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Salesforce Integration with Heroku

Salesforce Integration with Heroku using Heroku connect, Salesforce Connect and Web Service callouts

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Mar 2018

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What you will learn

Students will be able to install, deploy applications on Heroku

Students will be able to integrate applications running on Heroku with applications running on Force.com platform

Students will gain knowledge on Salesforce Connect, Heroku connect, WebServices callouts

Students will learn about External objects

Students will learn about creating relationships between Standard objects and External objects


In this course, we will learn about different integration methods available to connect applications running on Force platform with external systems such as Heroku Connect, Salesforce Connect and WebService Callouts.

In this course we will learn about Data Replication and Data proxy. This course is divided into three main sections in which we cover Heroku Connect, Salesforce Connect and WebService callouts in detail.

We will start with creating an account on Heroku and then we will deploy an external PhoneChange application and we will integrate with Salesforce application using Heroku Connect. We will also provision Postgres database for our app.  We will see how to provision the app for local development.

In the second section, we will explore Salesforce Connect. We will start with installing warehouse application on force platform and then we will integration with external system using Salesforce Connect. In Salesforce connect, we map  external objects to the tables in the external system. We will cover external objects, different types of relationship that you create with external and standard objects. 

In the third section, we will talk about web service callouts. We will create Rest Webservice to call the external system and update the records on the salesforce object.

All these topics are not covered in any other Salesforce course out there. This course is complete hands on  and you will working along with me throughout this course.


Salesforce Integration with Heroku
Salesforce Integration with Heroku
Salesforce Integration with Heroku
Salesforce Integration with Heroku


Salesforce Heroku Method Integration Overview :Data Replication and Data Proxy

Introduction to the course

Salesforce Heroku Integration Overview

What is heroku and how does it work?

How to create heroku account and Salesforce Developer Account?

Review for the course

Salesforce heroku integration Methods Overview: Data Replication and Data Proxy

10 Salesforce Extensions That Will Make You Salesforce Expert

Salesforce Integration with Heroku through Data Proxy

Overview of salesforce heroku integration methods

Integration using Heroku Connect

How to deploy app on Heroku?

How to add heroku add on: postgres and Heroku Connect?

Setting up Heroku Connect

Install heroku toolbelt and node js on windows

Running Heroku app locally

heroku git clone repository and making changes to the application for re-deploy

Commit and push changes to heroku app

Integration using Salesforce Connect

Overview of Salesforce Connect

When to use Salesforce connect?

Setting up Salesforce Connect

Create a new External Data Source

Salesforce connect adapters

Creating a tab for external object to access data

Types of Relationship in External Object

External object relationships: Lookup Relationship, External Lookup and Indirect

How to create external lookup relationship in salesforce?

View the external data

Overview of Indirect Lookup Relationship

Creating Indirect Lookup relationship between External and Standard object

Enable Chatter for External Data

View External data on Mobile using Salesforce1

Webservice Callouts

Webservice callouts in Salesforce

Installing app in Salesforce

Create Heroku app from existing repository

Salesforce Remote Site Settings

APEX webservice and callouts

Invoking callouts using APEX

Create an Integration Class

Test @future method

Create a Trigger to Call the @future Method


Bonus Lecture: Discount Coupon codes to other courses


Rishabh19 May 2020

https://login.salesforce.com/packaging/installPackage.apexp?p0=04ti0000000Pi7P. -- Not Available, Unable to Practice WebService Callouts

Anchal11 May 2020

Many lectures are not fully covered. For ex. I guess Lecture 38 was probably the most important lecture of the course and it was cut-short. I see few people asked for the code but haven't see the reply yet.

Will26 July 2019

The course goes over the tools that you can buy from Salesforce to do integrations but only gives one real example of an integration class and that class is not even fully fleshed out. Also only goes over POST, not GET, PATCH etc. Don't waste your time if you are looking for real integration development knowledge.

Goon23 June 2019

No hay explicaciones claras, en el paso a paso faltan muchas lineas de código. Además de usar una versión deprecada de salesforce y del mismo curso, deberían actualizar o dar de baja este curso. There are no clear explanations, in the guides missing code lines.In addition to using a deprecated version of the same course, you should update or download this course.

George1 February 2019

Lots of basic stuff, exercise misses some parts, especially salesforce callout part, and salesforce web service is totally missed.

Pk24 January 2019

This course is exactly same as free trailhead https://trailhead.salesforce.com/en/content/learn/modules/salesforce_heroku_integration I would have gained more if there is anything more than what is on trailhead. Or it would have helped if that was mentioned in description of the course.

K8 August 2018

I have purchased this course to understand how heroku can be used with Salesforce, but out of many options provded by heroku only one option "Heroku Connect" is expalined and unnecessary Webservices with explaination of what is Remote setting and other basic webservice concepts explained in detail rather than Heroku. Not satisfied as the content expalined in this course on heroku is available on youtube. Also example on integration in the ending session is incomplete. I was expecting to gain knowledge on Heroku Postgress and its integration with salesforce and other concepts like Dynos. Hope those concepts will be added in future

AGNES24 November 2017

Not super professional, from a sound and image perspectives. Too many short tutorials, they should be more clustered.

Tamara13 November 2017

The instructor gives very clear, step-by-step instructions and lays out the course content and overall purpose very well. I look forward to completing the rest of the course!

Raajeshpbe22 October 2017

I did not have previous experience in salesforce integration and this course is easy to follow and understand the various integration options available from salesforce to external system.

David14 October 2017

Over all a good "Get up to speed quickly" tutorial, however sometimes the videos are cut short - in mid sentence at the end. You're left feeling like you're missing something key from the video. The over use of the term "Go Ahead" quickly becomes annoying. I would recommend coming up with several "Go To phrases" and pepper them throughout the lecture when needed. To be fair, this is my fifth or sixth video of Deepka's and it's has improved greatly. English is not her native language and I wouldn't be any better under those circumstances. Despite their over use, I still find her videos/tutorials very helpful. The handwritten notes are illegible, so the PowerPoint slides were a welcome change. I hope she continues and makes use of the PowerPoint slides.

Avineesh8 September 2017

Course is very helpful. It's will be great if we could add some more basic from creating a basic app in local and deploy to heroku then do the further changes as shown in video. Overall it's good.

Mayur1 August 2017

Few topics are not properly explained, only definition about the topic is not enough to understand. Eg: Downloading the heroku toolbelt, we are getting CLI version and not working in command prompt.

Andre16 February 2017

I haven't seen anything about integrating yet. Concepts of integration seem like beginner course type material. Hoping the rest of the course has some hands on work.

Olivia14 November 2016

Thoroughly impressed with the course content and delivery. So far tremendous information, would like some more interactivity, but there isn't much to interact with at this point, just solid info presented clearly and concisely.


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