The Eight Crafts of Writing: The Map of Storytelling

The Eight Crafts of Writing course provides a structured overview of the writing craft(s), the map of storytelling.

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The Eight Crafts of Writing: The Map of Storytelling
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Aug 2022
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What you will learn

The eight writing crafts: Big Idea, Genre, Narrative, Story Outline, Characterization, World Building, Scene & Chapter Structure, and Prose

How to engagers readers with the eight writing crafts

A fresh definition of story that keeps your writing on track

How to use the psychology of storytelling to write immersive stories

The adversity cycle and how to use it to streamline your story outline

How to author stories before writing them

How to differentiate between protagonistic and antagonistic genres, story outlines, and scenes and why that matters

How to deal with the shapeshifting writer’s block

Why take this course?

--- **Unlock the Secrets of Storytelling with "The Eight Crafts of Writing" Course!** 📖✨ **Course Description:** Are you ready to embark on an epic journey through the landscape of storytelling? *The Eight Crafts of Writing* course is your compass and map to navigating the vast terrain of writing techniques. It's time to turn the confusion of the jungle into a strategic exploration of narrative craftsmanship. **Why Take This Course?** - **Understand the Nuances:** Discover how each of the Eight Crafts contributes to a compelling narrative. - **Practical Application:** Learn to apply these crafts to your writing, enhancing your story's impact. - **Navigate Complexities:** No more being lost in the wilderness – we'll guide you through the intricacies of storytelling. **What You'll Learn:** 1. **Finding Your Footing:** Dive into the foundational elements of storytelling and learn to stand firm on solid narrative ground. 2. **Character Creation:** Craft characters so vivid, they leap off the page and into your readers' hearts. ❤️ 3. **Plot Perfection:** Master the art of plotting that keeps readers on the edge of their seats, page after page. 📚➡️✨ 4. **Voice Varieties:** Discover how to give your writing a unique voice, making it distinctive and captivating. 5. **Conflict & Resolution:** Learn to weave conflict throughout your story for tension and resolution that satisfies. 6. **Pacing Your Narrative:** Control the tempo of your tale with pacing techniques that keep readers engaged from start to finish. 7. **Show, Don't Tell:** Perfect the balance between showing scenes through action and dialogue, and telling with narrative description. 8. **World-Building:** Create immersive worlds that are as real to your reader as the room they sit in. 🌍 **Course Features:** - **Engaging Content:** Interactive lessons, writing exercises, and real-world examples make learning a joy. - **Expert Guidance:** Receive personalized feedback from experienced writing instructors. - **Community Support:** Connect with fellow writers, share insights, and build your network. - **Lifelong Skills:** Acquire tools that will serve you for all your future writing endeavors. **Your Journey Awaits...** 🗺️🚀 With "The Eight Crafts of Writing," you'll no longer be an aspiring writer clinging to a tree. Instead, you'll be the map-holder leading others through the jungle. Join us and transform your writing from a wild adventure into a masterful journey through the heart of storytelling. Enroll in "The Eight Crafts of Writing" today and chart your course to becoming a seasoned storyteller! 📝✒️


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February 24, 2024
I really enjoyed this - Clear and concise - just the way I like to receive info - no fluff and no nonsense. I learned new skills and received good advice that I will use in my writing/storytelling. Thank you.
February 19, 2024
i just started learning course yesterday but at first intro section is quite bland .the person teaching in video look like he is reading script without emotion. the first section is intro but he doesn't even explain what he just said. i will review again after learning other sections



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