Learn QGIS Step By Step (From Zero)

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What you will learn

How to use basic tools

How to create GIS Layers or temporary layer

How to create your own data

How to to work with vector and raster datas.

How to use geoprocessing tools

How to digitize raster data

How to use geometry tools

How to use editing tools

How to compose a standart map

How to Make Raster Analyse (Slope,Aspect,Hillshade Analyse)

How to Create Basic Maps(Topographic Map.)

How to Create Thematic Maps (Bar, Piechart,Stackbar)

How to create Choropleth Map


Hello Guys,

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With this training video series, I will explain in detail how to use open source quantum GIS software and how to produce your own maps quickly and in accordance with standards.

Unlike other Qgis training courses on the web, you will be provided with practical applications and an easy language.

Quantum GIS is open source and free software that is constantly being developed. It does not require any activation fee.

Within the scope of this training, the following topics will be discussed.

*General Informations about GIS

*How to create your own datas

*How to work with raster and vector datas

*How to create stratch and temporary layers.

* How to create and manage multi layers

*How to use geoprocessing tools

*How to digitize raster data

*How to use geometry tools

*How to use editing tools

*How to deal with Excel Files

*How to join excel file with GIS Tables and how to join tables with labels.

*How to create geographic database

*How to import coordinate datas

*How to manage symbology

*How to define projection system

*How to create query nad how to use attribute datas (Query Applications)

*How to select features

*How to use Online Maps

*How to compose a standart map (From start to end/Creating Map Canvas)

*How to print a map

*How to use Digital Elevation Model and What can we do by using DEM data?

*How can we make coloured Raster Datas?

*How to do raster analysis( Slope,Aspect,Hillshade Analyse)

*How to clip and merge raster datas

*How to create topographic map

*How to create thematic maps (Bar,Piechart,Stackbar)

*How to create choropleth map

Like many topics are waiting for you.

If you are ready to learn QGIS software, which is an easy-to-use and free program among other geographic information systems, if you are ready to create the necessary basemaps for your thesis and projects and if you are ready to take a step forward for your career, Let's explore the QGIS World together.


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How to download and how to install QGIS
What is GIS? Lets talk about GIS Concepts
Introduction to Cartographical Maps
QGIS Interface
How to add scratch layer and how to create point datas
How to create scratch polygon layer and how to add polygon
How to use edit menu
How to create multiple lines and how to divide them
How to add new fields,how to change symbology,How to create labels
How to use zoom options
How to import vector datas
How to add raster datas
How to import excel file
How to Join layers
Selecting GIS Feature Datas


February 9, 2022
I am a surveying student and I usually work on mapping after collecting field data. After going through this course I am sure QGIS gonna help me a lot in producing map. Therefore, I am paying a big gratitude for sharing this free course to the humble people like me which would benefits a lot, thank you. And I hope such generous would continue hereafter as well. Thank You and Goodluck



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