Learn How To Create A Safe Working Environment For Your Team

Improve your team's environment by protecting them from conflict, accepting failure and encouraging a supportive culture


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Apr 2021

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What you will learn

How you can protect your team from outside interference and issues that might distract them from doing their work

The importance of a psychologically safe environment, within which teams feel supported and protected

Practical steps to set up a safe working environment for your team to be successful and more productive

Improve the quality and safety of a team environment by investing yourself in the people and their future

How competing interests and "politics" can derail a team if they are blamed and need to defend themselves

The importance of creating a team culture that embraces failure rather than fears it or tries to avoid it

How failures can be stepping stones to greater success if teams are given a chance to learn from their mistakes

Don't be neutral in conflict; get into the detail of disagreements about your team's work so you can argue with substance

Be a layer of insulation around your team by understanding what defines the environment and what role you need to play

Encourage and support a unique, self-identifying team culture that reinforces safety and positive interaction

Create opportunities and safe space for experimentation, creativity and innovation

Talk about failure in ways that reinforces how it should be embraced rather than feared

Get requirements into your team as early as possible so they can be as agile as possible

Become a "heat shield" for your team and absorb the heat that comes from external conflict and politics around the team

Use your language to affirm your team as much as possible so that they know you will back them in public and in private

Take risk in supporting a team that doesn't have a track record and needs the space to perform even if they haven't earned it

Ensure that the correct amount of work comes into your team environment so that the team is set up for success

Ensure the right people are on the team or available to the team as additional skills and capacity that they need

Actively develop a team culture that encourages and supports how the team want to work to be successful


Are you trying to improve your team's success despite lots of conflict and organisational issues around them? Do you wish you had practical steps that can help you insulate them from all the politics? Do you just need some practical steps about what you can do to protect your team from outside interference so that they can get on with their job?

In this course you will learn practical ways in which you can improve the psychological safety of your team environment. Learn from international best practice research about why this matters and how you can achieve your goals. This course is geared towards giving you the tools and insights you need in the following ways:

  • One on one lessons that are engaging and insightful to help you achieve the learning outcomes

  • Wipeboard lessons that provide an overview of key lessons and insights so you get the bigger picture

  • An assignment that brings it all together and gives you a chance to put it all into practice

  • Handy worksheets that give you a how-to guide and a reference for the critical lessons and insights

  • A learning pathway through the course in logical sections and lessons that consecutively build your confidence and skill level

This course is the result of a study of agile teams around the world as well as the experience I have gained in running small teams and projects for over 20 years. You'll get the practical lessons and insights you need to improve your team environment and help your team be more successful.

I look forward to seeing you in the lessons.


Learn How To Create A Safe Working Environment For Your Team
Learn How To Create A Safe Working Environment For Your Team
Learn How To Create A Safe Working Environment For Your Team
Learn How To Create A Safe Working Environment For Your Team



Introduction To Learn How To Create A Safe Working Environment For Your Team

Wipeboard Lesson: Safe Teams Need Insulation, Heat Shield, Embrace Failure

Introduce Yourself To Your Fellow Students And Tell Us What You Want To Learn

Learn About Team Psychological Safety In Google's Research Into It's Own Teams

Learn Leadership Principles & Practices To Create A Safe Team Environment

Be A Leader That Embraces Failure & Creates A Culture Of Continuous Improvement

Be A Shield That Absorbs "Heat" From The "War Zone" Around Your Team Environment

Create A Layer Of Insulation Around Your Team Environment To Ensure Safety

Assignment: Put What You Have Learnt Into Practice - How To Create Safe Teams

Learn From My International Research Into Agile Teams In 5 Different Continents

[Optional Lesson] Learn About How & Why I Did My PhD Research On Agile Teams


Bonus Lecture

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