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QuickBooks For Attorneys In A Lawfirm

Anything That Any Lawyer Needs For Record Keeping With QuickBooks

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Nov 2020

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What you will learn

How To Set Up A Law Firm To Use QuickBooks

How To Record Every Possibly Type Of Transaction A Law Firm Would Need

How To Find And Fix Any Mistakes When Recording Transactions For A Lawfirm

How To Address Bookkeeping Issues That Are Unique To A Law Firm Or Partnership

How To Make Sure That Your Law Firm’s Financial Records Are In Compliance With Your State Bar’s Association’s Requirements For Attorney-Client Rrecord Keeping


This revolutionary new course will give self-employed attorneys and law firms everything they need to easily keep financial records of a law firm in a way that the bar association requires.

We know that law firms and self-employed attorneys have unique challenges that relate to the bookkeeping and record keeping standards set forth by the bar association and other regulating authorities.

I am giving you my personal guarantee that the procedures you will learn in this course will enable you to keep records that will show you the results of your operations and be in compliance with the regulation for attorneys.

This course starts with the very basics of the set up so you can hire a bookkeeper who knows nothing about QuickBooks and have her/him simply watch and follow these videos and they can be your law firm’s bookkeeper!!

I have helped dozens of attorneys with these special and easy to follow bookkeeping methods. They are simple to understand and easy to do. They will definetly work for you!! This QuickBooks Learning Video Series is guaranteed to show every possible type of transaction that a law firm could need to enter in to QuickBooks. It has easy, step by step instructions and follow along files to help make learning easy and fun.

These special but simple ways of using QuickBooks Desktop are methods that attorneys should and must use QuickBooks for their law firm. It is made with QuickBooks Desktop for Windows.

You will learn:

Attorneys Needed Records

Create And Find A Law Firm Company File

Attorneys - Set The Preferences

Setting Up The Icon Bar

Attorneys Chart Of Accounts

Attorneys Items List

Attorney's Clients Data

Managing Vendor Data

Creating Retainer Receipts

Receiving Advanced Payments From Clients

Creating Invoices For Client Services

Editing And Deleting Attorney Transactions

Applying Retainer Payments To Invoices

ATTORNEYS - Late Paying Clients

This Is The Best Method For Attorneys

Adjusting The Receivables Account

Attorney Reports

Allocating Cost - Per - Client

Allocating Clients Costs After-The-Fact

Billable Expenses To Clients

Giving Refunds To Clients

Collecting On Behalf Of Clients

Sales Receipt For Immediate Services

Writing Off Uncollectable Clients

Time Slips For Associate Attorneys

Time Sheets For Associate Attorneys

Now, there are bonus topics for anything extra that an attorney “may” or “might” need to additionally include. These are topics that any kind of business could need. I added these to be absolutely sure that you will anything you could possibly need when using QuickBooks desktop Windows for your law firm’s financial records:

Charging Company Credit Cards For Law Firm Expenses

Printing Checks In QuickBooks Online

Bank Reconciliation Course in QuickBooks Desktop

Bank Feeds And Importing Transactions

Owners Investing And Withdraw Cash To And From The Firm

Investing And Withdrawing Non-Cash Assets

Paying Business Expenses And Assets From Non-Business Funds

Track Expenses While Paying From Personal

There are 'follow along files” for each lecture so you can follow step by step. This makes learning QuickBooks Easy and fun.

The course is made with QuickBooks desktop for windows. However, the ideas apply to QuickBooks online as well as QuickBooks for Macintosh and Enterprise solutions.

If you need QuickBooks online, There is a parallel QuickBooks Online For Attorneys Course Available right her eon Udemy!! It’s the same topics but shown with QuickBooks Online!!

There are usually very few questions because the course is so clear. However, I'm right here for you if you have any questions or need support.

I know you will learn well and enjoy the course.



QuickBooks For Attorneys In A Lawfirm
QuickBooks For Attorneys In A Lawfirm
QuickBooks For Attorneys In A Lawfirm
QuickBooks For Attorneys In A Lawfirm


Introduction and Set Up


Create A Company File for A Law Firm

Set The Preferences In A Law Firm's File

Preparing The Law Firm Icon Bar

Attorneys Chart OF Accounts

Attorneys Items List

Managing Client Data

Managing Vendor Data

Creating Retainer Receipts

Receiving Advanced Retainer Payments From Clients

Applying Payments To Invoices

Editing Or Deleting A Transaction

Creating Invoices For Client Services

Late Paying Clients

Best Method For Using QuickBooks For Attoerneys

Separating Early And Late Paying Clients

QuickBooks Reports For A Law Firm

Allocating Cost Per Client

Cost Per Client After The Fact

Billing Clients For Expenses

Giving Refunds To Clients

Collecting On Behalf Of Clients

Sales Receipts For Immediate Client Payments

Writing Off Uncollectable Clients

Temporary Time Sheet Related Videos

using time slips

using time sheets

salary by job

Attorney Time Slips and Time Sheets

Using Time Slips for Associate Attorneys

Weekly Time Sheets for Associate Attorneys

Evaluate Your Progress

Attorneys Final Test


Colleen10 February 2020

I really love the style of his teachings. Everything is very thorough and easy to follow. Great info I'm able to implement with a client right away.

Alicia1 September 2019

This was a good teaching method for me. It was step by step and detailed. Thank you. The 4 stars is there was one item about banking and setting preferences that was referred to some banking videos that were not part of the course instead of giving the answer too. I still have not found the answer. So a little frustrated about that. Overall the course was great and will take others.


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