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Search Engine Optimization Complete Specialization Course

Enter the world of Digital Marketing with this specialized SEO course covering everything with practical examples

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Apr 2021

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SEO Audit + Keywords Analystics + Competitors Research
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What you will learn

Search engine optimization techniques

Organic Marketing

Google search engine

Technical SEO

Content writing & Marketing

Off page optimization

On-page Optimization

Social Media Marketing

Keyword and competitor research

Lead generation


Welcome to the World's best specialized SEO course ever.

The course cover everything from theory to practical with case studies and examples. This is the only course in the world where you woll also learn about the technicalities of SEO and how to handle them.

The content of this course is based on real world practices and checklists used by professionals in the SEO world.

You will learn about

Google Search engine

Google algorithms

Wordpress development



Tools for SEO

On-page optimization

Technical SEO

Off-page Optimization

How to get a job in SEO?

How to start your own digital marketing company?


Search Engine Optimization Complete Specialization Course
Search Engine Optimization Complete Specialization Course
Search Engine Optimization Complete Specialization Course
Search Engine Optimization Complete Specialization Course



Welcome to Search Engine Optimization Complete Specialization Course

Understanding Google Search Engine

What is Search Engine with example

Working of Search Engine

Google Search Algorithms and Brandy Update

Panda Algorithm Update in Google Search

Penguin Algorithm Update in Google Search

Hummingbird Algorithm Update in Google Search

Pigeon & Mobile Update Google Search Algorithm

RankBrain Algorithm Update in Google Search

Possum & Fred Update Google Search Algorithm

BERT Google Search Algorithm Update

Search Engine Optimization

What Is Search Engine Optimization with Example

How to get your first client & start your SEO journey?

Different approach to start with for B2B & B2C Clients

Everything about Keyword Research & Google Keyword Planner

How to do the Content Research?

Website Design and Development

Make a Website using WordPress

Make a Website using Bootstrap

Basic Introduction to Shopify

Learn everything about Technical SEO

SSL(Secure Socket Layer) Certificate



Canonical Issues

Google Search Console

Google Analytics

Technical SEO Tools

Website performance optimization using Google pagespeed insights

Learn On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO & Content Optimization part 1

On-page Optimization & Content SEO Tools

Learn Off-Page Optimization

Understanding Off-Page Optimization

Off page optimization tools

SEO Case studies

Case 1: Job portal & Google Search Console

Case 2: Concrete product company & On-page SEO

Case 3: Fluid handling b2b company & Canonicalization

Final Section having few tips

Final lecture

Let`s Crack it!


Muhammad26 April 2021

Dalam materi Understanding Google Search Engine, saya banyak menerima masukan mesin pencari apa saja yang belum pernah saya ketahui.

Jane27 March 2021

It truly gave a jampacked complete course guide! very informative and helpful for beginners in Amazon FBA business. Thank you so much! Highly recommended!

Stephanie10 March 2021

As a beginner the content was a lot but definitely useful. Unfortunately the accent and pronunciation was bad, so it was kind of hard to understand the lectures. It took a lot more time to get through the course.

Munit8 March 2021

The instructor covered every topic that is great but he did not covered it complete, there is so many things are incomplete in the videos also the videos were very raw a good editing need in the videos. The resources were highly knowledgeable. Need to edit thsese vidoes. Videos are really hard to understand.

Trisha1 March 2021

I'm very interested with this course and I have learned some from these videos but its very hard to understand his accent.

Amir22 February 2021

the trainer clearly has no idea of what he is saying and is sampling reading articles off of the internet.

Arif11 February 2021

He is one of the best trainers/teachers I've ever seen in UDEMY! He knows every single bit of what he is talking about. I'm impressed and very much happy to join and finish his course, with joy.

Baduruliyage10 February 2021

Amazing instructor I learned a lot of things from this SEO course. Valuable for your investment (Money and time). Highly recommend.

Ricca4 January 2021

The discussion is good but it's better if the lecturer provided more slides so that the participants can visualize what he is discussing.

Ziadh30 November 2020

I think the course should be more Interactive with some actual examples and visuals rather than the instructor just talking about the topic which makes it a little bit boring and hard to concentrate on the topic continuously. Lets see what comes as I proceed further.

Devansh23 November 2020

I've got over 2 years of experience in digital marketing and have worked with many companies. This course acted as a refresher and I learnt a lot about many techniques that I didn't know about. No filler content is there. The instructor has done a great job on this one.

Harshit22 November 2020

This course is just amazing I wanted a course which will help me learn about Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in the best way and this course is helping me very well I would like everyone who wants to learn about SEO should definitely go through this course as this would surely help you all.

Nayan21 November 2020

This is an amazing course that provides the necessary knowledge to step up your present skills and apply things practically. Thanks Kushank Sir!

Neha21 November 2020

This is an absolutely amazing course with excellent content and I've had a great experience doing this course, this is helpful in every profession and will enhance your technical skills.

Mitanshi21 November 2020

Highly recommended. Great Course, Great instructor that covers all the topics one need to grasp. A must do course for all the developers.


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