The Ultimate Online Course Creation Blueprint

A Complete Blueprint On Getting Started with Creating Online Courses

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Feb 2019
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What you will learn

Understand what equipment you need for your course

How to pick course topics

Learn the benefits of teaching co-instructed courses

Learn how to promote your courses

Learn how to profit from your hard work


What if there was a way to 'break the cycle' and get paid over and over, even when you're not working?

While I have nothing but respect for hard working people the sad truth is that every day you spend at your job is just a day of you selling your life away one hour at a time, and because the company you work for needs to make money from your labor you are by definition being underpaid for what you do.

Even worse since you only get paid when your actually working your income is always limited by the number of hours you can work. If you want to earn more, you're only option is to work harder (if your job will even give you the opportunity to do so)!

What you really want is a something that pays you over and over, even when you are not working. In short you need an asset that generates income for you.

Today I want to show you how I combine simple training videos with sites like Udemy to create digital assets that generate thousands of dollars every single month.

In this course I cover:

  • How I make $2,000 - $3,000 EVERY single month in passive income from simple "work" that takes just a few minutes

  • How you can get started with this simple method today, even if you're a total newbie that's never made a penny online... All you need to get started is this step-by-step training

  • The simple trick I used to make $5,000 with just 3 days of work that anyone can do... You'll get everything you need inside to "copy and paste" your way to $5,000+ in your pocket with just a small amount of effort

  • How my reluctant girlfriend made $200 with just a few minutes of work, an apple, and her cell phone camera, the very first time she tried... (she was skeptical at first, but he made her do it, now she can't stop thanking him)

  • The easy formula for coming up with video course ideas that sell like crazy... you'll have more ideas than you know what to do with when you follow this simple training (even if you think you have nothing to share with the world right now)

  • The little-known method you can use to get paid to make FREE courses

  • How to make your first course without ever showing your face on camera...

  • The exact tools needed to CRUSH it with online video courses... (Although we'll reveal some nifty tools to make earning money even easier, you already have everything you need to start making money right now...)

  • Why you don't need to invest a penny in traffic to make THOUSANDS of dollars per month...

  • The best platforms for your video training... 

  • The FREE traffic methods I use to get bigger paydays even faster (you may have never even heard of a couple of these)...

  • How I scaled my income to over $2,000+ per month and how you can do the same within just a few short weeks...


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Introduction To The Course

What To Expect From This Course
Need Help?
Income Proof From Udemy & Skillshare
Why You Should Start Teaching Online: Anyone Can Do This
The 'Pattern' I Noticed After Spending Thousands On Online Courses
Real Quick..

What Should You Teach?

Coming Up With Ideas
Walking You Through Some Of My Courses

Filming & Recording Your Course

Webcam Options
Using a High Quality Microphone
Camtasia Recording Software & Windows Movie Maker
Cell Phone Recording - Stabilization Tools
Your Dress Code & The Perception People Make
Why I Don't Use PowerPoints Or Slideshows
Making Edits To Videos - Perfection Will Slow Your Progress

Building a Proper Background For Filming

Using a Greenscreen or similar
Proper Lighting

Walkthrough: Building a Udemy Course From Scratch

What is Udemy?
How You Get Paid On Udemy

Walking You Through The Udemy Teacher Interface

Home: Announcements, Course Feedback and Automatic Messages
Course Content: Goals, Curriculum, Basics, Summary, Images & Promo Videos
Course Settings & Analytics: Coupons, Instructors, Conversion & Engagement

How I Approach Course Creation The Simple Way With Udemy

How I Create Courses Quickly Once I Have An Idea
An Example Course I Made In 3 Days That Earned Me $5000

Walkthrough: Building a Skillshare Course From Scratch

What is Skillshare?
How You Get Paid On Skillshare

Walking You Through The Skillshare Teacher Interface

Management: Stats, Students, Promote
Edit: Class Overview, Video Lessons, More Details & Payment Info
Get Involved with Skillshare Challenges
Sending Out Announcements
Creating Super Short Skillshare Classes Under 30 Minutes Long
Case Study: How my girlfriend who never taught a course in her life made $200

Keeping Your Courses Organized

How I Keep My Course Files Organized
Progress Tracking Sheet

Promoting Your Courses

Creating Coupons and Using Pretty Link
Facebook Groups
Coupon Sites
Paid Advertising
Giving Away Paid Courses For Free

What NOT To Do On These Platforms

Self Promotion
Lessons Learned From Someone I Taught Courses With Who Was Banned From Udemy

Why You Should Also Create Free Courses

Why Build a Free Course?
Affiliate Income Example From a Free Course

Creating Co-Instructed Courses

Why you should also teach with Co-instructors
How this works with Udemy - The Hands Off Approach
How I Structure The Syllabus With a Co-Instructor
Offering Marketers To Take Existing Courses & Publish Them On Udemy
Case Study: Affiliate Income Secrets re-purposed on Udemy with Mike Thomas

Improving Your Courses Over Time

Why You Should Improve Your Existing Courses
Improving Your Promo Video With Proof - Pinterest Course Example

Doors That Have Opened Because I Teach On Udemy

What Happens As Your Courses Grow &

Teaching Outside Of Marketplaces

Promoting Courses
My Favorite Platform - Teachable
Promotion - The One Big Disadvantage Of Hosting Your Own Courses


Thank You
Bonus: How I'm Landing $1000 Clients Every Month


February 7, 2020
Hum...Very basic info, available all over the internet - Ist’s a promotional overview of Udemy &/vs Skillshare - webinar like/ vocal blog...often stating the obvious. Not quite the info I was looking for but it would give some good insight to someone completly new to the on-line world.
January 28, 2020
I really appreciated the style : lots of sincere and pratical revelations. Information on the script, powerpoints, editing : gold for me
January 31, 2019
A very interesting course. It is well done, clearly presented, and covers the details necessary for creating my first online course.
December 20, 2018
John is a very likeable teacher - especially because he is honest, and very real. He sets your expectations right about what you can achieve with online courses. He teaches aspects on marketing and promoting your courses (whether done on your own or co-led) effectively on different marketplaces and platforms, and takes you behind the scenes. This is a great supplement to his material on how to create your online course itself. Very generous in sharing his knowledge! Thank you! P.S. His tip on perceptions and dress code is golden - comparing John in his current course and his old promo video really brings the message home.
January 30, 2018
It showed me how not to present a course. I have purchased at least four other courses on developing courses for In Udemy. All of them emphasized the value of graphics.
January 24, 2017
He is a good teacher who speaks at the right speed. He keeps each video short so that you watch several of them at a time or you can watch a short video and come back later for more. The information is excellent.
January 9, 2017
I've been a fan of John's for some time now having stumbled across one of his courses on Udemy and since then it's been all guns firing. He is straight talking, filled with a TON of useful information and for me has underlined a step-by-step system that I am following pretty much to a T. Since starting I've got 10+ courses up on Skillshare, had one of my record months for revenue on Udemy - and this is literally Month 1. Excited to see what's next for me. Thanks John!



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