SAP Basis Essential Training

Everything you need to know about SAP Basis. System admin, configuration, security, monitor: Everything is included!

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SAP Basis Essential Training



3.5 hours


Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Become an expert in SAP Basis (no prior SAP knowledge is required)

Decide which type of SAP Basis work best fits your goals and expertise

Understand the SAP Basis team roles and responsibilities

Start and stop SAP ERP system

How system configuration works

How system monitoring and troubleshooting works

How database administration works

How user administration works

How to manage background jobs

How output management works

How RFC (Remote Function Call) works


Master an advanced skillset in the area of SAP Basis foundation to land 6-figure job (*based on Glassdoor statistics) with practical experience during real life examples.

Hello. This is George Boyle. Welcome to SAP Basis One-on-One Foundations.

This course devoted to your absolute command of the world's most powerful business all-in-one ERP solution. As you know, the One-on-One promise is to turn you into the best basis consultant you know. Give me your time and attention, and I'll show you everything you need to know in the order you need to know it.

No crowded classroom, no scheduling conflicts. It's just you and me one-on-one, anytime that it's convenient for you to learn. Now here's how things are going to go down.

We'll begin with a look at the essentials of SAP ERP system administration, you'll find the most comprehensive fundamental information of the most important administration topics for SAP NetWeaver – Basis module.

Next, we'll explore the world of starting and stopping SAP, which allow you to follow the standard steps to switch on and off in a clustered environment.

Then, you'll learn how to configure system parameters, how to monitor system, how to manage database, and how to control user authorizations and a lot more. I'll demonstrate interesting, fun and useful demos you can do with your testing system.

This course is also a complete and comprehensive SAP Certified Basis Consultant Associate training program - C_TADM55A_75 - SAP Certified Technology Associate - System Administration. It is designed to prepare the student to be able to take and pass the certification exam needed to become certified.

The lectures are designed to be interactive, easily consumable through hands-on and demo-rich formats to give you the whole picture by putting the different function modules together.

You'll see many tips and tricks, plus a few surprises. Please join me, as together you and I explore the exciting world of SAP Basis.




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Free gift worth $199

SAP Basis Fundamentals.

Basis Fundamentals-Facilitating your Learning

Most Commonly Used Transaction Codes For SAP Basis Consultants

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Start and Stop SAP

Learning the Steps of starting SAP System

How to start the SAP system

Learning to Check System Start Log

Making System shutdown preparation

How to Stop the SAP system

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System Configuration

Getting Started with Work Process and Operation Mode

Mastering to Create Instance

Learning to Create Operation Mode

How to Define Work Process Distribution

Configuring a time allocation for operation modes

What's included in profile parameters

Working with profile parameters

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System Monitoring and Troubleshooting

What's CCMS Alert Monitor and its Structure

Displaying alerts with the CCMS Alert Monitor

Checking Open Alerts

Creating a New Monitor Set

Adding a Monitor to a Monitor Set

Deleting a Monitor from a Monitor Set

Changing Alert Threshold Values

Introducing System Trace Options

Checking System Log via SM21

What's Dump Analysis

How to analyze ABAP dumps

Getting to Know the Concept of System Trace

Turning on System Trace

What's Performance Trace

How does performance trace work

What's Developer Trace

Activating Developer Trace in Your System

Why to check Application Server and Work Process

How to check application servers and work processes

Having a Looking at Lock Entries

Taking a Deep Dive into Lock Entries

Basic Necessity of Cancelling the Update Request

How to Cancel Update Requests

Practical Skills to Solve System Performance Issues

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Database Fundamentals

Getting Started with Database System Architecture

Learning the Backup Concept for Database

What's is DBA Cockpit

Planning Database Tasks

Checking the DBA Planning Calendar

Checking Backup Logs

Performing a Database Analysis

Monitoring Database Performance

Further Reading


User Administration

Introducing Users in the SAP Environment

Setting Up New Users

What is User Group

Creating a User Group

Handling Mass User Changes

Taking a Look at Authorization Management

How Authorization Check Process Works

Getting to Know Authorization Objects

Mastering the Concept of Authorization Roles

Creating a Single Role

What are Authorization Profiles

Displaying Authorization Profiles

Getting Started with Central user administration

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Schedule Background Tasks

What is Background Processing

Key Job Elements-Job Steps, Job Class and Job User ID

Introducing Start Criteria and Status for a Job

Scheduling a Job in Your System

How to Monitor a Job

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Output Management

Exploring the Printing Principals in SAP Environment

How Local Printing Works

How Remote Printing Works

How Front-end Printing Works

Setting up Front-end Printers

Setting up Remote Printers

What's Logical spool server and How it Works

Setting up the Spool Servers

Introduction to Transport Print Landscape

Transporting Output Devices

Outputting Data in the System

How to Manage Spool and Output Requests

Learning to Maintain Spool Database

Output Management Last Job-Deleting Old Spool Request

Further Reading


System Maintenance

Starting System Maintenance From Fundamentals

Introducing the Tool of Downloading Support Packages

Determining the System's Current Support Package Level

Finding Support Packages in SAP Support Portal

How to Download Support Package

Exploring Update Process Itself-Kernel Update

Getting to Know SPAM and SAINT Update

Applying the SPAM and SAINT Update

Learning Add-On Installation Tool

Taking a Deep Dive into SAP Kernel

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RFC Connections

What is Remote Function Call and How it Works

Setting Up RFC Connections

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Course keynotes


Siddhesh18 March 2021

Best SAP course !! This course clears all basic concepts of SAP !! Very helpful. I enjoyed this course.. I will definitely recommend this to my friends !!

Gaurav28 February 2021

From the start onwards expected to explain without System settings, as that knowledge is not necessary

Ademilson22 February 2021

Curso bem prático mas para quem nunca teve contato com o SAP como eu, pode ter dificuldades de compreensão no início.

Richard19 February 2021

I am an SAP newbie - and this course just seemed so "matter of fact" - marching through. Hard for me to connect dots and understand relationship/principals.

Nickolaj17 February 2021

NO info what so ever on how to download sap "how to setup test server" etc... - in no place does this course say that it aims for "working" people. i am a Newcomer to this system and want to learn the ins and outs to stand better on the jobmarket and thus far this is not helpful

Jayakumar16 February 2021

I started learning SAP on my Own intrest and finally found this course. This course is helping me to learn the course from the scratch . The teacher is giving each explanation very clear and understandable . I am happy that I chose this course .

Turgay9 February 2021

It's seems a great course for new people who wants to learn SAP Basis. Besides the knowledge, the speaker's english accent is really good and understandable.

Aravind27 January 2021

Being a complete Novice in SAP,this course has completely helped to me learn about SAP with ease and made me confident enough to apply the concept at work place.Special mention to Mr George for explaining about SAP with so much conviction and helping me to enjoy the course

Samuel14 January 2021

Wow, George your course is amazing, although i have not finished it, but the ones i have gone through is pretty insightful. Thanks for the wonderful course.

Anas14 January 2021

this course this course was really awesome and so much informative that I could not expect so much of information in a single course please check out guys this course

Ogheneochuko10 January 2021

So far, I have learnt the architectural layout of SAP and what's involved in a seamless startup of the SAP system.

İbrahim31 December 2020

I believe that the SAP One-on-One Foundation course is so effective. Even if I am at the beginning of the course, it added me lots of values. Because of I am accepted and work for SAP Young Professional Program, the all knowledge that is acquired until now in this course is significant. I integrate the Young Professional Program of SAP and Udemy One-on-One course. So that, this course makes me feel more comfortable, self-confident, and learned. Thanks for all your efforts...

Wannaku31 December 2020

I think this is very important course for both students and employees. Your teachings are fantastic. Good Luck

Lot30 December 2020

George is eloquent, and explains the processes thoroughly, as a novice I have already a better understanding of SAP. Great work

Bengi25 December 2020

SAP has a very important place in today's world and I want to continue my career as a SAP Consultant. Everything we need to know about SAP Basis is well explained in this course. Thank you for this course.


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