SAP Basis Essential Training

Everything you need to know about SAP Basis. System admin, configuration, security, monitor: Everything is included!

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SAP Basis Essential Training
3.5 hours
Jan 2021
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What you will learn

Become an expert in SAP Basis (no prior SAP knowledge is required)

Decide which type of SAP Basis work best fits your goals and expertise

Understand the SAP Basis team roles and responsibilities

Start and stop SAP ERP system

How system configuration works

How system monitoring and troubleshooting works

How database administration works

How user administration works

How to manage background jobs

How output management works

How RFC (Remote Function Call) works


Master an advanced skillset in the area of SAP Basis foundation to land 6-figure job (*based on Glassdoor statistics) with practical experience during real life examples.

Hello. This is George Boyle. Welcome to SAP Basis One-on-One Foundations.

This course devoted to your absolute command of the world's most powerful business all-in-one ERP solution. As you know, the One-on-One promise is to turn you into the best basis consultant you know. Give me your time and attention, and I'll show you everything you need to know in the order you need to know it.

No crowded classroom, no scheduling conflicts. It's just you and me one-on-one, anytime that it's convenient for you to learn. Now here's how things are going to go down.

We'll begin with a look at the essentials of SAP ERP system administration, you'll find the most comprehensive fundamental information of the most important administration topics for SAP NetWeaver – Basis module.

Next, we'll explore the world of starting and stopping SAP, which allow you to follow the standard steps to switch on and off in a clustered environment.

Then, you'll learn how to configure system parameters, how to monitor system, how to manage database, and how to control user authorizations and a lot more. I'll demonstrate interesting, fun and useful demos you can do with your testing system.

This course is also a complete and comprehensive SAP Certified Basis Consultant Associate training program - C_TADM55A_75 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - System Administration. It is designed to prepare the student to be able to take and pass the certification exam needed to become certified.

The lectures are designed to be interactive, easily consumable through hands-on and demo-rich formats to give you the whole picture by putting the different function modules together.

You'll see many tips and tricks, plus a few surprises. Please join me, as together you and I explore the exciting world of SAP Basis.

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SAP Basis Fundamentals.
Basis Fundamentals-Facilitating your Learning
Most Commonly Used Transaction Codes For SAP Basis Consultants
Further Reading
Start and Stop SAP
Learning the Steps of starting SAP System
How to start the SAP system
Learning to Check System Start Log
Making System shutdown preparation
How to Stop the SAP system
Further Reading
System Configuration
Getting Started with Work Process and Operation Mode
Mastering to Create Instance
Learning to Create Operation Mode
How to Define Work Process Distribution
Configuring a time allocation for operation modes
What's included in profile parameters
Working with profile parameters
Further Reading
System Monitoring and Troubleshooting
What's CCMS Alert Monitor and its Structure
Displaying alerts with the CCMS Alert Monitor
Checking Open Alerts
Creating a New Monitor Set
Adding a Monitor to a Monitor Set
Deleting a Monitor from a Monitor Set
Changing Alert Threshold Values
Introducing System Trace Options
Checking System Log via SM21
What's Dump Analysis
How to analyze ABAP dumps
Getting to Know the Concept of System Trace
Turning on System Trace
What's Performance Trace
How does performance trace work
What's Developer Trace
Activating Developer Trace in Your System
Why to check Application Server and Work Process
How to check application servers and work processes
Having a Looking at Lock Entries
Taking a Deep Dive into Lock Entries
Basic Necessity of Cancelling the Update Request
How to Cancel Update Requests
Practical Skills to Solve System Performance Issues
Further Reading
Database Fundamentals
Getting Started with Database System Architecture
Learning the Backup Concept for Database
What's is DBA Cockpit
Planning Database Tasks
Checking the DBA Planning Calendar
Checking Backup Logs
Performing a Database Analysis
Monitoring Database Performance
Further Reading
User Administration
Introducing Users in the SAP Environment
Setting Up New Users
What is User Group
Creating a User Group
Handling Mass User Changes
Taking a Look at Authorization Management
How Authorization Check Process Works
Getting to Know Authorization Objects
Mastering the Concept of Authorization Roles
Creating a Single Role
What are Authorization Profiles
Displaying Authorization Profiles
Getting Started with Central user administration
Further Reading
Schedule Background Tasks
What is Background Processing
Key Job Elements-Job Steps, Job Class and Job User ID
Introducing Start Criteria and Status for a Job
Scheduling a Job in Your System
How to Monitor a Job
Further Reading
Output Management
Exploring the Printing Principals in SAP Environment
How Local Printing Works
How Remote Printing Works
How Front-end Printing Works
Setting up Front-end Printers
Setting up Remote Printers
What's Logical spool server and How it Works
Setting up the Spool Servers
Introduction to Transport Print Landscape
Transporting Output Devices
Outputting Data in the System
How to Manage Spool and Output Requests
Learning to Maintain Spool Database
Output Management Last Job-Deleting Old Spool Request
Further Reading
System Maintenance
Starting System Maintenance From Fundamentals
Introducing the Tool of Downloading Support Packages
Determining the System's Current Support Package Level
Finding Support Packages in SAP Support Portal
How to Download Support Package
Exploring Update Process Itself-Kernel Update
Getting to Know SPAM and SAINT Update
Applying the SPAM and SAINT Update
Learning Add-On Installation Tool
Taking a Deep Dive into SAP Kernel
Further Reading
RFC Connections
What is Remote Function Call and How it Works
Setting Up RFC Connections
Further Reading
Course keynotes
11 November 2021
I am new to SAP. I haven't yet completed the course but and through half of it. && This course is really very easy and helpful! Thanks to the Instructor! Lots of love and success!
8 November 2021
Great information, but it seems like this is for an older version of SAP apps some newer functions are not same as what is in the views shared.
2 November 2021
This course is perfect for a complete beginner, George explains the SAP concepts in a very easy to understand manner and the demos are very helpful. To be honest, I like this course more than the courses on the SAP learining hub. However, some videos get cut off a bit to early, I think, which means I miss the last part of the last sentence.
14 October 2021
I'm an employee in textile industry and my duty is planning the productions. I made much more works with different programs. This course is best for this job!
13 October 2021
slides need improvment as a lot of explantation without showing it on the slides to follow and focus more
27 August 2021
Was good .. instead of short videos a long video with multiple part will be good .. Anyway Good job :) !!
18 August 2021
I am so glad to have this course. i wasn't expect it will be like this but you are great Guys. i cant wait to complete and start another Course
25 July 2021
Excelente los recursos que nos permiten utilizar, gracias por compartir sus conocimientos, excelente maestro
23 July 2021
Thank You. The training is outstanding, from principle to process flow to the transaction. It showcases flawless how to master SAP.
20 July 2021
Best Course for SAP BASIS beginners and who want to start their Carrier as SAP BASIS consultant and also to people working as SAP Security consultant. Also must go through course for all SAP users.
7 July 2021
From the moment I attended my SAP class I was in a comfort level that I had never been in before in a classroom. This made learning so much fun and a lot easier for me. I really love the fact that my instructo
7 July 2021
Some of the reference material is old (2012) and SAP Architecture has moved on from that quiet a bit...Needs an update.
1 July 2021
the lectures were a bit fast paced. often made me feel it was only skimming through the topics without much explanation.
28 June 2021
Loving all the step-by-step demonstrations of how to set up and cancel different function/users. It gives a very detailed walk-through with detailed explanation which helps to understand the concepts really well!!
24 June 2021
This is a great course for anyone looking to get a job in SAP Basis. I am in the mid of the course and I am loving it.


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