Python A-Z: Learn Python Programming By Building 10 Projects

Python Practical Training 2023: Basics To Advance With 10 Projects (GUI, Automation, Web Scraping, Data Analysis & More)

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Nov 2022
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What you will learn

Learn To Write Clean And Proper Python Code With Concept.

Learn About 4 Pillars Of Object Oriented Programming!

Understand Programming Building Blocks With Python.

Learn To Use Python 3 Professionally Following Structures.

Work With Modules, Learn To Create Your Own Modules!

Work With Import And Python Libraries.

Read-Write File With Python Codes

Learn How To Handle Error And Exceptions With Python

Get Ready To Become Intermediate Developer With Over 100+ Quiz Questions.

Learn Object Oriented Programming With Classes and Objects.

Work on 10 different Projects With OpenCV, Pandas, Tkinter, Tweepy, Pillow, BeautifulSoup & more.


Welcome to Python Programming A-Z, One single course to start your Python Journey as a Beginner Step-by-Step, This course touches on each and every important concept of Python with its latest versions.

Throughout the course, we will explore the most important Python Programming Language Features -

  • Basics of Python Programming - Expressions, Variables, and Printing Output

  • Python Operators - Python Assignment Operator, Relational and Logical Operators, Short Circuit Operators

  • Python Conditionals and If Statement

  • Methods - Parameters, Arguments, and Return Values

  • Complete Object Oriented Programming - Class, Objects

  • OOPS - Encapsulation, Inheritance, and Abstract Class.

  • Python Data Structures In-depth - List, Set, Dictionary, and Tuples

  • Conditionals - If Else Statement, Nested If Else

  • Loops - For Loop, While Loop in Python, Break and Continue

  • Mutability - Immutability of Python Basic Types.

  • Builtin And User-Defined Modules

  • Errors And Exception Handling - try, except, else, and finally.

  • Custom Exception - Raising Exception, Creating, and Raising a Custom Exception.

  • Python 3 Cheatsheet

Here are some quick projects what we will explore throughout the course,

  • Face recognition with OpenCV

  • Password Generator with Random Module

  • Data Analysis With Pandas

  • Building Graphical User Interface Application with Tkinter

  • Understanding the basics of Databases and Integrating Desktop Application with SQLite3 Database.

  • Automated Twitter Bot with Tweepy

  • Automated Web Scraper and Mailing System with BeautifulSoup

  • Automated Social Media Post Generation Using API

Overall we work on 10 different Projects With OpenCV, Pandas, Tkinter, Tweepy, Pillow, BeautifulSoup & more. Some projects cover only basics whereas others are in-depth.

The main goal of this course is to learn programming by building projects.


Why this course?

  • Complete course is focused on the project building approach, you learn every concept through a logical approach.

  • Learn all important concepts in the simplest possible way with tons of examples, projects, and quizzes.

  • No previous programming or coding experience required, we will cover everything step-by-step from basics.



  • Naman Malkani
    It's a complete python course which is wonderful for beginners as it will help clear your basics and then the projects will help enhance your python programming and understanding.

  • Asif Jafri
    Excellent. I just finished all the videos and I am very happy with the contents and the delivery method. This course covers all the major aspects of Python. I highly recommend it.

  • Student-1
    I think this is so far the best python course I learned, the instructor explains each topic or the contents in an understandable way, where you can grasp the things easily and gain more knowledge about the course. I went from zero knowledge in python to 100%. Thank you Shubham.

  • Student-2
    Simplified and easy to understand, Instructor covers all important topic that a beginner like me should know about. Feeling much confident about programming skill now due to projects which helped me to understand why I am learning to code.

After completing this course you will be ready to work as an Intern, Fresher, or Freelancer and you will also be able to implement everything yourself! Most importantly you will be ready to divide deep with big available scope with Python. 

Enroll now, I will make sure you learn best about Python.


Python In 2020

Course Introduction
Welcome - Lets Get Started!

Setup - Installing Python

Python Programming in 2020 - Is Python A Bubble?
Installing Python on Windows
Python 3.8 Version Update
Different Methods To Execute Python Codes

Writing Our First Python Program

Variables and Python Memory Management

Datatypes in Python

Datatypes in Python
Sequences in Python
Sets, Dictionary
Literals and Identifiers
Reserve Words - You Cann't Use Them!

Operators in Python

Operators: Arithmetic, Assignment
Operators: Unary Minus, Relational, Logical, Boolean
Understanding Escape Characters

Input and Output

Introduction to Input and Output Statements
Output Statements
Input Statements
Python Built-in Functions and Built-in Module

IDE (Integrated Development Environment)

Installing IDE (Integrated Development Environment)
Run .py Through Terminal

Python Control Statements

Conditionals: If, If ... Else and Indentation
Conditionals: If ... Else Statements With Operators
Conditionals: if... elif ... else Statements + Nested if Statements

Loops In Python

While Loop
For Loops - Part 1
For Loops - Part 2
Break and Continue Statements

Strings and Characters

Comments and Doc Strings
Diving Deep With "Strings"

Lists, Tuples and Dictionaries

Diving Deep - List
Diving Deep - Tuples
Diving Deep - Dictionaries
Indexing, Slicing, Negative Indexing


What are Functions?
Parameters, Arguments, Return
Formal and Actual Arguments (arg, *arg, **karg)
Local and Global Variables

Object Oriented Programming (OOP)

Introduction to Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Classes and Objects in Python (OOP)
Understanding init() Method and 'self ' Parameter
Solving Task: OOPS
Defining Multiple Constructors in Python?
Public And Private Methods
Getter and Setter
Creating And Importing Module
Creating User Defined Module
Multiple Inheritance
Understanding super() Function [Part 1]
Understanding super() Function [Part 2]
Python Naming Convention (Classes, Variables, Functions, Methods ...)
Abstract Classes
Discussing Over import And from
Operator Overloading [Part 1]
Operator Overloading [Part 2]

Object Oriented Programming - Theory

What Is Object-Oriented Programming (OOP)?
Classes and Objects in Python (OOP)
Encapsulation in Python (OOP)
Inheritance in Python (OOP)

Errors And Exceptions Handling

Errors - Types of Errors!
Exceptions Handling Introduction
Exceptions Handling
Try, Except, Else And Finally
Raising Exception
Creating User Defined Exception

__name__ == "__main__"

if __name__ == "__main__"

Python I/O - File Handling

Creating Text File And Write Content
Appending Files | Solving Example - File Handling
How To Read Content From A File

Python Package Management System

pip - PyPI for Managing Python packages

Project - Face Detection

What is OpenCV?
OpenCV Face Detection With Python
Detecting 'Elon Musk' And 'Mark Zuckerberg' Faces
OpenCV Face Detection - Project Code
Detecting Faces Of All Images In The Folder

Project - Video Downloader

PyPi - Pytube Introduction
Video Downloader - Part 1
Video Downloader - Part 2
Complete Playlist Downloader

Data Analysis With Pandas

What is Pandas?
Starting With Pandas And iPython
Working with Jupyter Notebooks
Important Jupyter Notebook Commands
Working with CSV, Excel, TXT and JSON Files
Working with API Response
Indexing and Slicing Dataframe Tables [Part 1]
Indexing and Slicing Dataframe Tables [Part 2]
Deleting Columns and Rows
Adding and Updating new Columns and Rows

GUI Project - Building Portfolio App With Tkinter

What is API?
What is API and Request Methods?
Working with CoinMarketCap API
Fetching API Data
Extracting API and Coin Data
Creating Coin List & Understanding Portfolio
Creating Portfolio Dictionary
Calculating Profit and Loss
GUI Introduction - Graphical User Interface
Understanding 3 Steps Tkinter Working
Tkinter Main Window and Labels
Application Formatting - Adding Header
Application Formatting - Adding More Data
Application Formatting - Improving User Interface
Color Indication For Profit and Loss
Adding Update Button
Creating Executable App (.exe file)

Database Basics - SQLite3

Databases - SQL vs SQLite3
Introduction to SQLite3 and its Workings
Creating Table | Working with DB Browser
Insert Values - Databases
Update Values - Databases
Fetching Data From Database
Delete Data - Database
Creating Functions For Operation - Database

Project Tkinter

Connecting With Database
Fetching Data From Database
Modifying Current Application
Adding "Add Coin" Button
Adding "Update Coin" - "Delete Coin" Button
Solving Multiple Layer Issue
Adding Notification System - Popup Box
Adding Navigation System - Menu Bar

Project - Building Twitter Bot With Python and Tweepy

Section Introduction
Creating Twitter Developer Account
Creating App and Generation Access Tokens
Installing Tweepy
Update Status Through Bot
Introduction To Auto-Reply
Working With Timeline and Mentions
Iterate Tweets And Add Condition
Storing Replied Tweet ID's
Storing-Accessing Last Seen ID
Replying Tweet
Formatting Function and Testing Bot
Auto Retweet and Auto Like
Setting-up PythonAnyWhere
Deployment Done Along Testing
Auto Retweet To Particular Hashtag
Implementing Error Handling And Testing Bot

Python 3 Cheatsheet

Python 3 Cheatsheet
PEP 8 - Style Guide for Python Code

Quizzes And Exercises

Python Quiz For Beginners Concepts
Python Functions
Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
Python Decision Making Quiz

Bonus - Git Introduction And Version Control System

Thank You For Being Here!
Bonus - Learn Django 2 By Building & Deploying Project


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October 25, 2022
Excelente curso de atualização para quem já programa outras linguagens, não é um curso que ensina a programas, mas sim a programar em python. Excelente pata quem já tem experiência. Para quem não é programador pode ficar bem perdido.
July 17, 2022
The teaching technique are really awesome. I have a little bit knowledge of Python so the Shubham sir started the session is amazing. Hope the journey will be very worthy.
January 31, 2022
The methodology of teaching step by step is just awesome. I am a student who doesn't like computer science at all, but still I feel like this was a good decision to take up this course to gain some knowledge about pyton. And especially for indian learners it is very good as you can understand everything clearly.
January 25, 2022
Very good teacher. I learned a lot of new things. But I think the first few projects are very basic and there aren't many things, maybe it looks more like exercises to explain the curriculum, but you don't make real projects out of it. Thank you!
December 2, 2021
It is really very good course for beginners. I really want to thank you for uploading a course with such a nice content and explanation. Thank you !
November 21, 2021
Very good. Just need to share with some visual texts on what is happening so that we can debug if it doesn't work
October 12, 2021
The accent makes it very difficult to understand the instructor, and the explanations are not very thorough.
August 22, 2021
The trainer shubham has explained each and every topic with ease, and this course is really helpful for those who are very new to programming language.
August 21, 2021
Personal expriences is very bad. 1.There is proper explaination of __init__ and self .concept is not clear. 2. This is very ridiculous, explaining example of cars and practically showing student example :( 3. very very boring for beginners, instructor just reading the some of the content . This is my personal experiences. i have wasted 3-4 hours
August 19, 2021
He explains everything that you need to know about Python really well, and I have tried a lot of Python coding courses and had to drop them for not explaining very well at all. This is by far THE best.
January 18, 2021
There is no problems or tasks at all to be done in the first 16-20 hours of the course? The best u can do is just copy everything the teacher has written on his code and hope that u get somewhat of a grip about what he's talking about.
December 23, 2020
Appropriate content and narration. One suggestion to the creator is to include exercises earlier instead of keeping it till the very end. These exercises could be small problem-sets based on concepts covered and these will allow learners to be gain practical knowledge.
February 14, 2019
I personally liked the course it was great, but the beginning i feel he was a little to slow i understand the course is for beginners but advanced might try it to see if they missed anything and even though you can skip videos you aren't meant to so they might feel like they are not benefiting from the course. Overall the course was interesting you taught well even a nine-year old like me could understand.
December 31, 2018
One of the best course out there to learn Python. It has everything from the beginning about Python where any person can get in depth knowledge about the coding. Must recommended if you are coding nerd. Simple language and great content.
December 30, 2018
Amazing Course! Each and every concept is explained very well till now with tasks. The course is well organized with proper explanation, presentations, and through lots of clear examples. So far enjoying ...



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