Reliability and Maintenance Engineering - FMEA

Failure Mode and Effects Analysis - A mechanical engineering approach to risk management of plant and machinery

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Jun 2020

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What you will learn

Learn to facilitate or participate in Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) and using the associated tools

The FMEA method taught aligns with the International Standard for FMEA/FMECA Studies (EN 60812)

FMEA process from start to finish - What to look for and hints on how to fast-track the process.

How to evaluate the risk of component failure - Find your "pain points" and prioritize your efforts.

How to mitigate the risks of such failure - Learn how to modify the plant or process to reduce the chance of failure.

FMEA - Its use during the Maintenance and Repair of Plant or Machinery

FMEA - Its use during the Design and Modification of Plant or Machinery

The content covered is relevant to those studying towards the Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professionals (CMRP) exam


Course Outline:

This course explores the lean tool of Failure Mode and Effects Analysis (FMEA/FMECA) a universal method for assessing underlying risk of a plant, process or system. It is a fundamental tool for any engineer and we will demonstrate how it can be applied to improve the reliability of a plant or system. We explore the FMEA process in detail and identifying ways to accelerate the process through educated assumptions, whilst focusing on the value adding steps of delivering a more reliable plant

The content of this course is based around and industry recognized International Standard for The Study of Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA/FMECA) EN 60812.

A key element of the course is walking through a working example from start to finish. The tools and templates introduced and used during the course will be available to the students so they can embark on their own FMEA studies.

Course Philosophy and Approach:

I use the methodology and tools taught in this course in my core job as an Engineering Reliability Manager. The content is designed to be comprehensive but also concise with practical examples – I am a firm believer that students should not have to sift through hours of online content to extract the key points.

Trusted and Experienced Trainer

My 15+ years experience in engineering and maintenance is complimented with a Mechanical Engineering Degree and industry recognised qualifications and certifications including, CMRP - "Certified Maintenance and Reliability Professional", CMSE - "Certified Machine Safety Expert".


Reliability and Maintenance Engineering - FMEA
Reliability and Maintenance Engineering - FMEA
Reliability and Maintenance Engineering - FMEA
Reliability and Maintenance Engineering - FMEA


Failure Mode and Effect Analysis

About this Course


International Standards for FMEA Process

FMEA Process

FMEA Tool and Template

FMEA Controls and Actions

FMEA and its influence on Engineering Activity

FMEA - Its use during the Design and Modification of plant or machinery

FMEA - Its use during the Maintenance and Repair of Plant or Machinery

Working Example

Introducing the Plant and Scenario

Working Example: FMEA of Ball Valve

Working Example: FMEA of a Motor

Working Example: FMEA of a Pump

Working Example: FMEA of Auxillary Components

Working Example: Process Step 2 and the Agitator

Working Example: Process Step 3 and the Completed Tool

Working Example: Analysis and Controls

Test your knowledge

A short quiz on topics covered in this course

Course Summary

FMEA Summary


Unni24 May 2021

Covered the Fundamentals very well and had provided crisp examples about usage of FMEA tools and RPN .

Luiz3 April 2021

This course is a very, very simple and short introduction do FMEA methodology, indicate to beginners and it should be clear for everyone. For a more experienced professional, this course doesn’t add anything!

Wira4 December 2020

A very comprehensive look at FMEA. It provided and excellent foundation of knowledge through easy to understand examples. Very useful course to get familiar with FMEA concepts for beginners.

Koshal20 November 2020

The presentation is too simple and we may miss certain point specially for engineering. It should have elaborated on some misleading points also that we may encounter in actual work.

Srikrishna19 September 2020

Good!! Would have included more practical approaches to understand the challenges in doing FMEA study

Michael21 August 2020

Good course, well explained. Could certainly use this process in many different aspects of a production facility.

Armani31 July 2020

We quickly without lot of theory dive on the FMEA process and with an example understand really what it means instead of give us lot of theory, it’s simplify and quickly run on the purpose

Eric8 July 2020

Didntadress the difference between qualitative and quantitative information to perform the FMEA. but explanations were clear

Darren14 June 2020

A god clear introduction to the FMEA process. Great templates to use as a base to develop specific sheets to your own process.

Rakesh30 May 2020

Good work but i found lack part in Maintenance engineering related topics and some short notes is required for easy revision.Thank you

Ronald27 May 2020

The content and presenter gives a clear and concise description of the FMEA process and the techniques can be be implemented immediately. The example of the pump is very relevant to most industries and helps to give an example of the practical application of the FMEA process. Anybody involved in maintenance, maintenance management or setting up a maintenance program with benefit from the course.

Jignesh9 May 2020

It is not what i expect about course, it is only a method of maintenance and how to solved quickly. Explanation of topic is very poor and also sound quality is very poor. I felt like i waste my money.

Jose6 May 2020

The course content was good in order to have an update. I coudn't downladed the resources. I'd like to have because is good to have this support material. It is possible to get it? Let me know please I'll appreciate. Thanks in advance.

Haari26 April 2020

Good course so far, good introductory information on FMEA. Would be great if the narrative audio was cleaned up a bit. The details were concise and very simply put allowing the participant to grasp the basics of the tool without being intimidated by the importance of its use.

Jose17 February 2020

The course covered some materials, it was very basic. I wished he could sound more motivated, at the end of the course it was getting interesting, but it was too short. If you would like to have like a "pre-introduction" I totally recommend it.


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