Quantity Surveying, Cost Estimation and Bill of Quantities

Quantity Surveying Course, Takeoff, Construction Estimating, BOQ Preparation, Measurements, PlanSwift9

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Sep 2021
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What you will learn

Quantity surveying

Construction measurements and quantity Takeoff


Project review and scope understanding

Introduction to cost estimation

BOQ preparation from A to Z


Hello and welcome to Construction Measurements & Quantity Estimation online course.

This course is all about quantity takeoff and detailed BOQ preparation after reviewing the project documents and understanding the scope of work which is a very good introduction to construction estimating and project pricing.

The course is structured in a way that will take you from A to Z on how to prepare a quantified BOQ from scratch based on project drawings and specs.

This course is very much recommended for you if you meet any of the below criteria:

1 - If you want to learn quantity takeoff and measurements from zero.

2 - If you have some quantity takeoff knowledge but you are slow in measurements.

3 - If you don't know which takeoff software that you should use or you want to expedite the process and maximize the outcome.

4 - If you want to be able to present your quantities in an undeniable / unarguable manner (very helpful in case of variations).

5 - If you are struggling with project review and understating the scope of work and which items should be measured in the BOQ.

6 - If you want to know what are the units of measurement of each BOQ item and where it can be found and quantified from the drawings.

7 - If you want to see a project being quantified in front of you from the prelims up to external works and provisional sums.

By the end of this course you should be able to:

1 - Measure and quantify each item in the BOQ.

2 - Increase your measurements and takeoff speed.

3 - Learn how to use PlanSwift9 for quantity estimation and measurements.

4 - Present your takeoff data with visuals (PlanSwift9 highlights).

5 - Review the project drawings and understand the scope of work that should be accounted for in the BOQ.

6 - Understand the various units of measurements for project items.

7 - Prepare a quantified BOQ from scratch.

8 - Create and save PlanSwift9 templates

Steps that you will be taking to gradually increase your knowledge during the course:

1 - Watch the course introduction

2 - Install the PlanSwift9

3 - Watch the course lectures

4 - Start using / applying what you learn in each lecture

5 - Create your project BOQ

The course covers the below BOQ divisions / items:

1 - Preliminaries

2 - Site works (excavation & backfilling)

3 - Concrete works (sub & super structure various items)

4 - Masonry works (solid, thermal and hollow block)

5 - Metal works (staircase and balconies handrails and project cat ladders)

6 - Joinery works (vanity counters, kitchen cabinets and wardrobes)

7 - Waterproofing works (foundations, wet areas and roof)

8 - Doors & windows

9 - Finishes (flooring, skirting, walls, ceiling and complicated elevation)

10 - External works (boundary wall, interlocking tiles, curbstone, car and pedestrian gates, car parking shades)

The course is a mix of theoretical knowledge and practical experience on how to quantify and prepare a BOQ for a project, and it focuses only on the scope, quantity and BOQ sides of the project. It will be followed by a series of courses that will cover the complete construction picture from cost and time points of view as following:

1 - Construction measurements, quantity estimation & BOQ (this course).

2 - Cost estimation (ِReleased).

3 - Scheduling and planning (Planned to be released by the end of July 2021).

4 - Project execution and cost control (Planned to be released by the September of June 2021).

Generally, estimation and costing courses online are short and easy to digest, however they add tons of value and knowledge to you.

I'm very exited to have you here guys reading all of this and since you made it to the end of this course description, see you in the first lecture.

If you have any queries related to this course, please don't hesitate to contact me for clarification.

Kind regards,

Ahmed Adel,



Quantity Surveying, Cost Estimation and Bill of Quantities - Screenshot_01Quantity Surveying, Cost Estimation and Bill of Quantities - Screenshot_02Quantity Surveying, Cost Estimation and Bill of Quantities - Screenshot_03Quantity Surveying, Cost Estimation and Bill of Quantities - Screenshot_04



Introduction to the course
Drawings review and scope understanding
PlanSwift9 review

Doors, windows & joinery works

Drawings upload and window count
Vanity Counters
Kitchen Cabinets

Masonry / Block works

Thermal Block
Hollow Block

Finishes (flooring, skirting, walls, ceiling and elevation)

Skirting, steps & staircase
Wall deductions

BOQ preparation

Doors & Windows BOQ
Joinery Works BOQ
Masonry / Block Works BOQ
Finishes BOQ
Elevations BOQ

Concrete works

Strip footing & BOQ update
Foundation beams & BOQ update
Plinth walls & BOQ update
Ground beams & BOQ update
Slab on grade & BOQ update
External steps & BOQ update
neck columns & BOQ update
Drop beams & BOQ update
Slabs & BOQ update
Staircase & BOQ update
Parapets & BOQ update
Columns & BOQ update
PCC, solid block & BOQ update

Earth works & waterproofing

Earth works
Thermal & moisture protection

Metal works, accessories, external works & preliminaries

Metal Works
External Works


November 16, 2021
Thank you for sharing this ideas. Brief course but explained in detail. Very useful and I will surely recommend this course to watch. Again, thank you so much...
October 26, 2021
It is a very informative course. im learning alot and its only been 2 videos. I would recommend this course to anyone who is interested in learning more about quantity surveying
October 2, 2021
okay , After completing this course , I have to say that this course is pure gold , The instructor is well informed , gave a lot of information and went into details that will help you for sure in your next project ! moreover he answered all my inquiries in a timely manner and in details .Thank you so much and see you in the next course !
September 5, 2021
valuable, clear, helpful and easy to understand specially if with a great instructor has huge experienced knowledge. thank you Eng/Ahmed
August 27, 2021
The instructor is an amazing tutor who pays great attention to detail. In any of his classes, you end up learning more than the course description in relation to field practices. Above all you can communicate with him anytime and he always provides positive feedback to aid student overall progress.
July 29, 2021
This is complete professional course. Shared practical experience. Engr. ahmed try to delivered his knowledge to all. I like to request to engr. ahmed make some more videos about rebar , materials specially form work & scaffolding. share from your experience about assumption, co-efficient , thumb rule for materials quantity, thanks
July 22, 2021
The course was very helpful and got a very organized class from an experienced professional QS which makes a difference
July 13, 2021
Helped me a lot. I haven't done this work since university so needed a refresher but this course was even more detailed and I feel like I can now undertake on my own. Thanks.
July 5, 2021
This course was well compiled and articulated. It has surely helped me in understanding the roles and principles of a quantity surveyor. I am currently employed as a Construction Technologist but I also do freelance architectural drafting and I am now trying to enter into the freelance QS, now I know I have a much clearer understanding in the processes involved in this venture. Thanks again for this wonderful experience.



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