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The Advanced QlikSense Masterclass

Advanced Qlik Sense Developer and Designer Bootcamp

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Aug 2021

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What you will learn

Advanced development and design concepts such as incremental load, link table, advanced functions, advanced Set Analysis, Qlik Sense security, Alternate States and On Demand App Generation(ODAG) with best practices


  1. Do you have some experience with Qlik Sense and wanted to take your Qlik Sense developer or designer skill to the next level?

  2. Do you want to learn how to use best practice while building your next Qlik Sense application as a Qlik Sense developer or designer?

  3. Do you wish that a Qlik Sense course can deep dive into some of the widely used advanced concepts?

If you answered YES to any of these questions then this course is for YOU.

The course is rich with some of the advanced concepts that will make you an awesome Qlik Sense developer or designer.

Let's take a look at the list of sections:

1. The Qlik Sense Associative Engine(QIX)  Deep Dive

2. Incremental load

3. Link tables

4. Advanced Functions

5. Advanced Set Analysis

6. Alternate States

7. Qlik Sense security

8. On Demand App Generation

9. Tips and Tricks ( I will keep adding content to this sections in coming months )

So, what are you waiting for?  Enroll now and begin your journey to become an awesome Qlik Sense expert.


The Advanced QlikSense Masterclass
The Advanced QlikSense Masterclass
The Advanced QlikSense Masterclass
The Advanced QlikSense Masterclass





Qlik Sense Desktop Installation

Unlock Qlik Sense Desktop - Part I

Unlock Qlik Sense Desktop - Part II

Folder Structure and Sample Data Files

Course Approach

Qlik Associative Engine(QIX) Deep Dive

The Qlik Associative Engine (QIX) Overview

Symbol and Data Tables

Development Best Practices

Design Best Practices

Qlik Indexing Engine(QIX) Deep Dive

Incremental Loads

Incremental Load Overview

Incremental Load Process Architecture

Incremental Load - Inserts: Conceptual Overview

Incremental Load - Inserts: Part I

Incremental Load - Inserts: Part II

Incremental Load - Inserts: Part III

Incremental Load - Inserts & Updates - Conceptual Overview

Incremental Load - Inserts & Updates

Challenge - Incremental Load - Inserts & Updates

Solution - Incremental Load - Inserts & Updates

Incremental Load

Link Tables

Link Table Overview

Link Table - QVF File

Creating Link Table - Part I

Creating Link Table - Part II

Challenge - Link Table

Solution - Link Table

Link Table

Advanced Functions

Aggr() Function

Challenge - Aggr() Function

Solution - Aggr() Function

CONCAT() Function

Challenge - CONCAT() Function

Solution - CONCAT() Function

FirsSortedValue() Function - Conceptual Overview

FirsSortedValue() Function

Challenge - FirstSortedValue() Function

Solution - FirstSortedValue() Function

Advanced Functions

Advanced Set Analysis

Set Analysis Overview

Dollar-Sign Expansion

Challenge - Dollar-Sign Expansion

Solution - Dollar-Sign Expansion

Set Analysis with Aggr and Concat functions

Important Operators

Field Comparison

Challenge - Set Modifier with an Expression

Solution - Set Modifier with an Expression

Advanced Set Analysis

Alternate States

Alternate States Overview

Challenge - Alternate States

Solution - Alternate States

Alternate States

Qlik Sense Security

Security Fundamentals

Security - User Access Workflow


Security Rule - Stream Level Access

Security Rule - App Level Access by Role

Security Rule - Sheet Level Access

Qlik Sense Security

On Demand App Generation(ODAG)


ODAG Example

On Demand App Generation(ODAG)

Tips & Tricks

Optimized QVD Load

How to Load Data from a SharePoint List

Table Concatenation & Date Fields


Asanele17 September 2020

This was a great masterclass for me specifically as a person who did not know Qlik as a powerful tool and software for BI. It has opened up my eyes and has inspired me to pursue and learn more about QlikSense. The lecturer really provided world class knowledge, the videos were easy enough to follow, the examples were real life to a point. Highly recommended!

Serkan26 June 2020

The reason I chose this course was to learn Incremental load and the requirements for this course was basic knowledge of Qliksense. Having developed a couple qliksense dashboard, I thought myself not a beginner or novice. However the way he explained the incremental load was very confusing and complicated to me. Unfortunately I believe the Mr.Patel understanding of what is basic knowledge is different than mine.

Roman3 June 2020

I was familiar with most of the material presented here. However I found a few useful things which I did not know before.

Yixin15 May 2020

very frustrating for those who are not familiar with scripting. the scripts should be available for download as a text as I was trying to type from scratch.

Rakesh9 February 2020

Code provided in incremental load is very confusing many times. Variable names and values it contains are very similar.

Ram29 January 2020

I heard about shilpan pateal he hasvery strong knowledge on Qlik modules. I highly encourage to take this course those who want enhance their skills in Qlik Sense

Patrick27 December 2019

We use QlikSense at work and this was a good introduction for me regarding some of advanced features available.

Berthil11 December 2019

Explanations good. Only couldn't use the apps provided because you needed a new data connection. How to create this data connection is not covered in the presentation or the correct data is not supplied with the app to make this data connection ourselves.

Cheryl26 November 2019

Ok - I was disappointed because there wasn't a lesson on sheet security BUT as soon after I brought it up, Shilpan made a new video to help us learn. I like that he was responsive and took the time to plot out the answer to that particular question and now it's part of the video series. I appreciate that these videos go beyond the basics which is something I've struggled to find elsewhere. Thank you.

Yossi24 September 2019

It goes kind of slow, maybe not straight to the point, and the Video Quality is not that high. But it's only the beginning, let's see, it might be more interesting later on

Darshan25 May 2019

A good useful course for anyone interest in Qliksense be it a Starter or expert. Also, Shilpan actively helps if you have any doubts. Worth every penny!

Darin23 May 2019

This course teaches a lot of concepts that aren't widely known which will make your Qlik skills much more well rounded.

Mark20 April 2019

Excellent Presentation. Instructor's narration is clear and very engaging. The course was very help full to understand some of the advance topics.

Eddy19 April 2019

Disappointed in this course, after the 1st course was looking forward to learning more about how to create and design in Qlik. This is not the course, parts are from the first course, which is a rip of as I have already paid for that. Showing Alternate States, when it is not part of the original Qlik build is wrong and I cant use it. The security aspect, was of no relevance to me, overall it was a poor course. First Course 10/10 loved it, so that's why so disappointed with this.

Rob15 April 2019

Another excellent course by Shilpan. I like having an overview of how associative engine works and how that knowledge relates to design and development best practices.


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