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Reddit Marketing: Start Getting Traffic Today

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Jul 2017

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What you will learn

Drive a lot of traffic from Reddit

Sell products on Reddit

Promote YouTube videos on Reddit

Know how to freelance as a Reddit marketer

Learn accepted marketing strategies on Reddit


Do you want to learn how to Get Thousand and Millions of Traffic on your YouTube Videos or websites?

Professional marketers have been doing it for decades. How? By using proven methods and formulas.

I've developed a course that will show you how to Market on Reddit. You will be taken through a step-by-step Guide that will teach you everything you need to know to start Marketing on Reddit.

INSIDE THE Reddit Marketing Guide YOU WILL LEARN...

  • Basics of Reddit Before Starting Reddit Marketing you need to know the Basics of Reddit so may easily promote your things on Reddit without any hurdle.
  • Basics of Sub_Reddit SubReddits Role in Reddit Marketing is very important that's why you need to learn which SubReddits you need to use for promoting your website/products and How to Find your Niche Related SubReddits.
  • How to Increase Link & Comment Karma Link karma (known as Post Karma) and Comment Karma are very much important before starting Reddit Marketing so we have shared some hidden tips and techniques to increase your Karma Easily.
  • Reddit Account ban Guide Reddit is so much tricky in Banning your Account so you need complete information about How and Why Reddit Ban Accounts in order to be safe from Account Banning.
  • Getting Views on YouTube Videos So here comes the Very important Part of Reddit Marketing Guide 101in this Part you will Learn about getting views on your YouTube Videos no matter what type of video it is, a Niche Related video or a Video for Affiliate Marketing. you can get thousands of views using the trick which is shared in this Course.
  • Getting Views on Website: There are many purposes of getting Views on Website.But i Have Explained the main two methods. for CPC Networks like Adsense and for Affiliate Marketing. You can get views in thousands and Millions after learning the tactics which are explained in this course.

I created this course to help you make money and succeed. And I know that sometimes, a little help is needed.

So if you decide to join the Academy you will also get 24/7 direct access to me via the course discussion board.


Reddit Marketing: Start Getting Traffic Today
Reddit Marketing: Start Getting Traffic Today
Reddit Marketing: Start Getting Traffic Today
Reddit Marketing: Start Getting Traffic Today


Reddit Marketing Guide 101

Reddit Introduction

Account Creation

Raddit Basics

Subreddit Basics

How to Increase Comment Karma

How to Increase Link Karma

Reddit Account Ban Guide

Secret to get Views on YouTube Videos

How to Get Views on Website

Monetizing Reddit Traffic


MOULDAR7 May 2018

For someone whonever used Reddit, this is a great course, For someone who is already familiar with Reddit won't find this course very interesting. I 've wished this covers some advanced aspects like (For Bloggers who want to promote their niche sites ...) The Sound quality is poor, I didn't like that there are 2 or more different people doing the course, Finally, overall the course is good, yet hopefully the teacher will take into consideration these remarks, I mean with $40 you can get a very good microphone!

Imran6 April 2018

Won't Google place penalty on your site if you copy paste some other person's blog? And I am quite sure that YouTube will block all of your channels if you upload same video on each of them. Little guidance please...

Seth31 January 2018

General overview is helpful. Difficult to understand the author because 1) audio / microphone level is low or poor quality, 2) there's a lot of background noise and 3) his accent is often difficult to understand. Hiring a voice over person to read copy on Fiverr or adding sub-titles would help a lot. After all, it's all about the content, so it would be nice to be able to understand it.

Olumide14 November 2017

The teacher is making a lot of sense, giving insight to what I never knew about Reddit before now. Apart from his Indian accent, he's good.

Justin5 October 2017

Background noise and often times the accent becomes a little too thick and I have a hard time understanding. but for the most part the course is pretty good, really helping me to understand how to use Reddit

Vino29 July 2017

The audio is terrible and the instructor actively promotes copyright infringement as a means to boost and monetize Reddit content.

Adnan6 July 2017

I think this is the Best Reddit Marketing Course I ever seen. Your Tricks and Techniques are outStanding

Imtiaz6 July 2017

This course is one of the best Reddit Marketing guidelines. Couple of months I try to marketing in Reddit and this is one of the best training about Reddit. Especial thanks Tayyab Saqlain for his nice job and wish his success.

Moazam6 July 2017

Excellent course with great stuff. Keeping the things simple and practical, this guy has earned 5S from core of my heart.


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