimum... the video formula to enable you to do this & proof
How I was monitized in 1 month (then youtube will share you more) here's how
What now?.. how to keep growing after the first month/monitization
Transitioning: now make less video but with more results; here's how
Going against the grain (if you just want to grow and not make money do this...)
The step by step calendar - what to upload & when, to grow fast
Your step by step calendar

This ALL depends on your channel

Depending on your channel niche; how fast will you grow & how much will you earn
Don't compare to others (this is why you can't trust looking the big YouTubers)
Where you make videos and who will watch will make a difference!
Secrets to grow faster I've learnt having my own channels
If I could do it again what would i do differently (so you can grow much faster)
Bonus Lecture


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September 10, 2023
A lot of technical stuff, how to blow up, how to monetize quickly, but a little bit details of building a strong connection with your followers. For most of the channels it would be an amazing course. For my niche (Self-Improvement) the connection with my viewer is the key and building a tribe of loyal fans is essential to your success (which is not shown in this course). But, again, even without it that's still a great course.
August 26, 2023
Easy to follow, able to stop and take notes or slow down playback. Information is very helpful and relevant to what I am seeking to learn
July 10, 2023
Excellent course full of tips. I can't wait to start my next YouTube channel applying these tips and tricks for growth.
July 7, 2023
This is very important course. I also gain knowledge about youtube that was fantastic. I learned most important part of youtube from this course.
July 6, 2023
This course helped to grow my youtube channel . If you do this course you can grow your youtube channel.
July 6, 2023
Best youtube course so far. Lots of valuable information and very well explained and communicated. Strongly recommend!
July 6, 2023
Awesome i learned so much! one of the best course,so well presented, straight to the point. very clear and easy to follow step-by-step guide. I can't wait to start my own You Tube Channel.
July 6, 2023
Best course ever , will build my You Tube channel from this solid Foundation. Thank you instructor "Dan Britain" .
July 5, 2023
Very helpful content. Learned many new ways to grow my YouTube Channel within very short time. Thanks!!
July 5, 2023
Amazing course on how to grow your YouTube Channel fast. Here the instructor revels many tricks and strategies to grow your channel fast. Really appreciative course. Thanks!
July 3, 2023
A handful of useful tips mixed in with a lot of basic information, a lot of repetition, and constant reminders that the instructor has another course for sale and that he's done it, he's been there, and he has the analytics to prove it. Although it occurred in the earlier sections, the instructor decided to include some very annoying sound effects (banging on table, bells) in section 6. Additionally, although the instructor does show his analytics, a lot of that is only shown briefly and not in its entirety. The instructor shows the analytics of a friend of his (that he helped, if I remember correctly) in section 6, but I question whether his friend bought subs or not (virtually no views from his thousands of subscribers). 8.5 hour course could have probably been boiled down to 2 hours or less (like I said, there was at least a few useful ideas). Disappointing.
June 25, 2023
The training offers a strategy for swiftly launching your YouTube channel. The evolution of YouTube between 2022 and 2023 is depicted. In order to help you quickly expand your YouTube channel, it also provides daily growth numbers and commentary from the instructor, a well-known YouTuber. The optimization of titles, thumbnails, and other aspects is another subject explored. A daily schedule outlining how to expand your channel is provided. Also covered are methods for successfully tricking the YouTube algorithm to increase views. Insights into YouTube channel analytics are also covered in the course. This enables you to determine the ideal duration for videos and how frequently you should publish them. In every phaser, I realize that I can participate and gain from the course instructor's many years of real-world experience, which is essential in my opinion. I can constantly keep motivated and on task because to his presentation style, which is excellent for me.
May 20, 2023
Wow!!! Excellent information!. This course has inspired me soo much! I have a clear vision as a beginner. I can see myself becoming a successful YouTuber now! Your teaching and details are soo authentic. You get directly to the point. So now I have an understanding of the platform and the algorithm to succeed. Awesome course! Thank you!
April 17, 2023
This course Is incredible value for money ! you sir are a legend ! You give so much more and in-depth content than some YouTubers charging £400 a month!!!!! buy this course if you were like me and didnt know where to start your YouTube journey!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
April 10, 2023
So far, the presenter has been on point and very easy to understand. I find his information to be easy to swallow and digest so far. I can't wait for more!


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