Root Cause Analysis and the 8D Problem Solving Bootcamp

Four approaches for permanent and effective corrective actions | Includes FMEA, VSM and Seven Basic Quality Tools

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Jan 2021

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What you will learn

Perform the root cause analysis to eliminate the problem permanently

Choose the right tool for the root cause analysis

Learn about more than 40 tools that can be used for problem solving

Proven problem solving approaches

Taking permanent corrective actions, so that the problem does not come back again.

Templates are included in the course.


In this course I will cover four broad strategies or approaches for Root Cause Analysis (RCA) and problem-solving:

1. Five Why's

2. Cause and Effect Diagram

3. A3 Problem Solving Approach

4. Eight Disciplines or 8D Problem Solving Approach

Depending upon the complexity of the problem you can choose one of these approaches.

While taking these approaches, there are many tools and techniques which could be applied. I will cover many such tools, for example:

1. Seven Basic Quality Tools (Cause and Effect Analysis, Flow Chart, Check Sheet, Pareto Chart, Scatter Plot, Control Charts and Histograms)

2. Descriptive Statistics (Mean, Mode, Median, Range and Standard Deviation)

3. Graphs and Charts (Box and Whisker Plot, Individual Value Plot, Bar Chart, Pie Chart, Bubble Chart, Matrix Plot, and Time Series)

4. Value Stream Mapping

5. Tools for D1 (Establish the Team): Team Roles, Team Stages, Conflict Management and Negative Team Behaviours

6. Tools for D2 (Describe the Problem): 5W2H, SIPOC, Gemba Walk and Stakeholder Analysis

7. Tools for D3 (Interim Containment): Identification and Traceability

8. Tools for D4 (Root Cause Analysis): Brainstorming, Nominal Group Technique and Affinity Diagram

9. Tools for D5 (Develop CA): Poka-yoke, Force Field Analysis, Control Plan and Benefit-Cost Analysis

10. Tools for D6 (Implement CA): Gantt Chart, RACI Matrix, Reports and Dashboard

11. Tools for D7 (Prevent Recurrence): FMEA


Root Cause Analysis and the 8D Problem Solving Bootcamp
Root Cause Analysis and the 8D Problem Solving Bootcamp
Root Cause Analysis and the 8D Problem Solving Bootcamp
Root Cause Analysis and the 8D Problem Solving Bootcamp



Welcome to the Root Cause Analysis Boot Camp

Four Root Cause Analysis Approaches

Problem Solving, Correction, Corrective and Preventive Actions

Download Section 1 Slides

Quiz - Section 1 - Introduction

Technique #1: Five Whys

Introduction to Five Whys

Five Whys - Theory

Five Whys - Template and Demonstration

Download Section 2 Slides

Quiz - Section 2 - Five Whys

Technique #2: Cause and Effect Analysis

Understanding the Cause and Effect Analysis (Fishbone or Ishikawa Diagram)

Cause and Effect Diagram using Excel or SigmaXL

Cause and Effect Diagram using Minitab Workspace

Download Section 3 Slides

Quiz - Section 3 - Cause and Effect Analysis

Technique #3: A3 Problem Solving Approach

A3 Problem Solving - Part 1

A3 Problem Solving - Part 2

**** Is / Is not Analysis ****

***** Seven Basic Quality Tools ***** Cause and Effect Analysis

Flow Chart [Seven Basic Quality Tools]

Flow Chart Demonstration

Check Sheet [Seven Basic Quality Tools]

Check Sheet Demonstration

Pareto Chart [Seven Basic Quality Tools]

Pareto Chart Demonstration

Scatter Plot [Seven Basic Quality Tools]

Scatter Plot Demonstration

Control Charts Part 1 [Seven Basic Quality Tools]

Control Charts Part 2 [Seven Basic Quality Tools]

Control Charts Part 3 [Seven Basic Quality Tools]

Control Charts Demonstartion [ I-MR, Xbar-R and Xbar-S Charts]

Control Charts Demonstartion [ P and NP Charts]

Control Charts Demonstartion [ C and U Charts]

Histogram [Seven Basic Quality Tools]

Histogram Demonstration

Section 4 - Quiz 1

**** Graphs and Charts **** Introduction

Measurements of Central Tendency (Mean, Mode and Median)

Measurement of Dispersion (Range, Standard Deviation and Variance)

Descriptive Statistics - Demonstration

Box and Whisker Plot

Box and Whisker Plot - Demonstration

Individual Value Plot with Demonstration

Bar Charts

Bar Charts - Demonstration

Pie Chart

Bubble Charts

Bubble Charts Demonstration

Matrix Plot with Demonstration

Time Series

Time Series Demonstration

**** Value Stream Map Introduction ****

VSM - Takt Time, VA and NVA Cycle Time

Value Stream Map Demonstration

Section 4 - Quiz 3

Download Section 4 Slides

Technique #4: 8D Problem Solving Approach

History of 8D Approach of Problem Solving

8D Approach of Problem Solving - Introduction

Problem vs Symptoms

When to use 8D approach?

** D-0 Preparation and Emergency Response **

** D-1 Selecting the Team **

Team Roles

Team Stages - Tuckman's Model

Understanding Team Conflicts

Negative Team Dynamics - Part 1

Negative Team Dynamics - Part 2

Team Action Log

Section 5 - Quiz 1

** D-2 Define the Problem **



Gemba Walk

Stakeholder Analysis

** D-3 Interim Containment **

Identification Traceability

** D-4 Root Cause Analysis **

Typical Root Causes

Tools for Root Cause Analysis


Nominal Group Technique (NGT)

Affinity Diagram

Section 5 - Quiz 2

** D-5 Develop Permanent Corrective Actions **


Force Field Analysis

Control Plan

Benefit-Cost Analysis

** D-6 Implement Corrective Actions **

Gantt Chart

Gantt Chart - Demonstration

RACI Matrix

RACI Matrix - Demonstration

Section 5 - Quiz 3

** D-7 Prevent Recurrence **

FMEA Introduction

FMEA Demonstration

** D-8 Recognize the Team **

** Summary and 8D Template **

Download Section 5 Slides

Section 5 - Quiz 4


Tungalag21 November 2020

Hi. It's amazing! I enjoyed learning these important things so easy way. Very understandable and interesting. Thank you!

Sandeep21 November 2020

This is good course to get clear understanding about the tools which are used widely nowadays for quick Root cause analysis and reporting .Concepts are explain in simple language and with practical examples.


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