Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant -101 level course

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Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant -101 level course
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May 2024
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What you will learn

Demonstrate a thorough understanding of Data Cloud's function, key terminology, and its overall business value.

Identify and analyze typical use cases for Data Cloud, aligning them with specific organizational needs and objectives.

Articulate the complete Data Cloud lifecycle, including dependencies, to ensure effective and efficient utilization.

Apply the principles of data ethics in decision-making and operations within the Data Cloud environment.

Apply Data Cloud permissions, permission sets, and org-wide settings proficiently in diverse scenarios.

Configure data stream types, data bundles, and data spaces based on specific organizational requirements.

Efficiently manage and administer Data Cloud using reports, dashboards, flows, packaging, and data kits.

Diagnose and explore data using Data Explorer, Profile Explorer, and APIs for troubleshooting and exploration purposes.

Identify and apply different transformation capabilities within Data Cloud, ensuring optimal data ingestion and modeling practices.

Understand and apply identity resolution processes, including matching and reconciliation, and effectively use activations, attributes, and related attributes..

Why take this course?

🚀 **Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant - 101 Level Course** 🎓 --- ### **Course Headline:** Salesforce Data Consultant - Master the Data Cloud with Our 101 Level Course! --- ### **Unlock Your Potential in Salesforce Data Cloud** Embark on an enlightening journey with our **Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant - 101 Level Course (Exam Preparation Course)**. This masterful course is meticulously crafted to introduce participants to the world of Salesforce Data Cloud, where you will gain a solid foundation in data consulting within the Salesforce ecosystem. --- ### **Course Overview:** This course is your gateway to understanding Salesforce Data Cloud's intricate functions, key terminology, and its pivotal role in leveraging business value. You'll explore typical use cases and articulate the Data Cloud lifecycle, along with its dependencies. Additionally, you'll learn about data ethics and how to apply them effectively in real-world scenarios. ### **Key Topics:** 1. **Solution Overview:** - Deep dive into Data Cloud's capabilities, use cases, and the lifecycle. - Understand the principles of data ethics and their practical application. 2. **Data Cloud Setup and Administration:** - Master the setup, including permissions, permission sets, and org-wide settings. - Configure data streams, bundles, and spaces optimally for your needs. - Efficiently manage Data Cloud using reports, dashboards, flows, packaging, and data kits. 3. **Data Ingestion and Modeling:** - Discover the transformation capabilities within Data Cloud. - Learn best practices for ingesting data from diverse sources. - Map and model data to meet identity resolution requirements. 4. **Identity Resolution:** - Grasp the concepts of matching and rule sets in identity resolution. - Learn how to reconcile data effectively and explore use cases. 5. **Segmentation and Insights:** - Define segmentation, its uses, and how to analyze segment membership. - Configure and maintain segments within Data Cloud for optimal performance. - Differentiate between calculated and streaming insights for a comprehensive understanding. 6. **Act on Data:** - Understand the concept of activations and their basic use cases. - Utilize attributes and related attributes to drive actionable data. - Analyze timing dependencies affecting the Data Cloud lifecycle and troubleshoot activation issues. --- ### **Course Structure:** This course is divided into six major modules, each focusing on a critical aspect of Salesforce Data Cloud: 1. 🌏 **Unveiling the Data Cloud Landscape** - Introduction to the Salesforce Data Cloud and its components. 2. 🧰 **Mastering the Control Center: Data Cloud Setup and Governance** - Setting up and managing the Data Cloud environment. 3. 🎨 **Crafting the Data Tapestry: Ingestion and Modeling in Data Cloud** - Techniques for ingesting and modeling data effectively. 4. 🔍 **Harmony in Data: Navigating Identity Resolution within Data Cloud** - Identifying and resolving identity challenges. 5. 📊 **Beyond Clusters: Crafting Insights through Segmentation in Data Cloud** - Segmentation strategies for actionable insights. 6. 🚀 **Data Dynamics: Activating Insights and Driving Action in Data Cloud** - How to activate and act upon the insights generated by Data Cloud. 7. ✅ **Practice Test** - A comprehensive test designed to reinforce your learning with a focus on scoring above 70% to prepare you for the actual Salesforce certification exam. --- ### **Why Enroll?** This course is not just about passing an exam; it's about truly understanding and mastering the use of Salesforce Data Cloud as a consultant. You'll learn from real-world scenarios and best practices, ensuring you are well-prepared to handle complex data challenges within the Salesforce ecosystem. ### **Your Next Steps:** If you're eager to transform your career and become a proficient Salesforce Data Consultant, this is the course for you. 🌟 Enroll today and take the first step towards mastering Salesforce Data Cloud! Good luck, and thank you for choosing this journey with us. Let's unlock your potential together! 🚀 --- ### **Enrollment Details:** To enroll in this course, simply follow the registration link provided. Upon completion of the course, you will be equipped with the knowledge and skills necessary to excel as a Salesforce Data Consultant and to pass the Salesforce Certified Data Cloud Consultant exam with flying colors!


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February 20, 2024
Course is just the instructor talking about broad themes and stories about data and data cloud but the course is marketed as a tool to help you gain a robust understanding of data cloud and helping you prep for you certification.



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