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React Native and Redux Course using hooks

Take your react js skills to next level by building Native Android and IOS Apps using React Native

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Apr 2020

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What you will learn

Moble Application development using React native

Accessing Camera and Image Gallery

Uploading Images

How to work with node js and express as a backend

Adding Navigation using React navigation v5

Redux for state management

Context API



This Course is the most updated course on React Native on internet.

Is hooks included ? yes. Is Navigation included ? Yes. Redux ? Of course !. Context API ? definitely.

we will be also learning about Animations basics to enhance user experience.

you will be learning every thing you need to know in order to become a job ready React Native developer.

Here is the list of projects which we will be making -

  • Employee App -

    company can use to store details on an employee like name,position,salary,picture etc.

    includes camera access, uploading images,redux,working with node js and express as a backend

  • Youtube clone -

    we will be making clone of youtube app using youtube api.

    includes how to add dark mode,toggle button to toggle theme,redux

  • Weather app -

    This app will show the weather conditions of any city.

    includes autocomplete when user types,saving city name on device storage


React Native and Redux Course using hooks
React Native and Redux Course using hooks
React Native and Redux Course using hooks
React Native and Redux Course using hooks




project overview

complete code used in this project

Installing React Native

Installing React Native using expo

Understanding Code

Creating beautiful UI for screens

Designing Home Screen part 1

Designing Home Screen part 2 and Flatlist

Designing CreateEmployee Screen

Adding Modal (popup)

Designing Profile Screen part 1

Designing Profile Screen part 2

opening email app and Dialer App

Adding React Navigation v5

Installing and adding Navigation

Customizing Header

Making Profile screen dynamic

Accessing Camera,Image Gallery and uploading Images

access camera and image gallery

uploading images to Cloudinary

working on backend of application

setting up node js and mongodb

making Schema and connecting to mongodb

making post data route handler

making update and delete route handler

connecting React Native with node js and express backend

Posting data from React native

fetching records in home Screen

Implementing pull to refresh feature

deleting employee feature

Updating Employee details

Adding Keyboard Avoiding View

Adding Redux for state management

why we need Redux

Adding Redux in our app


Marwane-Akef24 October 2020

as long as the teacher uses both modern backend and front end features it makes the course really good specially with live projects to practice on . i highly recommend this course .

Urvish12 September 2020

It was nice course. but we are not getting answers from instructor. and also there are so many typos instructor is making so it should be improved. Along with that sometime he is not using techniques which can reduce the complexity.

Dat2 August 2020

The request cannot be completed because you have exceeded your <a href=\"/youtube/v3/getting-started#quota\">quota</a>." That error

Emil22 July 2020

This is a very useful course. The trainer is very knowledgeable and experienced. The project examples are interesting and practical, covering a lot of react native features.

Lokesh18 July 2020

good content for beginners in react native and redux, Udemy video player could be better(some times unable to forward the video with left & right arrow keys).

Asgar7 June 2020

Awesome Tutorial, Learn a lot with learning while doing. 100DaysOfCode check my status on twitter.com/Asgarlee

Zay5 June 2020

Step by step explanation is very good for beginner and can learn detail usage of each usage. Thank you very much Teacher Mr Mukesh and awesome of teaching skills. Appreciated for this course.

Johann4 June 2020

Excelente tutorial, aunque entender al profesor suele ser algo confuso aveces, ademas que los subtitulos no son correctos. Pero pues estos son generados automaticamente, deberian implementar los propios en la plataforma.

Ajmal17 May 2020

I have learned a lot from your youtube channel... Till now the course is looking fantastic as it is covering most of the latest things...

Sumanth9 May 2020

Instructors pace of teaching is very fast ,runs on the overview of the concept, this course is not for the beginners.

Bikdejmiano7 May 2020

Well, if you looking for DECENT course, that is understandable and non-chaotic, better skip this one.

Priyanshi5 May 2020

Mukesh sir is a wonderful instructor so far. The way he teaches is just amazing. While taking his lectures, one can never feel boring. The best part is, he uses the latest versions of the latest technologies available. This course is also amazing like the MERN Stack.

Saurabh3 May 2020

just tell about software which was using like visual code I don't know about it but later after research I got to know

Nobel22 April 2020

Except for the typing skill of the Instructor, the content of the course is informative and very useful. Loved it!!!

Roberto2 March 2020

lingua incomprensibile, ci vuole un corso di indiano per capire cosa stia dicendo questo pseudo professore.


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