How to Run Retargeting Ads for Beginners 2.0

Learn How to Increase Your Profit by Retargeting to People that Have Demonstrated an Interest in Your Products/Services

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How to Run Retargeting Ads for Beginners 2.0


15 hours


Jan 2021

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What you will learn

How to setup a Pixel on your Website

The basics of remarketing, customer retargeting, email marketing, and increase advertising ROI

Email Marketing

Email Sales Funnels

Email Auto Responses

How to 10X your Online Sales

How to setup more profitable custom audiences on Facebook Ads

How to setup more profitable custom audiences on Google AdWords

Facebook Ads

Google AdWords

How to run ads to your previous website visitors

How to follow your "target customers" all around the internet to increase the likelihood they purchase from you

How to build a relationship with a customer

How to convert more customers

And much much more!


Face It. Your Ads Suck.

It's not your fault. Mine did too.


But, that's a good thing! That means there's SOOO much room for improvement.


The reason?


You're sending them to the wrong people.


Sure, you might be targeting well, picking all the right demographics, and really hitting the right interest groups. But...how many sales are you getting?


What if you were only spending money on Ads that were going DIRECTLY to customers you already knew were interested in your products, had been to your website, and were ALREADY FAMILIAR with your Business?


Your conversion rates would be much higher.

Your ad spend would be much lower.

And your sales would be much much higher.


If you want to learn how to achieve this result (yes ANYONE can), Enroll today.

Major Updates to 2.0 (13 hours of strategies, information, and step by step tutorials added to the Course!)

  • How to Run Retargeting Ads for Beginners

  • How to Run Facebook Ads to Grow Your Business

  • Copywriting Tips to Help You Write Better Ads and Emails

  • Sales Tips to Help You Sell More from Your Ads and Emails

  • Building Email Lists with Landing Pages

  • How to Optimize Your Landing Pages to convert more visitors into Emails to your list

  • How to Turn Emails into Passive Income with an autoresponse sequence

  • How to Build Your Own Website

  • Email Marketing Made Simple

  • YouTube Advertising Tips

  • Alternative Ways to Get Traffic to Your Website

  • and much much more! (check out the course curriculum for full details)


Course Overview & Concepts

Course Overview & Concepts

Pixels, Emails, & Driving Traffic

What is a Pixel

Setting Up Your Pixels on Facebook Business Manager & Google AdWords

Driving Traffic to Your Website to Collect Emails & Pixel Data

What Remarketing Can Do for Your Business

How Retargeting Will 10X Your Business's ROI & Ad Spend Profit

Email Marketing

Why Email Marketing is Vital to Any Business

Simple Example of a Great Email Marketing Auto Response Sequence

The Secret to 100X Your Business Revenue with Email Marketing

Ad Strategies

Good Ads are Built

4 Effective Remarketing Strategies You Can Use Today

Custom Audiences & Custom Ads

Creating Custom Audiences for Facebook Ads & Google AdWords

Creating an Ad with Your Custom Audiences

Tying it All Together

Tying it All Together

Bonus Lecture


Fred16 May 2020

The course is a course for those that want to find out about re-marketing. If you are new to re-marketing this is a basic run through for you. I only gave him four stars for the course because he made the course hard to follow and understand, because of his repeating the same thing 6(six) or more times. And he does this through out the lessons.

Dan19 August 2019

Wish you had covered the overall strategy by this point. Seems like your assuming we know it. My idea may be different than yours.


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