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SEO Training Masterclass 2021: Beginner SEO To Advanced SEO

SEO training for profitable SEO traffic! WordPress SEO, Yoast SEO, SEO keyword research, on-page SEO, link building SEO

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Jul 2021

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SEO Audit + Keywords Analystics + Competitors Research
7-day free trial

What you will learn

Most complete and thorough SEO course on the market

Do SEO on your own for your website or as a freelancer

Dominate Google search as well as other search platforms

Personal help from a responsive and caring instructor

Smart SEO strategies used only by very savvy marketers

Rank almost any page in Google search

Create a very good SEO strategy for your business

Gain insight into how all search engines work: Google, YouTube, Amazon, mobile app stores and more

Use different search engines mentioned above to your advantage to dominate everywhere on the web

Learn SEO secrets and advanced strategies that no one talks about

Go from a beginner to very intelligent about SEO

Save thousands of dollars on hiring SEO consultants or agencies

Learn WordPress SEO, Shopify SEO, and SEO for any other platform like Wix


Do better SEO than your competitors or any freelancer! Get SEO traffic, business growth, and win!

Updated almost every month with the latest Google search developments.

This SEO training comes with a FREE 200-page productivity book to help you execute more efficiently.

LATEST Update: 

  • Most recent big change in Google SEO algorithm

  • Site speed case study where I show how to get a fast boost in rankings

  • Secret white-hat Google strategy that takes advantage of the strongest ranking factor to beat the competition

  • How to use authoritative SEO sites to rank

  • Write better headlines that increase click-through rates with WordPress SEO and Shopify SEO

  • Use social media to boost the SEO rankings of your web pages

  • Weglot multilingual SEO plugin that will automatically translate your site to 100+ languages so you can rank in SEO in for hundreds of more keywords

  • Google trends for additional keyword research

  • SEO article writing and SEO copywriting for writing SEO content as a freelancer

Learn the SEO strategies I used to reach over a million people by combining SEO with social media, publicity, and using savvy techniques to side-step competition and get lots of traffic to my products! 

This course is meant to make you strong at SEO and inbound marketing. In the course, I share knowledge from my 10+ years of doing SEO for various websites and helping many entrepreneurs learn SEO. I'll also share the latest SEO industry developments and Google search algorithm updates.


Since I have been working with many entrepreneurs, I have a deep understanding of the common mistakes, misunderstandings, and questions new SEO marketers have. In this SEO course, I address precisely those issues. Plus, I give many insightful and effective "white hat" Google search strategies in order to make you a great SEO marketer. 


We start with Google search fundamentals. We cover SEO keyword research, blogging, and related issues. We go over keyword research tools like the Google Keyword Tool and a few other ways to get SEO keywords. Keyword research is the foundational part of SEO. It is extremely important to get it right, and we devote plenty of attention to it.


The second part of this SEO training course covers further Google search topics like how to dominate the top-10 search results of Google with more than one listing, how to do SEO on other platforms to reach great scale, long-tail vs. short-tail keywords, Google penalties, and much more. We also cover Yoast SEO plugin for WordPress SEO. But you can do your on-page SEO using any site like Wix, WordPress SEO, SquareSpace, or Shopify SEO.

Recently added: Blogger SEO in WordPress and Google marketing for Shopify SEO.


The third part of this SEO course focuses on off-page SEO strategies like link building so your site can rank higher. I explain what kinds of links are good to get, and what kinds of links to stay away from. I also explain how to get links by getting press coverage for your business because that is the best of both worlds. Typically links from publicity also bring you website traffic, and those links come from very strong websites in terms of Google search. 


After we cover Google search basics, we get into modern and advanced topics like voice SEO (when people talk into their mobile devices asking for things), making sure your website is mobile SEO friendly, technical SEO with site speed optimization, and more.


  • Google Keyword Tool

  • Google Analytics

  • Google Search Console

  • Yoast SEO for WordPress SEO and blogger SEO

  • A number of 3rd party Google research tools including tools to research competition


I've been an entrepreneur for 15+ years, have coached 1,000+ entrepreneurs in person, taught 100,000+ students, impacted millions of entrepreneurs worldwide creating 6 and 7-figure businesses in the process, and I would love to help you.

I am an expert growth marketer with 10+ years of SEO experience. I create winning SEO and overall marketing strategies for my clients all the time. Now it is your turn to grow your business and fulfill your dreams. I am a geek of SEO and I read all the latest SEO news and blogs so any time there is a new SEO development, I am one of the first people to know it, and I add it to this SEO course.


* Lots of extra freebies, downloadable worksheets, and SEO exercises to make the course more interactive and valuable

* Personal invitation to my Facebook community after you complete the course

* My list of 50 business-success skills when you complete the course


If you have questions, know that I am here to help! I answer 99% of student questions within 24 hours. Many students tell me that other instructors don't respond. Well, I do because

1) I care about my students.

2) I feel a responsibility to make sure that students get their money's worth from the course.


The SEO training comes with an unconditional, Udemy-backed, 30-day money-back guarantee. This is not just a guarantee, it's my personal promise to you that I will go out of my way to help you succeed with SEO just like I've done for thousands of my other students. 

Invest in your future. Enroll in this SEO training course now and promote any site!


SEO Training Masterclass 2021: Beginner SEO To Advanced SEO
SEO Training Masterclass 2021: Beginner SEO To Advanced SEO
SEO Training Masterclass 2021: Beginner SEO To Advanced SEO
SEO Training Masterclass 2021: Beginner SEO To Advanced SEO


Course Introduction: Watch This First To Understand What You Get From The Course

Welcome to this SEO masterclass & how to get benefits from the first video!

What Google wants us to focus on for SEO in 2020

SEO Keyword research

Introduction to SEO keyword research & starting to do keyword research

Keyword research example & getting you more comfortable exploring SEO keywords

Targeting long tail vs. short tail keywords for best SEO results

Keyword exercise to get many unique & original keywords that SEO tools don't

13 ways to get unique SEO keywords for your business

Advanced keyword targeting example for SEO

Keyword density tool: 2 great uses for SEO

Creating and tracking a full list of SEO keywords to rank for

CHECKLIST for how to place keywords on a home page as part of on-page SEO

CHECKLIST for how to place keywords on content pages for on-page SEO

Another fascinating keyword tool


SEO for new websites

Automatically translate your site, rank in more languages & get more SEO traffic

Domain authority and a free tool for researching competition for organic SEO

Webmaster SEO tools to check search performance and crawling & indexing status

Setting up your Webmaster Tools for SEO

Creating your sitemap.xml for SEO

News about sitemaps for SEO from Google

Troubleshooting crawling errors for SEO

SEO definitions for beginners

Submitting new URLs and checking for page status and indexing for SEO

Where your pages are ranking and page/query performance in SEO

Introduction to Google Analytics to understand the impact of your SEO

Tools and software for SEO

SEO KeywordOptimizer tool for on-page text optimization

How to get the TextOptimizer SEO 7-day free trial to premium features

SEOQuake SEO Chrome plugin to research competition

Competitor link research with SerpStat SEO tool

Another good keyword tool

Revive Old Posts plugin for social sharing, scheduling & SEO boost

Easy question to answer now that you understand about keywords

Should you have a blog for SEO?

Is your site set up for SEO?

On-page SEO

On-page SEO section introduction

How to set up the Yoast plugin for SEO

How to set up title/description metas for regular blog post SEO

Cornerstone SEO pages

Interlink your own pages for an SEO boost

ADVANCED page interlinking: Strategy to boost your SEO

Title tooltip tag for SEO

Image ALT tag for SEO

How long should a page be for SEO

Good grammar on each page, well-written

Insights on content from MarketMuse co-founder, me & SEO content tool intro

Google January 2020 SERP update with favicon in search results

URL structure

Do keywords in domain or exact-match domains matter?

URL folder and page names structures for SEO

Making your site mobile friendly

Introduction to mobile friendly websites

Using the Google mobile friendliness check tool

Finding and removing duplicate and thin content

Ways of dealing with thin or bad content and what's really duplicate

Finding pages to improve or delete by using the Google Search Console

Identifying and getting rid of bad pages

Broken link checking tool

The intent-match strategy to Influence SERP click-through and SEO ranking

Influencing SEO ranking with intent-match strategy

Advanced SEO: Example of how to use Microformats and have HTML generated for you

Writing enticing meta tags to increase Google SEO SERP clickthrough

Combining on-page SEO and sales copywriting

Introducing on-page SEO and combining it with sales copywriting

CHECKLIST: Sales page conversion checklist to boost sales in addition to SEO

EXAMPLE of a sales page that balances SEO and conversion optimization

Off-page SEO and Google citations To Boost SEO For New Local Websites

Off-site SEO section introduction

How to get citations and brand mentions for SEO

Citation SEO through your LinkedIn profile's page

Using your industry-specific websites for SEO and citations

After SEO citations, social sharing of your website and social accounts

Off page SEO & Link-building

What to look for in a link that boosts SEO ranking

Do follow vs. no follow links for SEO

No-follow update and the new UGC and Sponsored attributes

Does linking out to other sites help SEO?

Blogging and guest blogging for SEO

Guest blogging pitch script for SEO

How to get links on Wikipedia to boost SEO

Getting backlinks for SEO from publicity

How to get links from getting press coverage and publicity to boost SEO

Other SEO backlink strategies

Link-begging for SEO. The brute-force approach that will never stop working

Link-begging script example you can use to get links for SEO

Competitor link research for SEO

How to get backlinks for SEO from events


HARO for links and publicity

Press releases for link-building

Press release section introduction

Which situations are press releases for?

Starting to write the press release with the title

Subtitle for your press release

Writing the press release as a story and to add keywords

Example of PLR licensing service press release

Example for a book release

Submitting the press release

20 websites to promote press releases


SEO mistakes to avoid

Major SEO mistakes to avoid

Note about blog commenting

Different way of looking at things for a moment

SEO ranking factor myths from Google staff


Smart non-Google SEO. No, this IS NOT about Yahoo or Bing

NEW! Powerful SEO strategy that almost no one talks about

NEW! SEO thumbnail and logo secret with case study

NEW! Growth hack to use Quora for SEO, YouTube SEO and to get traffic

How to get cheap social engagement to boost SEO

NEW! How to rank almost any SEO page

ALL online algorithm DOMINATION - beyond SEO

Local Google SEO and Google map ranking

Introduction to local SEO

How to get on the Google map SEO search results

Ranking for local SEO searches through local business listing directories

Last words on local SEO and doing local SEO anywhere else in the world

SEO penalties! Very important - don't get penalized!

SEO penalty: Panda

SEO penalty: Penguin

More different penalties

Google voice SEO: New and rapidly growing so start taking advantage of it

Voice SEO section introduction

Types of devices for voice SEO

Three types of searches for voice SEO

Answer box SEO with FAQ pages to rank different kinds of businesses

A more detailed content strategy beyond the FAQ - voice SEO

Example of voice SEO for local business

Example of voice SEO for eCommerce

What exactly is structured data and microdata - SEO

CNET page with all the things you can search for using "OK Google" - voice SEO

Search result position zero: Two important things to know about answer box SEO

Extra SEO tips for mobile/local searches

Exercise which will have practical and revenue implications - voice SEO

Very aggressive SEO content marketing strategy

Extra voice SEO exercise for keywords

Improving site load speed for SEO

Site speed section introduction and how it impacts SEO

Results of how my site's SEO ranking jumped after boosting site speed load

Let's begin analysis of your site with these 3 free site speed analysis tools

Critical Rendering Path and how it impacts page elements, load speed and SEO

Speed update and how it impacts SEO

Case study and immediate results of taking out unused CSS from a page

Case study of reducing image size issues to boost site speed and SEO

Speeding up the site with JavaScript loading optimizations

Case study of getting rid of Google products - interesting perspective for SEO

Case study conclusion and exposing Google product problems and reporting - SEO

How to reduce image size for faster loading and SEO

Further reducing image size to help site load speed and SEO

Compression to reduce image size to help site load speed & SEO

"Minifying" CSS, html and JavaScript file sizes - helps site load speed and SEO

Enabling compression to boost site speed and SEO

Caching plugins for WordPress - helps with site speed and SEO

File SEO optimization strategies checklist

Different perspectives and benefits from page load speed with users & Google SEO

Google services actually slowing down your site - questionable for SEO

Google AdSense and page load speed InfoGraphic - not directly SEO

AdSense Ad balancing - not directly SEO

Introducing Google Chrome Profiler to get your SEO site speed metrics

Site speed audit with Google Lighthouse profiler

Page optimization prioritization strategy for SEO

GTMetrix YouTube report and how it impacts site load speed and SEO

How to get to Lighthouse documentation - not directly SEO

Case studies of performance of different websites - impacts SEO

Removing unused CSS

Unused CSS in a WordPress template

Text compression

JavaScript defer and async tags

Before and after removing Google ads

Last changes to speed up loading of YouTube and images

Google Image SEO

Introduction to Image SEO section

Explaining the Google image search SEO

Setting your image path folders to have the right keywords for SEO

Best practices for your IMG tag for SEO and boosting conversion

How to use WordPress settings for best practices with images for image SEO

Image dimensions for social media posting - helps SEO

Google image guidelines when doing image SEO

Google Webmaster forum and YouTube channel for SEO

Exif data as a part of image SEO

Adding a footer for your image - HTML - image SEO

Pixabay and Advanced Google SEO For Google Images

How to rank in most top-10 SEO results

Section introduction: Making all 10 Google SEO results promote your business

ALWAYS gauge competition when doing SEO

Bonus: Google map SEO with Google My Business (previously Google Local)

Getting YouTube videos to rank in Google search for SEO

Amazon or other eCommerce websites for SEO

Yelp.com or other local listing websites for SEO

Facebook page for SEO

Twitter profile can be used for SEO

Slideshare can rank in SEO

Quora pages can rank in Google SEO

Publicity mentions can rank in Google SEO

Google news

Google SEO rich snippets for better click-through from search pages

Introduction to Rich Snippets SEO section

Rich snippets vs. Featured snippets for SEO

Boosting SEO ranking with HTML tags

How to get the Microdata HTML written for you by Google for SEO

Setting SEO expectations: How long it will take for rich snippets to show up

Schema and HTML Microformats syntax for SEO

All algorithm marketing domination - intermediate to advanced topic - beyond SEO

The magic of recommendation algorithms - beyond just SEO

Which sites have recommendation algorithms - beyond just SEO

Showing a real example of the potential of recommendations - beyond just SEO

Importance of total engagements, reviews and review quality - beyond just SEO

How to work up to getting all the great reviews and engagement - beyond just SEO

How to increase these "signals" - beyond just SEO

Recommending your own products to get them recommended - beyond just SEO

Recommending other products alongside yours promoted next to them - beyond SEO

Advertising to boost recommendations - beyond just SEO

How to influence platform SERPs (SEO) and why it must be a top priority

Summing up how to influence algorithm signals - beyond just SEO

6-figure client recommendation algorithm case study - beyond just SEO

How to get reviews to influence recommendation algorithms & SEO

Section introduction on how to get reviews to boost SEO

7 principles of review mastery to boost SEO

Your product listing page - partially for SEO and partially for conversion

Reaching out to people to leave bad reviews - helps SEO if you remove them

Up-selling future customers from review replies - not SEO but helps differently

Reviews by building a community of fans - boosts SEO directly and indirectly

32-point SEO audit checklist

SEO Audit

Further resources

We are nearing the end of this SEO course

FREE: Copy of my business productivity book to help you work better

FREE: Copy of my marketing book so you can create a great marketing strategy

Bonus lecture


Darlene6 October 2020

Alex is always brilliant. No fluff, clear explanations, lots of examples, well presented. And, of course, always up to date. Whatever you paid for this course it's worth it and more.

Annie14 September 2020

Alex has coevered so many topics regarding SEO. He also adds more content into his courses which gives this course so much value and honestly should be priced higher! I've taken one other SEO course and this one is superior in topics and resources!

Alan7 September 2020

Got quite a bit of very important information from first time around and have quite a few ideas to implement. Also have specific subject matter that I will frequently visit for revision and to assist with implementation. I really haven't been able to give time and attention to the course that it deserves but yeah I also have Link Building 2020: Google SEO #1 Ranking Tactic (Backlinks) that I will begin to enhance the knowledge from this course. Continual thanks to you Alex as I continue gaining knowledge from your willingness to share your expertise!

Cristina7 September 2020

The professor is clear on his concepts and theories. He has a clear voice and direction of the course. This is very engaging.

Paras21 August 2020

Definitely its a good course to learn and understand SEO. for begginers it is a must, as it makes it simple and easy to understand

Meghan14 April 2020

A bit windy/wordy at times, but content is great! I’ve worked in SEO for about a year now and didn’t know the extent of half this stuff. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to rank higher or increase online business. Alex is a great teacher.

Ryan14 April 2020

Excellent in depth knowledge. My further question would be what about paid programs like SEM crush? Are these programs worth the investment?

Peter10 April 2020

The pace is very fast and there are lots to absorb, but the beauty of Udemy is that you can replay the lessons as many times as you want. Very good content and lots of resources to use.

Farzam7 April 2020

It is one of good courses about SEO. Quality of videos are not so interesting and must of them have similar templates and boring but contents are good and useful

Elena3 April 2020

Seems that the teacher is really inspired to give us a "5-star experience"; and this fact encourages:)

Lilia3 April 2020

It is great class, full of so much needed information! Almost every video starts from main concept and gradually going to every single detail. Very easy explanation also.

James3 April 2020

So Far this is a great course. the instructor is very knowledgable and the presentation is very interesting and upbeat.

Joey1 April 2020

#216 review is not in the resources so it can be printed. Think it could be a shorter lesson for what was covered. Not complaining but, suggesting.

Estrasol30 March 2020

So far, information has been presented in a concise and easy to understand manner, without losing any value.

Steffi9 March 2020

Veel vakjargon gebruik. Dus voor beginners echt wel een grotere stap om te nemen mee te beginnen. Maar een hele fijne beschrijving en stappen om bij te houden. Ook zeer goede oefeningen en ideëen om je SEO te verbeteren.


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