Strategic leadership and Crisis Management

Lead strategically and control the Damage

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Feb 2021

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What you will learn

The Art of Strategic Leadership in Hard times

Strategic Thinking

Differentiation between operational management and strategic management

When to think inside the box

Crisis Management

Damage Control

Leadership in Tough Times, COVID-19 as an example;

Avoid usless conflicts


Due to the current global crisis, we all need -like never before - to question ourselves, our way of thinking, and our way of doing duties and achieving goals.

Are we doing what is necessary to suit the profound change happening in the world?

Do we even really need to do what we do now?

Perceptive individuals realize that we are facing unprecedented obstacles and challenges due to a rapidly changing world. The current global pandemic has only accelerated the change in our already fast-paced lives.

Is it time for a change? The answer is a resounding “yes!”

But why do we need to change? How are we supposed to accomplish this change? And most importantly…what do we specifically need to change?

The keys to answering these questions are what you are going to learn in our new course (Crisis management).

In this course, you will learn strategies and tactics that you can examine and implement directly to make you and your company deal better with the current crisis.

On the personal side, learning to think strategically allows you to stand out from the crowd and be ready for the next move.

Business Decode is dedicated to producing high-quality courses with the vision to make business knowledge simple, understandable, and entertaining at the same time. This is exactly what Rami Salahuddin is providing in this essential course.

In this course, we will be covering the following subjects:

1- Strategic Thinking in Pandemics

2. leadership in challenging times.

3. Damage control.

The course will be entirely online.


Strategic leadership and Crisis Management
Strategic leadership and Crisis Management
Strategic leadership and Crisis Management
Strategic leadership and Crisis Management


Strategic Thinking In Hard Times

Introduction to Strategic Thinking

Strategic thinking definition

Strategic thinking In a time of crisis

What has got you here won't get you there.

Differentiate between operational and strategic

Questioning the Operational Indications

lead, split, and switch off the noise.

When to think inside the box

Stay awake.

Indications to be considered by the leaders during a global crisis as covid-19

Leadership in Tough Times

Leadership in Tough Times, COVID-19 as an example;

Coordination, participation, and team building to face a crisis;

Task-oriented vs. relation-oriented leadership in a crisis.

Transparent and decisive leadership in a crisis.

Focus on employees.

Clear communication in a crisis.

Consideration of Human capital while reshaping the financial plan.

Lead the change.

Ask better questions

Damage Control

Damage Control in Crises like Pandemics

Blame and Resentment

Avoid useless conflicts

Make them stop attacking you

Case study: Damage Control for a Crisis and Change Management


Dahat18 February 2021

Because it is a very good strategic management course, and he explains in a very clear way with study cases and examples.

Irene29 January 2021

Excellent, a must take course for a managerial overview of the Covid-19 pandemic effects and impacts on business. Great course.

Sriram27 January 2021

A short course not for new ones on this subject. But, experienced ones, will for sure pick up few useful knowledge nuggets from this course. Hope the course author will release courses that will extrapolate points discussed in this course. That's how I see this one, a high-level introduction to what's going to come later.


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