How to Rap: Fundamentals

Learn how to rap in 30 days or less with short, simple lessons.

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Aug 2017

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What you will learn

Write strong, creative, and original lyrics

Recite your lines powerfully and confidently

Freestyle forever without stopping or stuttering

Record Music (Instrumentals provided in the course!)

Craft punchlines to win rap battles


If you're serious about learning how to rap pick up this course now and I guarantee you'll improve! ANYONE CAN LEARN TO RAP! (And this course has the tools to get you there)

***NEW: 3 additional instrumentals that you can use for WHATEVER YOU WANT (6 total!)***

This course is about learning how to rap. It will take you from knowing absolutely nothing to becoming a rapper in 30 short, easy lessons. If you want to write rap songs, rap battle, or freestyle rap, this is the perfect course for you. We will cover all the fundamentals and get you prepared for your preferred style of rap in no time.

This course is broken into 3, 10 lesson sections. Each section becomes progressively more difficult, the first section will teach you how to understand rap, the second section will teach you how to start rapping, and the third section will teach you to become a strong rapper. Each lecture has at least one associated exercise to help you build your rap skills. You will not need any materials beforehand, you just may have to search for some of the music you like and want to listen to.

The course is designed so that each lesson fits easily into a day. Ideally, you should be able to complete this course spending less than 30 minutes a day for the next 30 days. If you want to go faster than that, you absolutely can.

Don't be afraid! Anyone can learn to rap. You don't need to come from a specific background or be born a certain way. Just like any other skill, all you have to do is learn the fundamentals and practice. And, just like any art, all you have to do is tap into your creative spirit and create what comes to you. There are no set rules for content, only general guidelines for how to structure it.

If you want to learn how to rap, quickly, this is a great place to do it. You're going to get a really strong founding in the fundamentals so you can develop and grow into the best rapper you know. There's no cheap or easy tricks here, just concepts and exercises to build your natural talents.


How to Rap: Fundamentals
How to Rap: Fundamentals
How to Rap: Fundamentals
How to Rap: Fundamentals


What to Expect & Course Outline

Introduction & Course Outline

Rap Fundamentals E-Book (79 Pages)

FREE Instrumentals (Courtesy of Blk Market Beats)

FREE Instrumentals (Courtesy of Dirty Work)

The Absolute Fundamentals

Why Do You Want To Rap?

What kind of rap do you like?

Start Now!

Counting Syllables

Counting Syllables Quiz

Writing Couplet Lines

Couplet Lines Quiz

Perfect Rhyming & Rhyme Schemes

Identify The Schemes

Counting Bars & Rhythm


Freestyle - Anything!

Overcoming Doubt & Using Feedback

Developing Starter Skills

Finding Concepts

Poetic Spirit vs. Technical Skill

Internal Rhyming

Slant Rhyming

Slant Rhyme Quiz

Vocabulary, Word Choice & Imagery

Delivery - Tone, Confidence, Memorize

Delivery - Breath Control & Pronunciation

Song Fundamentals

Freestyle - Rhyme Base & Backup Phrases

Freestyle - Cyphers & Surroundings

More Advanced Skills

Literal vs. Figurative Language (Similes & Metaphors)


Multi-Syllable Rhymes

Multi-Syllable Rhymes Quiz

Battles & Punchlines


Developing Flow

Freestyle - Rhyming Ahead & Using Beats

Freestyle - Opposites & Themes

Finding Beats & Recording

Putting It All Together


Niko19 August 2020

A great fundamentals course. A lot of what he said, were techniques I had already chosen to implement in my practice. There were about 2 or 3 key things I got from the advanced section that made the entire lesson worthwhile for me. If you are new to music and lyricism, this is a good place to start. If you are already familiar and competent with basic literary tools this could be a decent refresher. I watched most of the videos on 1.5X to 2X speed. Slowing it down during sections of interest and novelty.

Wesley6 July 2020

Every time I listen to the instructor, I learn something new I feel this has been very beneficial to the skill that I am acquiring

Cray26 June 2020

yes i have been covering things i have and haven't done before, so far it has been well worth the money

Taylor2 June 2020

I like the message that he's delivering. I'm not at the basic level of rap. I would say I am more amateur and I wish someone would have guided me like this when I first starting rapping. Thanks!

Tumelo29 March 2020

Very informative and the material in this course go well beyond making you feel like an academic emcee. The course heightens the participants self-esteem and self-awareness . I'm a huge fan of how it was split into sections and the fair work load in each section . 10/10 !

Jada5 December 2019

Everything I was looking to gain from this course has been brought to my attention by the author of this information truly teaching what it means to understand the fundamentals of becoming a well rounded artist in the community of hip hop.

Eduardo3 December 2019

Well, the course starts off with things that were taught to me before first grade and that's only after he gets through a lot of speech and no exercises.

Kyle2 October 2019

Great motivation, relaxing. But to be honest, I am blank on answers to questions. So I am waiting to really learn more because right now I am total outsider.

Aditya16 August 2019

A very complete course. Before I started, I was using unknowingly using many techniques in my writing and delivery which I became aware of in this course! Excellent content overall.

Devyansh8 July 2019

this course was gifted by my friend on my birthday i didnt really learned anything new kinda knew all of it but it was still fun to complete all of the course and i got know few technical terms which i knew but didnt know what they were called exactly but i had all tthe concepts in my mind before i learned few lil details and i recommend this course to everyone who wants to rap even if u know how to rap still go through this all course all of it. its fun and he is a really good teacher i have subscribed his youtube too and he knows about rap definitely, so even if ur the best rapper in the world its a must go for this course. this course is the best for everyone who know nothing about rap and also for who knows everything about rap. thanks dono.

Noe27 May 2019

I really enjoyed this course! After every lesson Donovon gives you task to do which can allow students to stay active. I recommend it if you are looking to start rapping.

Jack24 April 2019

I like this course because it gives you lessons that you have to do, not just listening to what's been said.

Duygu21 March 2019

Thank you for the efforts you have obviously put into this work. Caught a lot of tips and where to use them. The methods given for freestyle is especially beneficial to me in finetuning my creativity. Wish you the best!

Terrenceteruya11 December 2018

This course was the best to explain concepts and great exercises to cement the content in my brain, thanks.

Logan5 October 2018

It's really helping me realize where i stand, and what i need to be focusing on to improve my skills.


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