Root Cause Analysis 8D Masterclass: Beginner to Advanced RCA

In-depth Root Cause Analysis, Quality Management, 8D Problem solving, Process mapping, FMEA,VSM & 7 Basic Quality Tools

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Root Cause Analysis 8D Masterclass: Beginner to Advanced RCA


5.5 hours


May 2021

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What you will learn

Over 50 Tools and downloadable resources to get you done with Root Cause Analysis RCA

Over 40 Simulated Case Studies in Quiz form

Qualitative and Simple Root Cause Analysis Tools such as 5 Why, Fishbone or Cause and Effect Diagram, Concentration diagram etc

Quantitative and Seven Basic Tools of Quality such as Histogram, Flowchart, Scatterplot, Control Charts, Pareto Analysis, etc

Step by Step approach to 8D problem solving

Learn to Select Team, Find out the problems, contain the problem, brainstorm for solution, develop permanent corrective action and preventive actions

Learn Lean and Problem solving tools such as Poka-Yoke, FMEA, VSM, A3 Analysis, RACI etc.


Quality Management Update April.2021- Additionally  Updated with new lectures as per Quality Management Certification Exams too

About Root Cause Analysis and 8D Problem Solving Masterclass

Note: This course comes with the 30-day full money back guarantee if you are not satisfied and more than 50 case studies and different tools and approaches to root cause analysis. You will also get an opportunity to learn Minitab and Excel tools related with Root Cause Analysis inside the course ! ( This is a beginner to advanced- step by step learning guide so you do not need to have prior knowledge of Minitab, Excel or RCA approaches)

  • Are you tired with all the theoretical explanations on what might have gone wrong with your process and systems and want to learn with theories combined with case studies at every lectures?

  • Are you fan of case studies, practical simulated case studies and excel templates that would make you handy to run any projects?

  • Do you want to learn the FORD motor's guide to 8D problem solving approach and use this tool to your own organizational and professional growth?

  • Do you want to get Quality Management and lean Skills for Root Cause Analysis ?

  • Do you want to learn popular root cause tools such as Five whys, pareto analysis, fishbone or ishikawa diagram, concentration diagram, cause and effect matrix etc along with the analytical tools such as Capability Studies, Control Charts and Measurement System Analysis, Preventive and Control plans, FMEA and many more?

  • Do you want to learn how lean tools such as Poka Yoke, Andon, Kanban, PDCA etc can be used to solve many organizational problems?

If your answer is 'Yes', congratulations, you have come to the right place. When I first started my own journey as a consultant and a coach, I had to face different challenges of handling each problems because handling and solving problems could have different approaches for manufacturing, services, educational, hospitality and healthcare business. But with 1 approach of Root Cause Analysis I could help all the sectors in identifying the business problems and solve the problems.

I had a hard way learning FORD's Principle and applying them in real world business field because by then, the challenges were unique to every business ecosystems. With all the pain points in mind, this course is designed in a step by step problem solving approach with case studies that suit to almost all the business sectors be it manufacturing or service related.

We will study the following Topics in this course in depth:

  1. Corrective and Preventive Actions for the Root Causes of the problem

  2. Simple Root Cause Analysis Tools such as 5 Whys and Fishbone Diagrams with Minitab and Excel

  3. Systematic Root Cause Analysis with the 8D problem solving which involves the following steps:

  • Preparation for the Root Cause Analysis

  • Team Selection for Root Cause Analysis with Brainstorming and Tools

  • Defining the problem statement

  • Containment of the problem

  • Root Cause Analysis along with seven basic tools of quality

  • Developing and Verifying the Permanent Corrective Actions

  • Implementing the Corrective Actions

  • Taking Preventive Measures and

  • Thanking the Entire team

4. Communicating pathway and documents for implementing the Root Cause Analysis

Tools used:

The course of full of various tools for Root Cause Analysis with templates, lecture handouts and Minitab practice files for many topics such as:

  • Why Analysis- explained with case study, quizzes and Excel Practice file

  • Fishbone or Ishikawa Diagram-explained with case study, quizzes and Excel Practice file

  • Tools for Team development and allocation of members for the root cause analysis project with RACI and different brainstorming tools.

  • Tools for stakeholder Analysis

  • Tools for observing the process in a bigger picture with SIPOC and In depth Value Stream Mapping Process

  • All 7 basic tools of Quality including Scatterplot, Histogram, Flowcharts, Control Charts and Pareto Analysis Etc.

  • Tools to develop and verify actions such as Force Field Analysis and Cost Benefit Analysis

  • Tools for Mistake proofing with in-depth explanation of Poka-Yoke and devices

  • Using various theories of Motivation to put the entire team in development and root cause analysis project and many more

How is this course different? What more value can this course offer me?

  1. Separate case studies at the end of each lectures to let you know the real life implications of the improvement process

  2. Quizzes to let you judge your knowledge at the end of each section.

  3. The entire course is based on theoretical + practical approach so the course consists of many case studies.

  4. As with all other udemy courses on process improvements, you get 'Udemy Certificate of Completion' at the end of the course.

  5. Responsive Instructor- I make sure that your every related queries would be solved within 48 working days thorough Q and A section or through the direct message feature available at udemy.

  6. Frequent course lectures and resources addition

  7. Any new trend in the Root Cause Analysis would be informed to the students through the monthly 'Educational Announcements'

Thank you so much. As this course comes with 30 days full money back guarantee for any unsatisfied student, there should be nothing that should be holding you from enrolling inside the course and making a promise for professional leap. I am eagerly waiting to welcome you inside the course.



Course Intro

Resources for this section

Straight to the point- what is root cause analysis ?

Corrective and Preventive Actions

What is 8D approach ?

When to use 8D approach ?

Why to use 8D approach ?

Important points for this section

Two Basic RCA tools for Immediate Use

Resources for this section

5 Why Analysis

5 Why Analysis Excel Template

Introduction to Fishbone

Fishbone Template in Excel

Going an extra mile: using minitab

Important points for this section

Phase D0: Preparation Phase

Resources for this section

D0 -Preparation Phase Intro

Which RCA project to prioritize ?

Important point for this section

Phase D1: Team Selection

D1 Team Selection Intro

Allocating members to different roles with RACI matrix

Working with Excel Template

Stages of Team Development

Team Brainstrom: Nominal Group Technique

Role of RCA facilitator I

Role of RCA facilitator II

Role of RCA facilitator III

Important points for competitive exams

Phase D2: Problem Statement and Definition

Problem Statement

Observing the bigger picture: SIPOC

Observing the problem directly on the floor

Analyzing the stakeholders

Stakeholder analysis in excel explained

Important points for competitive exams

Phase D3: Containment of the Problem


Phase D4: Root Cause Analysis

Resources for this section

D4 Introduction

Brainstorming for RCA

Brainstorming for RCA- Affinity Diagram

Brainstorming for Root Causes- Mind Mapping

A short note on important concept-Benchmarking

Important points for competitive exams

Phase D4: Part II: seven quality tools used in RCA

Resources for this section

Seven Basic Tools of Quality- Pareto Analysis

Seven Basic Tools of Quality- Scatterplot

Seven Basic Tools of Quality- Histogram

Seven Basic Tools of Quality Control Charts

Seven Basic Tools of Quality- Flowchart

Seven Basic Tools of Quality- Check Sheet-5S checksheet

Seven Basic Tools of Quality-Download the resources for 5S

Understanding 5S

Let's revise what we learned through Quizzes

Important points for competitive exams

Phase D4: PART III-Value Stream Mapping

RCA Quality Tool- VSM Part I

Drawing Current State Map- VSM icons

What is Cycle Time ?

What is lead time ?

Current State Map -VSM use example: Service business

VSM Using Excel

Phase D5: Develop and Verify Permanent Corrections

Drawing Current State Map with Excel

Before you start..

Using Force Field Analysis

Cost Benefit Analysis I

Cost Benefit Analysis II

Important points for competitive exams

Phase D6: Implement Corrective Actions

Before you start..

D6 Introduction

Poka Yoke

Roadmap to mistake proofing

Important points from the view of competitive exams

Phase D7: Take Preventive Measures

Before you start..

D7 Introduction

FMEA analysis

Simulated Case Study: FMEA

Important points for competitive exams

Phase D8: Thank the team

Before you start..

D8 Introduction

Theory of Motivation: Maslow's Law

Theory of Motivation II

Important points from the view of competitive exams

Download the resources

Communicating the project progress with A3 problem solving document


Download the resources for A3

Template work out


Kartik18 April 2021

One of the best course ever had .Instructor explains every concept very deeply and perfectly. There is lots of topic and lessons to be learn from this course.I enjoyed the course and alot of knowledge from this.

Rajat19 March 2021

With the end of this explanation, I was clear of the approaches that I need to adopt in my business for identifying the root causes of the ongoing problems and the means to tackle them efficiently. Thank you.


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