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Python Webscraping For Information Retrieval and Analytics

Retrieve Information from Webpages Using Python and Google CoLab for Analytics and Insights

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Jul 2021

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What you will learn

Be Able To Use the Python Within Google CoLab For Practical Data Science

Webpage Basics

Scraping Common Wikipedia Pages For Information

Scaping Complicated Webpages For Information Using BeautifulSoup (A Common Python Library)

Basic Geocoding

Data Processing and Cleaning To Extract Information From The Scraped Data

Analysing the Scraped and Cleaned Data For Actionable Insights

Data Visualization

Work With Practical Examples- (a) Geocoding London's Boroughs (b) Obtain Apartment Prices For Mumbai (c) Extract Amazon Reviews



  • Do you want to harness the power of the internet to inform your data-driven strategies?

  • Are you looking to gain an edge in the fields of retail, online selling, real estate and geolocation services?

  • Do you want to turn unstructured data from articles and web pages into real insights?

  • Do you want to develop cutting edge analytics and visualisations to take advantage of the World Wide Web?

Gaining proficiency in webscraping (and associated analytics) can help you harness the power of the freely available data and information on the world wide web and turn it into actionable insights

MY COURSE IS A HANDS-ON TRAINING WITH REAL WEBSCRAPING EXAMPLES- You will learn to use an important Python webscraping library BeautifulSoup and derive information and insights from different webpages

My course provides a foundation to carry out PRACTICAL, real-life webscraping. By taking this course, you are taking an important step forward in your data science journey to become an expert in harnessing the power of the world wide web for deriving insights.

Why Should You Take My Course?

I have an MPhil (Geography and Environment) from the University of Oxford, UK. I also completed a data science intense PhD at Cambridge University (Tropical Ecology and Conservation).

I have several years of experience in analyzing real-life data from different sources and producing publications for international peer-reviewed journals.

This course will help you gain fluency both in BeautifulSoup (for webscraping), web-data processing and analytics using a powerful clouded based python environment called GoogleColab. Specifically, you will

  • Gain proficiency in setting up and using Google CoLab for Python Data Science tasks

  • Carry out common webscraping tasks on Wikepedia pages and extract relevant information

  • Work with complicated web pages and extract information

  • Process the extracted information in a usable form

  • Carry out basic geocoding

  • Carry out common analytics and visualization tasks

You will work on practical mini case studies relating to (a) geocoding London boroughs (b) quantifying the variation in Mumbai property prices (c) extracting financial statements among others

In addition to all the above, you’ll have MY CONTINUOUS SUPPORT to make sure you get the most value out of your investment!



Python Webscraping For Information Retrieval and Analytics
Python Webscraping For Information Retrieval and Analytics
Python Webscraping For Information Retrieval and Analytics
Python Webscraping For Information Retrieval and Analytics


Welcome to the Course


Data and Code

Python Installation

Start With Google Colaboratory Environment

Google Colabs and GPU

Google Colab Packages

Get Your Data Into Google Drive

Mount Your Drive

Opening a Jupyter Notebook

Accessing Data Within the Drive

Upload Data From a Local Drive

Install New Packages

Welcome to the Web

What is Webscraping?

Lets Rummage Inside a Webpage

What is HTML?

Accessing the Different HTML Components

Let's Start Scraping

Shall We Start With Soup?

Simple Webscraping-Parse in an HTML

Another Way of Reading in HTML Webpages

Tackling Tables-Part 1

When We Have More Than 1 Table

Extract Tables Into Pandas-Part1

Extract Tables Into Pandas-Part2

A Quicker Way to Extract Tabular Data

Get Table Names

Pandas and HTML Tables

Lets Scrape Some Non-Wikipedia Pages

Scrape a Simple Non-Wiki Table

A Ghastly Wiki Table

IPO Listings

Making the IPO Listings Usable

Some Housekeeping

Hello to Airbnb

Exploring Amazon Bestsellers

Extract Amazon Bestsellers in a Dataframe

Mumbai House Prices

Preprocessing and Cleaning the Scraped Data

What Are Pandas?

Basic Data Cleaning With Pandas

Cleaning the Scraped Data

String Manipulation To Get a Neater Table

Another Way of Tweaking

More Data Cleaning-Part1

More Data Cleaning-Part2

Geocoding the London Boroughs

Exporting Data

Fuzzy Strings

Basic Housekeeping Prior To Fuzzy Joining

Let's Get Fuzzy

Merge Datasets Based on Geolocations

Analytics and Visualization- Some Examples

Data Visualization Concepts

Explore the IPOs

Sector Performance

Quickly Scour The Mumbai Real Estate Trends


Fredi2 September 2021

Awesome course, would like everyone to enroll to this course. The examples given are practical and help the learner to understand concept better.

Rishilal3 August 2021

The course contains important tools for retrieval of information from webpages for insight and analysis. The concept has tremendous opportunities for practical use. The instructor has full command over the subject and is very articulate through the lectures.

Rajesh27 July 2021

This is hand-on course for me which contains valuable information.I will certainly apply the concept to my work which will enhance the quality of my work manifold. the instructor is exceptional in her knowledge of the subject and her delivery.

RKM17 July 2021

Python webscraping for information retrieval and analytics is immensely useful and valuable course which has unlimited potential for practical use. I discern great possibility of the use of this concept in my work. The instructor is simply brilliant in her espousal of the concept.

Raman7 May 2021

Ideal course for information retrieval and analytics. Very interesting methods have been elaborated in a simple and effective way. The instructor has capability of keeping engrossed through the lectures.

Lee22 April 2021

Not for absolute beginners but very through resource for web scraping. The practical examples are really great


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