QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds And Importing Transactions

Become An Expert In Using QucikBooks Online Bank Feeds And Import Transactions From Quickbooks Desktop

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QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds And Importing Transactions
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Aug 2023
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What you will learn

Use Every Feature Of Quickbooks Online Bank Feeds

Navigate Transactions And Add, Match Or Remove Transactions From The QBO Review List

Set Up "Rules" In Quickbooks Online To Save Lots Of Time Doing Bank Feeds

Import Web Connect Files In To Quickbooks Online Like "qbo" or "csv" files

Match Transactions To Prevent Duplicate Data Entry

Apply Downloaded Transactions To Customer's Invocies

Use 2 Different Methods To Import Transactions From Quickbooks Desktop

Apply downloaded Transactions To vendor's Bills

Why take this course?

GroupLayout Your Finances with QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds And Importing Transactions! 🏦💰

Course Overview:

Master the art of seamlessly integrating your financial data into QuickBooks Online with our comprehensive course. Say goodbye to tedious manual entry and welcome a future where your transactions are accurately imported at lightning speed. Become an Expert in utilizing QBO's powerful Bank Feeds and Import Transactions features, whether you're migrating from QuickBooks Desktop or switching from another accounting system.

Why Take This Course?

  • 🛑 Efficiency: Save thousands of hours on data entry.
  • Accuracy: Ensure precise data entry to minimize errors.
  • 🚀 Speed Up Setup: Perfect for new QuickBooks Online account users.
  • 💰 Time-Saving Tool: Learn how to use bank imports to maximize your time and resources.

Course Highlights:

  • Overview Of Bank Feeds: Understand the core functionality of bank feeds.
  • Set-Up And Navigate: Master the initial setup and navigation within QuickBooks Online.
  • Add Transactions From Review List: Learn to add transactions directly from the review list.
  • Matching Transactions: Master the matching process to accurately categorize your transactions.
  • Fixing Matching Issues: Gain the skills to troubleshoot and resolve any discrepancies during matching.
  • Using “Rules” (Save Time): Discover how to set up rules for automatic matching of future transactions.
  • Applying Downloaded Transactions To Bills And Invoices: Streamline your workflow by applying transactions to bills and invoices.
  • Importing “Web Connect” Files: Learn the ins and outs of importing transactions from your bank's web connect file.
  • Importing And Overwriting From Desktop: Understand how to bring over your data from QuickBooks Desktop without losing existing information in QBO.
  • Importing From Desktop Without Overwriting: Import new transactions while preserving your current QuickBooks Online records.
  • Applying Downloaded Transactions To Bills And Invoices: A deeper dive into applying transactions to existing bills and invoices.

Additional Topics:

  • Advanced Import Techniques
  • Troubleshooting Common Issues
  • Optimizing Your Workflow with Bank Feeds
  • ...and much more!

Self-Check Test & Support:

  • Self-Check Test: Put your knowledge to the test with a comprehensive final exam.
  • Expert Support: Direct access to Mark Smolen, your course instructor, for any questions or issues you encounter during the course.


Empower yourself to manage finances effectively and efficiently by mastering QuickBooks Online Bank Feeds And Importing Transactions. This is not just a course; it's a step towards becoming indispensable in your professional life. 🌟

Enroll now and unlock the full potential of QuickBooks Online! I'm excited to guide you through this transformative learning experience. Let's embark on this journey together, and I look forward to connecting with you along the way.

  • Mark Smolenc, Your QuickBooks Guru 👨‍💼🌐


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Our review

Overview of Course Review

The course "QuickBooks Online Mastery" taught by Mark Smolen has received an impressive average rating of 4.65 from recent reviewers, indicating high satisfaction among learners. The course content is well-received for its clear explanations, step-by-step guidance, and the instructor's expertise in the subject matter. Below, we delve into the detailed pros and cons based on the reviews:


  • Comprehensive Teaching Method: Reviewers praised Mark Smolen's teaching style for being thorough and precise, making complex topics understandable. His method of explanation is valued for its clarity, which is essential for learning new software like QuickBooks Online (QBO).

  • Flexible Learning Experience: The course design allows students to pause and rewind videos, enabling them to take notes and review content as needed. This feature is highly appreciated by learners who can then apply the knowledge at their own pace.

  • Interactive Learning: Students have the opportunity to ask questions and receive responses from the instructor within 24 hours. This interactive component enhances the learning experience and ensures that any doubts are addressed promptly.

  • Detailed Coverage of Topics: The course stands out for its detailed explanations, particularly in areas like bank feeds, where previous experiences with QB courses have been lacking in clarity. The additional tips and tricks shared by Professor Smolen are found to be incredibly valuable.

  • Relevant Content for Different Levels: Both beginners and those revising their knowledge of QuickBooks find the course content to be highly beneficial. It targets areas of difficulty, such as understanding transactions and avoiding issues like duplication.

  • Real-World Experience: The instructor's practical experience with both QuickBooks Desktop and Online is evident and adds a layer of real-world application to the learning materials. This ensures that students are not just learning theory but practical techniques that they can apply immediately.


  • Pacing: While the pace is appreciated for its clarity, some learners prefer a quicker tempo. They suggest that the content could be delivered at a faster speed, as they feel confident to pause or rewind if they need further explanation.

  • Bank Feeds Explanation: Although the course is praised for its detailed coverage of bank feeds, there might be a need for even more comprehensive guidance for learners who are new to QBO and find this aspect challenging.


Overall, "QuickBooks Online Mastery" is a highly effective and engaging course that has earned the trust and appreciation of its students. The clear and precise explanations, combined with the flexibility to learn at one's own pace and the opportunity for interactive learning, make it an exceptional choice for anyone looking to master QuickBooks Online or enhance their existing knowledge. Despite some suggestions for a quicker pace, the course's comprehensive approach, practical techniques, and real-world experience are undoubtedly valuable assets for any learner.



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