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Teachers' Growth Kit is a priority for all futuristic schools. In order to govern and sense student’s friendly classroom, the teachers need to check on their share of the day, of some new vocabulary and make a haze to the fact that the students should be held accountable for the number and the quality of questions students ask and pursue during the teaching learning process. Right from Good Morning Wishing to the, Thank you children, the time and share has to be so friendly and empowering so as to make them take home moments of joy and some attributes to share with their parents. This must be a priority. For teachers need to showcase in action that they are not perfect and never will be. They must take risks with their teaching and failing must be a part of the learning process. For we are facing the Google Generation which empowers self and is not a dependent lot on either the library or the teacher, fortunately or unfortunately, I doubt my words too.

The wonderful words, do help our children to use a wide range of wonderful words in their writings. We must just not blame them of their handwriting and knowledge limitation, instead, must be the part and the parcel of their learning. Also to create a rapport with the students, the teaching tools in practice by the teachers need to be evaluated with reference to the usage during the lesson being appropriate or not. With this the teacher’s subject knowledge, enthusiasm, methods of questioning, exposition and problem solving relate to multilevel dimension for judging. The teachers as facilitators explore and expose the learning objectives in a big bang way via repartees and the responses generated after every classes or via the Parents’ Teachers’ Meetings on jolt and achievements. Let us conclude the fact that children will love and explore their presence in the classrooms only when given the recognition of individual concerns, it is mandatory for teachers to call the kids by their first names keeping them at pace to importance rather than experiencing the only preface with them at the time of the roll calls and that too with referencing through roll numbers.

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