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The New SAT Video Series

The NEW SAT Video Series prepares students for the changing SAT and PSAT exams.

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The New SAT Video Series


19 hours


Feb 2019

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What you will learn

maximize their score on the SAT.

garner skills that can be not only be used on the SAT, but also on the ACT their regular education classes.

Students that take this course must be willing to put in a large amount of work on the side practicing SAT questions. Just by listening and following examples, you will NOT be sufficiently prepared to take the test. When you take the test, you will be doing a grueling marathon of questions in a timed environment, you need to prepare by putting in the hours of work that is required.


This course provides an in-depth overview of the NEW SAT, which starts with this years PSAT in October 2015 and continues with the SAT in March 2016. Every example and concept directly correlates to concepts that are taught on the new SAT. The SAT is a curved test; College Board first looks at the results from the test makers and fits scores into a "bell curve". Since most students will not be used to the new test, you should begin preparing now and get "ahead of the curve"!

Each lesson is taught in a format similar to that of Khan Academy; lessons are taught through video where you can see the instructors work and explanations. It is important that you follow the order of the lessons, as some topics build on each other. After every math lesson, you will be given a chart that correlates to questions in The Official SAT Study Guide (Not affiliated with this course or Master Scholars). Once you learn a new skill, test your new-found knowledge on REAL SAT questions from the source (must purchase separately, but the tests in The Official SAT Study Guide are the same as the four tests released by Khan Academy, which you can download for free on their site).

This course has a book that you can purchase which includes all the questions that are covered in the class and the charts for each one. While this book is not required, it could be convenient while you are working through the lessons. Pdf's of each lesson are available in the course if you wish to print each one before working through the lessons in lieu of purchasing the book.

This course covers all aspects of the test and gives students strategies and knowledge that they can use to be successful on the test. In order to maximize your score, understand that practice is what will get you there. We are here to guide you on your journey, but you must put in the effort. Good Luck!


SAT Introduction


Introduction file and Math charts to be used as homework

Math Basics

Math Intro/Plugging In

Working Backwards

Converting Equations

Bite-Sized Pieces

Process of Elimination


Rates, Ratios, and Conversions


Two-Way Frequency Charts

Mean, Median, Mode, and Range

Read Data and Make Conclusions

Algebra 1

Solving Equations and Inequalities


Equations of Lines

Systems of Equations and Inequalities

Finding a Graph to Match a Situation


Geometry Basics/Volume

Right Triangles



Algebra 2/Advanced Topics

Functions and Applications

Quadratic Functions


Exponential Functions

Radical and Rational Functions

Complex Numbers

Line/Curve of Best Fit


Reading Introduction

Reading - Passage 1

Reading - Passage 2

Reading - Passage 3


Writing Introduction

Writing Intro Part 2

Parts of Speech

Sentence Structure

Shorter = Better

Commas, Colons, Semi-Colons, and Dashes

Trimming the Fat


Nouns and Pronouns


Faulty Comparisons

Idioms, Diction, Register



Sentence/Paragraph Order

Reading Charts


Essay Intro

Practice Essay Review Part 1

Practice Essay Review Part 2

Practice Essay Review Part 3

Practice Test #1 Solutions

Test 1 Section 1 Passage 1

Test 1 Section 1 Passage 2

Test 1 Section 1 Passage 3

Test 1 Section 1 Passage 4

Test 1 Section 1 Passage 5

Test 1 Section 2 Passage 1

Test 1 Section 2 Passage 2

Test 1 Section 2 Passage 3

Test 1 Section 2 Passage 4

Test 1 Section 3 (#1-6)

Test 1 Section 3 (#7-11)

Test 1 Section 3 (#12-17)

Test 1 Section 3 (#18-20)

Test 1 Section 4 (#1-8)

Test 1 Section 4 (#9-13)

Test 1 Section 4 (#14-19)

Test 1 Section 4 (#20-25)

Test 1 Section 4 (#26-30)

Test 1 Section 4 (#31-38)


William28 September 2020

Reading section is absolutely useless. Nearly nothing I studied from Algebra 2 was on the actual test I took. Would have been better off taking practice tests repeatedly

Maryam19 May 2020

It's really helpful and the explanation is really awesome and above my expectations. I really appreciate your hardworking and thank you so for your help!!!! You are amazing!!! Keep going!!!

Maruthi1 May 2020

Some of the answers to the examples were wrong. He solved for a different answer, but hey we are all human.

SaeedHafeezAli2 February 2020

Yes, so far it has been great. But I'd prefer the instructor explaining the concepts rather than just solving the questions.

Adrian2 September 2019

It was very easy to watch the course on mobile, but parts of the screen were cut off making it impossible to see everything.

Sait29 July 2019

It's good place to start your SAT prepration. you can buy the course without any doubt because tutor had covered everything in the SAT.

Piyush23 October 2018

I bought almost all SAT courses on udemy and i have to say this, this is one of the best courses online. Go for it whoever is looking to improve 200+ points just by watching him solve.

Daniel23 April 2018

The course itself and the videos are good, but unfortunately, the math tutor doesn't explain the process of the calculations and how he gets to the answer choice in depth at all. So if you don't know how he came to that conclusion it basically won't help you at all.

Chan26 November 2017

he says to go practice after he gives a lesson about how to solve a problem and i dont see extra work...

Michael19 March 2016

The instructor really needs to learn Powerpoint. He uses a word document and just zooms in and out and back in to portions of the document. It is very annoying. During math i was trying to read portions of the problem and the instructor would zoom to some other portion of the question taking the rest of the problem out of the field of view. It is like watching a Blair Witch Project. It sounds like someone else is doing the writing portion of the class. The microphone is awful and the instructor really is uninterested in teaching the course. Aside from the presentation, the math portion has good content. I am still going over the non math portions. I would highly recommend transferring the chunks of material from the Word Document that gets zoomed in and out of to Powerpoint. It would look much more professional and be less distracting to watch.

Evan26 February 2016

It is a bit lengthy and can drag on at times but is also very thorough. While some of the concepts he explains can be redundant, Jesse Patrick does a great job of explaining the material.

hussein27 September 2015

I cannot say how helpful these videos have been for my studies. Until today I have had a difficult time with topics like quadratic functions and polynomials, but no more! Both teachers certainly have experience to share through these videos. Just give 'em a try!


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