Sales Meetings - Essential B2B Sales Skills & Selling Tools!

Convert Short B2B Sales Meetings Into Exciting Opportunities!

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Sales Meetings - Essential B2B Sales Skills & Selling Tools!
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Dec 2020
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What you will learn

How to target the right people at the right companies.

How to discover unique selling points and value proposition of your product or service.

How to prepare for the meeting, step by step guide how to maximise time with your prospect.

How to set uo your meeting objectives.

How to react to objections and handle them like a seasoned pro.

Use tools to focus on most important things during your sales process.


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Improving Lives Through Learning!


Are you a salesperson, business developer or an entrepreneur?

Do you want to become more successful and bring more sales to your organisation?

Would you rather say that your current results are not really consistent enough?

If you want to start bringing consistent business results and drive your business goals to the next level you came to the right place.

By enrolling this course you will gain new skills and knowledge that will enable you to:

  1. Gain new customers, better customers, the right customers;

  2. Save a ton of time while doing this.

  3. Succeed more and earn more.

I would like to tell you right off the bat that this course is a perfect fit for you if:

  1. You offer products and services and you would like to better handle your sales meetings

  2. Customer objections are giving you a headache and you would like to address them better

  3. Your prospects lean towards your competitors offers too often

  4. You have tough times to figure out what your prospects really want from you

  5. You spend way too much time on wrong prospects and you want to verify them better

  6. You still looking for the right balance between enough amount of details about your products and features during your calls and meetings

  7. You often receive no answer after you submit your offer

  8. You want to find out the best practices for Sales Meetings that will bring you closer to Closed Won Opportunity.

On the other hand, you should skip this course if you:

  1. Sell of the shelf products and you do not customise your approach towards customers

  2. You have a ton of great customers that contribute to your chunky paycheck every month

  3. You already have a winning Sales Meeting process that always works

  4. You are a successful person that brings consistent sales results!

I have designed this course to deliver bite sized content in just the right chunks for your convenience.

Thanks to this online course you will be able to gain new customers and save a lot of time while reaching out. I will share with you my process on how to approach sales meetings to maximise your chances to succeed.

Check out other preview videos to find out if this is the right material for you, but I am certain you will like it.

See you in the first lecture!



Promotional Video
Course Introduction
Course Overview - What To Expect


Preparations - About This Section
Value Proposition
Know Your Product
Customer Persona
Preparations - Check Your Knowledge

Before The Meeting

Before The Meeting - About This Section
Research The Company
Research People That You Meet
Meeting Agenda Planning
Plan Your Questions
10 Seconds Before Your Call
Outreach Process
Before The Meeting - Check Your Knowledge

The Meeting

The Meeting - About This Section
The Speed Backlash
Be Indispensable
Objection Handling
Enaging Discussion
We Just Clicked!
Follow Up
During The Meeting - Test Your Knowledge

Bonus Section

Bonus1: Ask For Close (Closing Techniques)
What Is Next?


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November 27, 2020
I would recommend this course. I believe Pawel has a strong knowledge of the topic at hand and covers some great point on how to get the most out of your sales conversations. Looking forward to seeing more courses!
November 19, 2020
Pawel is a clear and articulate instructor that sets realistic, concrete expectations about the course, and delivers with an approachable, practical experience grounded curriculum. Really excited to continue with the course and put these strategies and tactics to work!
November 18, 2020
Great course! Fundament of having great sales meetings. My own experience suggests that there could more topics addressed but I am sure that Pawel will develop this course and fill in the gaps. Amazing work!



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