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Publishing in High Ranked Journals: A Beginner's Guide

How to publish in JCR (SSCI, SCI, ISI) High Ranked Impact factor journals

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Sep 2019

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What you will learn

1. Major Reasons for Publication Rejection

2. Mansucript/ Dissertation Topic Selection

3. Writing an impressive Introduction

4. How to do literature review specifically Systematic Literature Review

5. Getting Review on Draft, Prior Submission

6. How to identify blacklisted Journals

7. How to answer reviewers comments effectively


Getting published in an academic journal is a feat of immense prestige and merit within the scientific community. Academic scholars and policy-makers acknowledge published data because of its authenticity and ubiquitous appeal. However, publishing in reputed high-impact journals requires considerable efforts as well as time. I consider publishing as an art, which can be learned and mastered through practice and conviction. The core objective of this course is to help researchers to minimize the chances of rejection by focusing on key strategies adopted by renowned researchers and scholars. The contents of this course include:

  • Top Ten Reasons of Rejection in SSCI, SCI and ISI

  • How to Select the Topic for your Manuscript/ Dissertation   

  • How to Select a Suitable Journal for Manuscript   

  • Perish or Publish Software

  • Getting Review on Draft, Prior Submission   

  • Writing an impressive Introduction

  • Common Pitfalls in Literature Review and remedies

  • Writing Cover letter

  • How to identify blacklisted Journals   

  • How to Answer Review Comments/ Review Feedback Sheet   

  • Mastering the Keyword Strategy   

  • Tips and tricks from personal experience   

  • Recommended Reads   

  • Assessment/Feedback/Networking



Publishing in High Ranked Journals: A Beginner's Guide
Publishing in High Ranked Journals: A Beginner's Guide
Publishing in High Ranked Journals: A Beginner's Guide
Publishing in High Ranked Journals: A Beginner's Guide


Introduction and Networking

Course Overview

Facebook Pages - Let's Network

Top 10 Reasons for Rejection

Top Ten Reasons of Manuscript Rejection

1. Wrong Journal Selection

2. Topic is insignificant

3. Sub optimal Reporting of the Results

4. Analysis is flawed

5. Measures are weak

6. Poor Study Design

7. Weak empirical support

8. Inadequate Conceptualization/Theory

9. “Half-baked” ideas

10. Theoretical and Practical Contribution

Manuscript topic Selection

Topic Selection for Manuscript/ Dissertation

Finding Suitable Journal for Your Mansucript

Selecting a Suitable Journal for Manuscript

How to identify Black Listed Jouranls

How to Write an Impressive Introduction Section

Common Flaws in introduction

Engaging Readers: How to Write an Impressive Introduction Section

Common flaws in Literature Review Section

Errors in Manuscript Literature Review Section

Perish and Publish

Getting Review on Draft

Getting Review on Draft Prior Submission

Keywords Strategy

Mastering the Keyword Strategy

Tackling Reviewers Feedback

How to Handle Reviewers Feedback

Tips and tricks from Personal Experience

Things to Remember

Publishing Together- Networking

Summing Up


Mariia18 September 2020

It was a great course. For a long time, I could not understand what exactly was wrong in my publications - they were weak and unclear. But these lessons gave me a lot of lifehacks and allowed me to look at the situation from the side of much more experienced authors - and this is really great! Thank you very much!

Rahman12 February 2020

This course gave me basic idea of conducting SLR. In increased my confidence in the utilization of the SLR. This course will be a great facilitation for my Doctoral Thesis. Thanks to dr. Shakil Ahmad Sb for giving me the chance to be benefited from this course. I took two courses delivered by Dr. Shakil Ahmad, one is SLR and the other is Publishing in High Ranked Journals. These both will be a great nudge toward my research career. Dr. Shakil Ahmad has an excellent master of the courses he delivers.

Tomas9 October 2019

It's good for beginners. However, I want more present day information. Some links are not working, you should update your course contents. I also wanted to know more about the journal research and selection using Elsevier tools. None of that was spoken.

Fazal20 September 2018

I loved the course. It's a real deal for the money and worth invest in oneself especially for present and prospective researchers. I wish I had watched the video before and no doubt it benefited me now as well. Please keep sharing such knowledge and information!

Sahar4 August 2018

Wonderful Knowledge for those who need help in publishing. excellent tool defined in helping review the manuscript, the tool for citation. how to improve introduction section, chose topic and keyword, finding suitable journal. its very informative course.

Sarmad9 June 2018

Respected Sir, Voice on Slides is Just feels Boring, if you upload your Videos Lectures it will be great of us. Let me share my personal experience here. I had Missed Important Points after 3-4 reviews of same video lectures . now I can say I had conceived your 10% knowledge. Over All Course is 100% productive and I would Like to Thank you very Much.

Hamid18 February 2018

One of the best learning experience. Highly recommended for research scholars and graduate students. The course paved the way towards successful research journey.


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