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SAT Prep in 1 Minute Lessons plus NEW longer videos!

English: Reading, Sentence Completion, Vocabulary, Spelling, Math: Algebra, Numbers, Functions; Bonus - Study Skills!

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Dec 2020

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What you will learn

Use strategies and "tricks" that will help them focus on faster and easier ways to locate correct responses.

Learn how to eliminate incorrect responses and "distractor" choices.


SAT Prep Reading, English/Grammar & Math in One Minute Lessons.

This course was developed to teach students “Quick hit" strategies to assist in retention and recall. Using simple tactics like quick drills and acronyms, Marc Hoberman's One Minute Educator series assures easy absorption and retention of the skills to help you get higher test scores!

The course is broken down into six series:

  • SAT Prep - Reading Comprehension Series
  • SAT Prep - Sentence Completion Series
  • SAT Prep - English/Grammar Series
  • SAT Prep - Math Algebra
  • SAT Prep - Math Numbers
  • SAT Prep - Math Functions

Marc has also included a bonus series, Speed Reading.

The course has been praised by Marc's students and their parents for:

*Convenient and easy to view wherever and whenever you'd like to watch.

*Refresh your memory easily minutes before taking tests focusing only on the information you need on any topic. *Learn tricks to help you remember key information.


SAT Prep  in 1 Minute Lessons plus NEW longer videos!
SAT Prep  in 1 Minute Lessons plus NEW longer videos!
SAT Prep  in 1 Minute Lessons plus NEW longer videos!
SAT Prep  in 1 Minute Lessons plus NEW longer videos!


Long Videos

Who Whom 1

Subject Verb Common Errors

Pronoun Quiz 1

Making Inferences

Faulty Parallelism

8 Comma Rules

Pronoun Skills

Common Subject Verb Agreement Errors

Parallelism 1

Grammar Rules

Redundancy 1

Comma Quiz Freckles

Redundancy Concise

Parallel Structure 2

Subject Verb Agreement

Pronoun Antecedent Lesson

Eleanor Reading Passage

SAT Prep Reading Comprehension

SAT Prep Reading

SAT Reading Example 1

SAT Reading Example 2

SAT Reading Example 3

SAT Reading Example 4

SAT Reading Example 5

SAT Reading Example 6

SAT Reading Example 7

SAT Reading Example 8

SAT Reading Example 9

SAT Reading Example 10

SAT Reading Legal Cheating

SAT Reading Context Clues

SAT Prep Sentence Completion

SAT Sentence Completion

SAT Sentence Completion Example 1

SAT Sentence Completion Example 2

SAT Sentence Completion Example 3

SAT Sentence Completion Example 4

SAT Sentence Completion Example 5

SAT Sentence Completion Example 6

English/Grammar Series

English/Grammar - Writing

English/Grammar - Who vs. Whom

English/Grammar - Spelling Tricks

English/Grammar - Semi-Colon

English/Grammar - Indefinite Pronoun

English/Grammar - Prounoun 1-4

English/Grammar - Prounoun 5-6

English/Grammar - Prounoun 7-11

English/Grammar - Subject Verb Agreement

English/Grammar - Subject Verb 2

English/Grammar - Subject Verb 3

English/Grammar - Subject Verb 4

English/Grammar - Parallelism

English/Grammar - Parallelism 2-3

English/Grammar - Parallelism 4-5

English/Grammar - Redundancy 5-9

English/Grammar - Parallelism 6-7

English/Grammar - Redundancy 1-4

SAT Prep - Math Series - Algebra

SAT Math - Algebra Example 1

SAT Math - Algebra Example 2

SAT Math - Algebra Example 3

SAT Math - Algebra Example 4

SAT Math - Algebra Example 5

SAT Math - Algebra Example 6

SAT Math - Algebra Example 7

SAT Math - Algebra Example 8


SAT Math - Algebra Example 10

SAT Math - Algebra Example 11

SAT Prep - Math Series - Numbers

Math - Numbers Example 1

Math - Numbers Example 2

Math - Numbers Example 3

Math - Numbers Example 4

Math - Numbers Example 5

Math - Numbers Example 6

Math - Numbers Example 7

Math - Numbers Example 8

Math - Numbers Example 9

Math - Numbers Example 10

SAT Prep - Math Series - Functions

Math - Functions Intro

Math - Functions Example 1

Math - Functions Example 2

Math - Functions Example 3

Math - Functions Example 4

Math - Functions Example 5

Math - Functions Example 6

Math - Functions Example 7

Math - Functions Example 8

Math - Functions Example 9

Math - Functions Example 10

Bonus Series - Speed Reading

Previewing A Text

How To Prepare A Text

Habits That Hinder



Study Skills


Maryam22 June 2020

This course is really amazing and above my expectations!!! All the videos are actually 1 min videos and are explained perfectly and deeply!!! I really appreciate his hardworking and thank you so much for your help!!! You are amazing!!! Keep going!!! ~Maryam

Suzanne16 June 2020

The videos are outdated, there is information about completing the sentences which are not necessary for the new SATs. Most of the english example question that were discussed were too easy, and the math problems were too hard and poorly explained.

Alexander26 September 2016

Good tips, I always pause the video for a little bit to see if I can get it right and if i don't i make sure I pay extra attention to the type of question it is and how he found the answer


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