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Linux Certified System Admin - SA2 (RHEL7)

Prepare for Linux Exam and focuses on the key tasks needed to become a full time Linux Administrator

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Sep 2020

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What you will learn

Preparation of Linux Certified System Administrator

Using Regular Expressions with Grep

Creating And Editing Test Files with VIM

Scheduling Linux Tasks

Controlling access to files with ACLS- Access Control Lists

Adding Disks, Partitions, And File Systems to a Linux System

Swap space concepts

Managing Logical Volume Management (LVM) Storage

Overview of Firewalls

Firewalld Components

Automating Installation with kickstart

Lab sessions after every theoretically Lectures

SELinux Security

Changing SELinux Contexts

SELinux Booleans

Troubleshooting SELinux


This Training Syllabus comprises of 3 Modules, first two module is from SA1 & SA2 , if you go with Redhat Linux System Administration III  course then it will be R-H-C-E Training.

Linux Certified System Administrator

  •   Linux Certified System Admin - SA1 

  •   Linux Certified System Admin - SA2  ==> This course module will teach to second part of the Redhat Linux.

R-H-C-E : Linux Certified Engineer

·        Linux Certified System Admin - SA3

Course Description:

Linux Certified System Admin - SA2

This course specifically designed for students who have completed Linux Certified System Admin - SA1.

Linux Certified System Admin - SA2 focuses on the key tasks needed to become a full time Linux Administrator and to validate those skills via the Red Hat Certified System Administrator exam.

Course Outline


  • Linux System Administration II

  • Installation of Linux Enterprise Linux 7

Automating Installation with kickstart

  • Overview of kickstart Server

  • Features & configuration of kickstart server

  • Graphical mode to configure the kickstart config file

  • Deploying a new virtual system with kickstart

  • Practice Lab Sessions

Regular expressions with grep or pattern matching

  • Overview of pattern matching

  • Regular expressions fundamental

  • Match the regular expressions

  • Practice Lab Sessions

Vim Editor - Creating & Editing text files

  • Overview of Vim Editor

  • Different versions & modes of Vim

  • Command Mode, Ex Mode & Exit Mode

  • Use of Yank in Vim

  • Practice Lab Sessions

Scheduling cron jobs

  • at command - scheduling one-time job

  • Practice Lab sessions

  • Overview of crontab format

  • How to schedule jobs at specific time

  • Practice Lab Sessions

Access control Lists ACL's

  • Overview of ACL

  • Use of command getfacl & setfacl

  • Default ACL

  • Securing files with ACLs

  • Practice Lab Sessions

Disks, Partitions, and File Systems to a Linux System

  • Overview of Disks & partitions

  • Partition tables , MBR Schemes and GPT

  • Primary, Extended & Logical partitions

  • Practice Lab Sessions

Logical Volume Manager Administration

  • LVM Architecture Overview

  • LVM Components

  • LVM Logical Volumes

  • Logical Volume Creation Overview

  • Growing a File System on a Logical Volume

  • Logical Volume Backup

  • LVM Administration with CLI Commands

  • Using CLI Commands

  • Physical Volume Administration

  • Creating Physical Volumes

  • Displaying Physical Volumes

  • Preventing Allocation on a Physical Volume

  • Resizing a Physical Volume

  • Removing Physical Volumes

  • Volume Group Administration

  • Creating Volume Groups

  • Adding Physical Volumes to a Volume Group

  • Displaying Volume Groups

  • Removing Physical Volumes from a Volume Group

  • Changing the Parameters of a Volume Group 

  • Activating and Deactivating Volume Groups 

  • Removing Volume Groups

NFS Network File Systems

  • Overview of NFS Server

  • Installation and configuration of NFS Server

  • Service in nfs

  • rpc, rpcbind services

  • How nfs works?

  • Configuration file in NFS


  • Overview of firewalld in RHEL 7

  • Features of firewalld & its advantages over iptables

  • firewalld components

  • how packet flows

  • Limiting network communications

  • Practice Lab Sessions

Managing SELinux Security

  • Introduction - SELinux

  • SELinux Security Concepts

  • Changing SELinux Modes

  • Practice Lab Sessions

  • Changing SELinux Contexts

  • SELinux Booleans

  • Audit logs & troubleshooting SELinux


Linux Certified System Admin - SA2 (RHEL7)
Linux Certified System Admin - SA2 (RHEL7)
Linux Certified System Admin - SA2 (RHEL7)
Linux Certified System Admin - SA2 (RHEL7)




Links to Download RHEL7 and VMware Workstation

Installation of RHEL 7

Installation Steps of RHEL 7

Connect from putty

Automating Installation with Kickstart

Overview of Kickstart Server

Features of Kickstart Server

Configure Kickstart Server

Graphical Mode to configure kickstart config file

Kickstart conf file - 1

Kickstart conf file - 2

Lab -1

Lab -2

Lab -3

Lab -4

Lab -5

Lab -6


Using regular Expressions with grep

Overview of Pattern Matching

Regular Expressions with grep

Lab Session

Vim Editor - Creating & Editing Text files

Overview of Vim Editor

Different Version & Modes of Vim

Lab Session - Command Mode in Vim

Lab Session - Ex Mode in Vim

Lab Session - use of Yank in VIm

Lab Session

Scheduling Linux Jobs

at command - Scheduling One-time job

Lab Session

Overview of crontab format

Scheduling Linux Jobs - 1

Scheduling Linux Jobs - 2

Lab Session

Access Control Lists - Controlling Access to files

Overview of ACL

getfacl & setfacl

Default ACL

Lab -1

Lab -2

Disks, Partitions and File Systems

Overview of Disk & Partitions

Partition table

Disk partitions - Primary, Extended & logical partitions

Lab -1

Lab -2

Managing Logical Volume Management - LVM

Overview of LVM

Components of LVM


linear, striped and mirrored volumes

Lab -1 (Volume Group Creation)

Lab -2 (Extend a File System)

Lab -3 (Stripped & Mirrored LV's)

VG Conf file

NFS Network File Systems

Overview of NFS

Services in NFS

rpc services

How NFS works

Configuration files in NFS

Practice Lab Session -1

Practice Lab Session -2

Practice Lab Session -3


Overview of Firewalld in Rhel 7

Features of firewalld and advantages over iptables

Firewalld Components

Packet flow via firewalld

Lab -1

Lab -2

Lab -3

Lab -4

Lab -5

Lab -6

Lab -7

Lab -8

Lab -9

Managing SELinux Security

Introduction – SELinux

SELinux Security Concepts

SELinux Modes

Practice Lab Session - 1

Practice Lab Session - 2

Changing SELinux Contexts

SELinux Booleans

Practice Lab Session - 3

SELinux Audit Logs & Troubleshooting

Samba Server

Overview of Samba Server

Features of Samaba Server

How samba works?

cifs file system

Pratice Lab Session 1

Pratice Lab Session 2

Pratice Lab Session 3

Pratice Lab Session 4

Pratice Lab Session 5

Controlling and troubleshooting the Red Hat Enterprise Linux Boot Process

Overview & features of RHEL 7

Features of Systemd - 1

Features of Systemd - 2

Practice Lab Session -1

Practice Lab Session -2

Practice Lab Session -3

Rescue Mode in RHEL 7

Lab Session - Rescue Mode

Emergency mode in RHEL7

Lab Session - Emergency mode

Troubleshooting mode

Recovering the root password

grub file missing


Tanmay22 May 2020

Very helpful and nicely explained every topics. I would also suggest some extra lab session required in details.

Subhranil4 April 2020

Shikhar's teaching style is exceptional, one that demonstrates that the trainer has advanced knowledge and lot of confidence on the subject matter of the course. Apart from the above, Shikhar was kind enough to answer my queries despite his busy schedule.This is the first time a trainer in udemy has provided personal support over the internal email. I have taken other courses as well but the trainers never bothered to answer any question raised in Q & A, leave alone provide personal support over email. The third reason is that Shikhar's courses provide lot of knowledge.Unlike other trainers who are struggling themselves and miserly in providing knowledge, his courses leave you fully satisfied in terms of knowledge.I learnt a lot which I couldn't have done with courses of other trainers. I would recommend his courses to other students of Linux who are struggling in their search for excellent trainers.

Niccolò28 November 2019

It is a good course, explained well and clearly in the content. Useful to those who want to take the exam

Chris24 August 2019

This is an excellent course for Linux, certainly one of the most comprehensive on Udemy. Mr. Verma is an excellent teacher also he is responsive to questions in this course and his others. After listening for a few minutes you get used to his accent. If you want to learn redhat/centos 7 you should take this course. You also need to purchase part 1 to get the full instruction for the Rhcsa.

Hillary4 June 2019

It is very informative training. Some concept i need to revisit in order to get them well. Otherwise i a satisfied.

Dhimant8 April 2019

Overall, a very great course !! Concepts like SELinux, samba server and systemd topics explanations are in very depth and got a crisp understanding. All topics were greatly explained except LVM.

Hashmi15 February 2019

Best course for Linux..Topics are well explained in deep ...Every topic is explained with lab..Highly recommended to others who are looking for Linux courses .

Hamid23 January 2019

Crystal clear. Thank you Shikhar. I have cleared my RHCSA Exam scoring 283 out of 300. Thanks Shikhar Sir.

Syed26 October 2018

Great course by a great instructor.This course is just amazing!! Whether you are a complete beginner or you have knowlegde on linux,this course will help you to grow your linux skills.The instructor is very good and each tutorial is very in depth....His explanations followed by hands-on examples make this a course applicable to Linux administration. I recommend this course for anyone wanting to be an administrator.I appreciate your knowledge in redhat so much that I will be looking forward to any new courses from your side as your accent and way of explaination helps me a lot...

Chris5 October 2018

I was a little scared at first taking any Red Hat Administration courses. But after starting this course, The Instructor quickly calmed my fears He delivered a clearly explanation in each section on all the material Making the Topics easily to be understood, with very explained detailed explanations that puts you at ease. I recommend this course to other students, who want to learn as I did very difficult Topics, that were very easily explained and understood.

Niranjan22 September 2018

The content is great and comprehensive. But the instructor is very repetitive and the flow is constantly disrupted. This makes it hard to follow and transition. When conceptually explaining with examples, instructor needs to be more clear.

Anvesha15 July 2018

My doubts are getting cleared after reading the wonderful lectures. This course module is a complete pack for Red Hat.

Jyoti10 July 2018

Great efforts by Instructor to design such a nice course module for Learning Linux, now we don't need to go to Institute to Learn Linux for rhce certification

Arpit14 June 2018

A very good course for the beginners!! Easy to understand explanation of the topics covered in the course!!

Margret14 June 2018

Good course moduke for Red Hat Certification. I have learng lots of new topics from this course. Thanka


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