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Salesforce Administrator Certification Course

Learn how to perform Salesforce Administration with awesome examples and pass your certification exam

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

You will be able to Pass !!! Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam easily

Comprehensive curriculum to give you an in-depth understanding of Salesforce Administration

Would be able to work as Salesforce Administrator that Pays an average salary of $7000!!! per month



Recent 5 Star Reviews & Comments :


Comment 1:  .!! Great Course; very knowledgeable instructor; good walk through of each example in detail. Plus, 950+ practice exam questions!!!

Comment 2 : !!Its was really great i enrolled for this course, outstanding and in-depth explanation.. Thanks to this...!!

Comment 3 : !!Yes the most striking part of the class is diving straight into the deep waters rather than beating around the bush. Quite exciting to learn the most sought after skill set , and its fun too. Thanks for the great experience...!!

Comment 4 : !!Thank you , course is easy and clear to understand...!!


Salesforce Admins are high in Demand and by learning from this course you will be able to Pass Salesforce Administrator Certification Exam very easily and get a job that pays very well.

you don't require any specific skill set to learn this course and you just need a Computer/Laptop with Internet connection.

Below are the topics we covered in this course :

  • Salesforce Terminology and Icons.

  • How Salesforce Organizes the data.

  • Salesforce App,Standard Objects and Custom Objects.

  • Creating and Managing Users.

  • Salesforce OWD and Security features like Object level Access,

  • Permission Sets, Record Access, Record Access Via Sharing Rules and Record Types.

  • How Sales Process works in Salesforce?

  • Data Management using Data Loader & Workflow Automation.

  • Reports and Dashboards and Much more !!!

In just few weeks you will be become an expert in Salesforce administration if you go through the entire course


Salesforce Administrator Certification Course
Salesforce Administrator Certification Course
Salesforce Administrator Certification Course
Salesforce Administrator Certification Course


Getting Started

Introduction & Course Overview

What is Salesforce?

How Salesforce Organizes The Data

How to Signup for a free Salesforce Developer edition license

Salesforce Terminology & Basic Navigation

Organization Setup Overview

User Setup in Salesforce

Salesforce Applications/Standard Objects/Custom Objects

What is Salesforce Application?

What are Objects in Salesforce?

Salesforce Standard Objects/Custom Objects/Custom Fields

Types of Object Relationships in Salesforce

Student's Mandatory Practice Tasks

Salesforce Security Features/Visibility and Data Access

Different Layers of access control in Salesforce

Setting up Organization Level Access

Object Level Access

Organization Wide Defaults (OWDs)

Roles & Role Hierarchy

Record Access Via Sharing Rules

Record Types

How to create Field Dependency

Creating & Assigning Permission Sets

Salesforce Automation & Data Management

How to Create WorkFlows?

Data Management Using Data loader

Data Import Wizard

Workbench for Data Management

Data Management Tips

Salesforce Sales Process

Sales Process Overview

Campaign Management

Lead Management

Web to Lead Process

Opportunity management & Price book

Salesforce SERVICE & SUPPORT Process


Case Management

Email to Case

Web to Case

Solution Management

Salesforce Communities

Salesforce Communities Study Guide

Salesforce Reports & Dashboards

Tabular Report

Summary Report

How to Add Chart to your Report

How to use Bucket Fields

Matrix Report

Joined Report

Study Material & Practice Questions for Certification

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 1

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 2

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 3

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 4

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 5

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 6

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 7

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 8

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 9

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 10

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 11

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 12

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 13

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 14

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 15

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 16

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 17

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 18

Salesforce Admin Practice Exam 19


Ravendra17 October 2020

it seems instructor is more like exploring the SF himself rather than making prepare for certification

Dora14 August 2020

the salesforce version used in this course is old and It really doesn't help much. I was practicing on salesforce developer and it is completely different. I had to stop your video constantly and teach myself with Salesforce developer site. ugh! Is that why your offering such discount on this courses? Not fair!

Darlene18 July 2020

So far, the course is reminding me of what I learned through SalesForce's free training. The instructor makes it much easier to understand with his explanations. Great learning experience

Sanghamitra30 April 2020

Well explained. Can we also get instructions in a pdf format as well as provided for other Udemy Courses

Jeremy25 April 2020

Much of the narrative consists ; of "this is what the screen looks like", "you can see there are checkboxes here", "you can read the comments here" Frequently we wait watching a screen load with comments like, "and you can see the screen is loading:. There are very few tips. or lists of essential points. The content seems to have been recorded in a kitchen, a park, and similar locations.

Hemendu4 April 2020

Good course but somehow the question that I saw in the practice exams- I am not sure if they all were covered in the lessons. Nonetheless a good course to get acquainted with Salesforce org- very hands on.

Leigh3 April 2020

10% of the content is promoting Salesforce. It's like Salesforce marketing material. The presentatin is poor with the speaker moving the mouse cursor around the screen too much. Desktop GUI in some videos is an older version of Salesforce.

Gabriele23 March 2020

Made almost for Standard version. Examples are poor and not enough deep diving into the content. 0% chance you can pass the exam by using this.

Marcel27 December 2019

Leider sind die Fragen ein bisschen alt und deswegen oft nicht mehr korrekt hier sollte man mal ein Update machen

Kevin27 November 2019

Extremely informative. Please provide more custom object examples. Can an object have 25 look up relationships or is the limit of 25 look up relationships for all objects? Is an app a collection of objects? I do not understand how the hydro app is connected to the school, facilities and class objects.

Bongeka4 November 2019

yes it was a good match i also lerned how to dashboard i can say that idid enjoy this coerse and hope that i can find job with this cerirficate

Kenneth16 September 2019

So far so good....I'm hoping the instructor switches to "Lightning" Edit --- As the course continues, it is evident that this needs updating. Screen shots/video from over 4 years ago.

Sarah28 January 2019

I like this course. I have taken others and I needed the points he hits on. I do like that he has you go through the process on your own.

Thomas18 September 2018

The teacher is brief which makes the course nice and fast, however just a little too brief and it doesn't cover about 80% of the exam. There are walkthroughs of features, however there is no description on what the features are actually used for. For example, the Matrix report video is mostly the teacher aimlessly adding and removing columns and rows, with no explanation about any situations under which you would use these features. Typically the voiceover goes "If you want to select this checkbox, you can select it, and it will be enabled". From this explanation, I know where the feature is and how to switch it on, but I have no idea why I would be doing this. If you have never used Salesforce before, this is not a good course. If you want a quick refresher on where features are located in salesforce and a decent practice exam, it is good.

Jonathan23 September 2017

Its kind of boring. Doesnt explain clearly the end point of what we will be able to do at the end of the class


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