Superfoods, Herbalism, Nutrition Basics and Your Health

Eat For Success. Discover Nutrition Basics For Optimal Performance and Weight Loss.

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May 2016

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What you will learn

Understand what nutrients need to be ingested every day

Understand difference between natural and industrial nutrients

Understand how to construct a healthy meal


It is time to learn how to choose a herbal superfood blend in the overflowing market of protein powders, energy bars, and smoothie recipes. Why do I need a superfood drink, and which one should I choose?

Our focus in making a superfood blend isn't moderating disease symptoms. We focus on creating healthy functions and achieving your ideal body weight. With abundant health, disease is simply crowded out and replaced with optimal performance.

You can gain good performance back. The momentum of the "normal" downward spiral of declining health and shorter lifespan can be slowed, and eventually reversed to add many precious moments and experiences in the coming years.

Delaying the onset of typical middle-age-related problems, especially the decline in sexual health and increasing obesity, is hard to explain to people who did not experience it. 

Effects of feeding yourself right will include:

  • Reduced fat - increased muscle = solid body shape.
  • Enhanced immune function = resistance to infections.
  • Enhanced memory, ambition, attitude and brain power.
  • Reduction of joint and body muscle aches and pains.
  • Substantial increase in sexual health, interest, ability
  • Increased stamina for both women and for men
  • More youthful appearance and body functions
  • Extended life span quality and quantity
  • Weight loss as your body naturally finds its ideal weight

You will learn about herbalism, nutrients like Coenzyme Q10, Saffron, Ginkgo Biloba, Bilberry, Siberian Ginseng, Garlic, Vitamins A-E, Niacin, Vitamin C, Pycnogenols and Bioflavonoids, plus key minerals like Chromium, as well as the Essential Fatty Acids: GLA and Omega 3.

The result is understanding nutrition basics for ideal health, and how it affects your ability to function, which nutrients, and in which amounts are required for optimal performance.

Special Section: Vegetarian Bodybuilders

There is a belief that bodybuilders need meat in order to get the protein they require to build lean muscle mass. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many weight lifters thrive on meatless, even vegan diets. Herbalism and plant protein can be superior to meat in many ways.

In this special section, we look at Superfoods for high end athletes.


Superfoods, Herbalism, Nutrition Basics and Your Health
Superfoods, Herbalism, Nutrition Basics and Your Health
Superfoods, Herbalism, Nutrition Basics and Your Health
Superfoods, Herbalism, Nutrition Basics and Your Health




What you can do to live well

Martin Pytela, with 40 years of experience, 20+ of it as health coach

Scott Paton, 35 years of experience in grocery industry and personal growth

And Now. it's Your Turn...

Why Nutritional Supplements Exist

Food versus nutritional supplements

Nutrient Poor Versus Calorie Rich

Hollow Food

Living versus Dead or Denatured Food

Mono-item meals versus Multi-item meals

Fried food, Peroxidation of lipids, spoiled oils

Chewing Secrets to Nutrient Absorbtion

Emulsification and Your Food

Nutritional Facts or Fiction?

Meaningful Doses

Single Ingredient Versus Synergy


Superfood Ingredient Selection






Probiotics Blend

Sea Plants

Effective Herbs


Processing Methods


Tying it All Together


Choosing a Superfood Blend

ZoeTein: Foundational SuperFood

Specialty Superfoods - Strataflora

Specialty Superfoods - Eligaplex

Specialty Superfoods - Liver Formula

Specialty Superfoods - Heart Formula

Specialty Superfoods - Aurasil

Energizing Superfoods

The Ultimate Superfood



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Chadwick21 July 2020

While it was a good match, I have issues with some of the claims made in the course. That they can refer to and believe in David Wolfe is a stunningly bright red flag to me. Overall, plenty of things to learn and consider. Good health to all of us.

Yogesh2 May 2020

very much knowledgeable course on nutrition and the way it explained the superfood, was understandable and great. thank you .

Navjot27 April 2020

This is outstanding step to motivate the people about health . In this fast world everyone forget to keep healthy

Kim25 April 2020

Enjoying the way the course sets the context and direction. Good to be introduced to the content producers. Perhaps some more visuals/diagrams would help get the info across.

Rudolph9 April 2020

Now 62 at time of injury I was 40 and the day of my injury (shattered wrists) was just a normal day. 20 years later and 5 operations I still struggle to get through a day. Chronic pain is the biggest thing but then comes COPD and the things that go along with it. I am looking for answer as to how to overcome everything

Niusha15 February 2020

Very informal , when people go through hard times and medical issues that don’t get cured by doctors then the incredible brain takes over and wants to learn more and that’s when the passion comes in . The passion that will help many people including you the world and myself to learn and be more Informative so we can put all that information in use in our lives To become healthy and eventually get some relief from pain if there is any. Thank you for coming up with this course . It’s very Frustrating when you’re in pain and the last thing doctors talked about or advise you on consistently is nutrition... looking forward to continue and learn more :)

Cyndi15 August 2019

The explanations and illustrations have provided the motivation and logic I need to commit to a change in my diet.

Victor14 June 2019

Curious, my headbone says, thanks I needed that. This course will lead to specifically think what specialties our concrete, complex state of health can unearth.

Heather28 May 2019

So far i am blown away by this class and I am looking forward to the rest of it. :) Thank you for sharing your wisdom and journey with us.

Joyce11 February 2019

This was an awesome course. I love the two of you. You both seem so nice. I will really enjoy my superfoods. Thank you for the course. See both of you at your next course. Bye. My last name is Leischner not Keischner. I can’t find anyone to tell them this. Could you please have my last named corrected. Thank you!!

Monica5 February 2019

I looked at a number of herbal courses and chose this because you cover veganism. I am about 90% WFPB and my goal is to be a health coach (ok, so I'm starting 35 years after I made the decision!) to help people fight all the things you talked about in the first video, and to teach WFPB to people in the fitness world.

Stephen15 January 2019

Reinforces a lot of what have been reading for many years .i generally eat a lot of vegetable-based foods but suffer from inflammatory illnesses such as asthma high blood pressure arthritis so am seeking ways of reducing these issues.

Karin7 October 2018

The transcript is really letting it down so far. If I had actually paid for this course I would be asking for my money back and leaving a very poor review. So far, no information about the course content, hopefully that will come soonest. Disappointing that in the lecture about emulsifiers they didn't talk about the body's own emulsifer - BILE - and how important it is to keep that moving by eating good quality fats. Having finished the course, I think it is pretty rude to expect people to pay for a "course" that is really just promoting a product the lecturers are selling. Shame on you!!!

Ken7 October 2018

It appears to be an advertisement for commercial products. I was hoping for something I could make for myself. Very disappointing.

Robert6 October 2018

The first lectures were well spoken, made sense and got my attention to continue. While I work out regularly and try to eat healthy, the reality is I eat too many carbs and plenty of sweet things. I'm hoping knowledge gained here will motivate me to change my ways.


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