70-761: Querying Data with Transact-SQL Introductory Course

Ideal for beginners who want to earn Microsoft certification for SQL Server.

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70-761: Querying Data with Transact-SQL Introductory Course
5 hours
Apr 2018
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What you will learn

Understand database design

Understand first, second and third normal form schemas

Normalize Databases

Create new tables, alter existing tables in Databases

Create basic SQL Queries

Create Left, Right, Inner and Full Outer joins

Why take this course?

🌟 70-761: Querying Data with Transact-SQL - An Introduction to Microsoft SQL Server Certification Course 🌟

Are you ready to dive into the world of data management and querying with Microsoft SQL Server? This introductory course is tailored for beginners who aspire to earn a Microsoft certification and embark on a journey within the realm of database management. With its focus on Transact-SQL (T-SQL), the language used to manage data, this course will equip you with the essential skills needed to excel in data retrieval and storage applications.

Why Choose This Course?

  • πŸ’» Industry-Relevant Skills: Master the fundamentals of SQL Server, a cornerstone technology in the Microsoft ecosystem, widely used by professionals worldwide.
  • πŸ“ˆ Versatile Application: Learn to apply your skills across various platforms, from desktop applications to large-scale enterprise solutions.
  • πŸš€ Career Opportunities: Open doors for careers in programming, data analysis, reporting, and database administration with SQL Server.

What You Will Learn:

  • 🧐 Data Basics: Understand what databases are and how they store and organize data.
  • πŸ” Querying Data: Master the art of writing queries to extract meaningful insights from large datasets.
  • πŸ› οΈ Database Objects: Get hands-on experience with creating and managing tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, and indexes.
  • πŸ“Š Advanced Topics: Explore complex concepts like working with triggers and stored procedures to automate tasks and enforce data integrity.

Course Features:

  • πŸŽ₯ Expert Instruction: Led by Mrs. Vandana Soni, a seasoned professional with extensive experience in both the industry and training domain.
  • βœ… Comprehensive Content: Learn through simplified language, detailed explanations, and a clear, step-by-step approach to building database schemas.
  • πŸ“š Engaging Learning Methodology: Embrace the scientific learning method of Theory, Demonstration, and Assignment, which is designed to reinforce your knowledge effectively.
  • πŸ–₯️ Real-World Scenarios: Apply what you learn in practical, real-world scenarios that mirror actual job tasks.

Course Structure:

  1. Introduction to Databases and SQL Server: Learn the basics of data storage and the role of SQL Server in the industry.
  2. Transact-SQL Fundamentals: Understand the syntax and structure of T-SQL queries, including SELECT, WHERE, JOIN, and more.
  3. Advanced Querying Techniques: Delve into complex queries, subqueries, and set-based operations to handle large datasets efficiently.
  4. Database Object Management: Gain the skills to create and manage database objects like tables, views, stored procedures, triggers, and indexes to optimize data retrieval and storage.
  5. Automation and Data Integrity: Learn how to use triggers and stored procedures for automation and to maintain data integrity within your databases.
  6. Performance Tuning: Discover methods to improve query performance through proper indexing and database optimization techniques.

Your Journey Awaits! Embark on a path to becoming an expert in SQL Server and Transact-SQL. Enroll now and start building the foundation for your future in data management with Microsoft's most powerful database tool. πŸŽ“

Join us, and let Mrs. Vandana Soni guide you through this transformative learning experience. With her expertise, you'll not only achieve a Microsoft certification but also develop a skill set that is highly sought after in the tech industry. Sign up today and take your first step towards a rewarding career in data management! πŸš€


December 5, 2018
The course is good for absolute beginners but covers only few of the topics for exam 70-761. Topics like Stored Procedures, Functions, Temporal Tables, JSON, XML, Error handling and many others are not mentioned at all.
November 17, 2018
I really enjoyed the direct, concise, but practical examples & explanations. I feel I absorbed 100% of the content.



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