Technical Analysis : Zero to Hero Trading Course (2022)

Stock Market Trading by Technical Analysis, Use it in Forex, Crypto , Stock Market, Option Trading + Assignments

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Dec 2021
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What you will learn

Learn and develop the technical analysis skills in stock market and make money by learning

Learn and implement most popular and backtested techniques in live stock market

Step by step approach for every technical indicators (Theory+ Practical)

Understand the psychology behind the technical charts


Do you also face the following issues?

1. Whenever you enter the market, the market reverses from that position?

2. Your SL is hitting and then the market is moving in the expected direction

3. Booking small profits and big losses?

If YES then this course is for you. You will get all of your answers within one course. We have taught every method in detail which is applicable in the live market Gain the ability to understand the market sentiments better than whatever you learned until now. The course will help you to restrict your losses and will be helpful to improve the winning ratio over time.

The Technical Analysis is Directly applicable for Index/option Trading, Future Trading, Swing Trading, Crypto Currency Trading. Whether you are a beginner or intermediate stage it does not matter. Once you go through each section you will be pretty much confident in your trade and able to manage your trade

Following are some key points we are covering through the course

Introduction to the platform which we are going to use for analysis

Candlestick Pattern ( Covered multiple candlestick patterns)

Price Actions ( Covered most useful and important price actions)

Indicators (Covered common indicators which is more than enough to trade)

Fibonacci retracement strategy

Elliott Wave Theory

Most importantly, you will understand the market sentiment and you are able to avoid unnecessary trades and false breakouts. So you will not be trapped by operators easily

Also, you will get Lifetime Access for the course, As well as we are updating the course with the MOST RECENT backtested  strategies so stay tuned with us

(*note:- all course content is for educational purposes only, we are not suggesting you buy and sell any stock. We are not responsible for any kind of profit/loss by this course)



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Course Introduction
Introduction about instructor
How to utilize the course

Fundamental Requirement For Technical Analysis

Introduction to TradingView Platform
Trading Vs Investing
Trading Mindset and Discipline
Order Types

Candlestick And Its Patterns

Introduction to Charts
Candlestick Basics
Candlestick And Heiken-Ashi
Best TimeFrame For Beginners
Candlestick Pattern- Spinning Top Candlestick
Candlestick Pattern- Doji Candle
Candlestick Pattern- Hammer Candlestick
Candlestick Pattern- Hangingman Candlestick
Candlestick Pattern- Bullish Engulfing
Candlestick Pattern- Bearish Engulfing
Candlestick Pattern- Three White Soldiers
Candlestick Pattern- Three Black Crows
Candlestick Pattern- Morning Star
Candlestick Pattern- Evening Star
Candlestick Pattern Chapter Key Takeaways

Chart Analysis: Trend, Support, Resistance

What Is Trend ?
What Is Support And Resistance ?
How To Draw Trendline ?
How To Draw Support And Resistance ?

Chart Analysis: Price Actions

Price Action Section OverView
Ascending Triangle Pattern
Ascending Triangle Pattern-II (Analysis Example)
Descending Triangle Pattern
Head and Shoulder Pattern
Inverted Head and Shoulder Pattern
Double Bottom Pattern
Double Top Pattern
Bull Flag Pattern
Bear Flag Pattern
Falling Wedge Pattern
Rising Wedge Pattern
Cup and Handle Pattern
Inside Bar Candle Pattern
Symmetrical Triangle Pattern


Indicator: Moving Averages Theory
Indicator: Moving Averages Technicals
Indicator: VWap
Indicator: RSI
Indicator: Darwas Box
Indicator: Bollinger Bands
Indicator: SuperTrend

Fibonacii Reatracement :- Magic Levels Of Fibonacii

What is Fibonacii Nunber:- Theory
What are the levels of Fibonacii
How To Draw Fibo Levels ?
How to Make an Entry with Fibo Levels

Elliott Wave Theory

Wave Theory Introduciton
Elliott Wave Theory - Impulsive and Corrective Waves
Examples of Elliott Wave Theory
Elliote Wave Theory Patterns / Price Actions

More learnings

Basics of Option


January 29, 2022
Really useful course for beginners.i got proper knowledge and guidance in simple language through it.great work sir.thanks a lot
January 27, 2022
good job mr murli.. though its a pretty basic course, but to understand the market these are very crucial. hopefully we get to see the advance version of this course in future.
January 5, 2022
After watching telegram channel update and predictions then decided to join course . Happy to learning
January 1, 2022
This course is amazing so far. I have learnt some basics here and beginning to understand the market.
December 26, 2021
Well it was a bit hard to understand him and the captions didn’t help, also there was no live market trading. Very nice course otherwise
November 29, 2021
It is wonderful course.. i can say 101% that the fees is worthy. from when i am touch with murli sir... i can trade with self. He made me indipendent trader as well as ZERO TO HERO in share market as a trader. Thanks a lot sir for this course in very very low cost.
November 22, 2021
Awesome course, trainer gives all the necessary knowledge in a structured manner. This course helped me to be a disciplined trader. Every day I am learning new things from his techniques. I congratulate the trainer for sharing his expertise in this field & strongly recommend for new traders who want to learn to be successful trader.
November 20, 2021
Very Great Experience. Gone through price actions videos. Really good one. Specially the best part is " Which price action is working best in which timeframe" Now backtesting all methods. Clear concept delivery . Now i am able to understand the market sentiments . Hopefully i will be a profitable trader Thanks for your course :)



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