DIY Video Production for Beginners

Teaching Pro Techniques for Amateur Videomakers

Video Design
DIY Video Production for Beginners
1.5 hours
Mar 2023
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What you will learn

Setting up the Camera

Simple Lighting with What's Available

How to use a Teleprompter

How to Write a Natural Sounding Scrip

How to Prepare Your Messaging

How to Select the Right Background

How to Capture Quality Audio

How to Prepare for Your Performance

How to Use B-roll to Fix Mistakes

How to Source and Edit Stock Footage

How to Create Powerful Sequences of B-roll for Maximum Impact

Learn How to Create Your Own B-roll


If you're starting to make your own videos then this course is a powerful tool to help you produce polished, professional-looking videos.

In fact, it's two courses combined into one focusing on filming the PERFECT PIECE TO CAMERA and embracing the POWER OF B-ROLL - two important techniques you can use to produce professional-looking videos.

If you're a speaker, author, coach, teacher, mentor, or small business-owner this is THE COURSE for you!

This course will help you answer the following questions:

"What’s the message of my video?”
“How do I write my script?”
“Do I have enough light?”
“Do I have the right equipment?”
“Where will I film?"
"What background do I use?”
“How do I match my brand?”
“What’s my Call-to-Action?”
"How can I cover my mistakes?"
"How can I use visuals to tell more powerful stories?"

First Section:

PTC 101: 7 Steps to Producing the Perfect Piece to Camera

In PTC 101, we focus on exactly what you need to know to start making videos that position you at the pro level! It’s practical and fun learning that cuts through the technical-mumbo-jumbo so you can concentrate on being creative and having fun creating your videos.

Even if you’re already working with a professional video crew or experienced videographer, this course will help you better prepare so you can get the absolute most out of your next video shoot. In the world of video production proper preparation saves time, money, and embarrassment!

PTC 101 will show you how to CONNECT, INSPIRE and IMPACT YOUR AUDIENCE!

Here's what we cover:

Step #1 How to Prepare Your Script

Cut down on confusion and bad messaging when you learn how to get clear with your scripts. We’ll introduce you to the script elements you need to make a great video, teach you how outline your script, and provide you with tips on how to write a natural sounding script.

Or if you want to ad-lib your message, we’ll show you some tricks of the trade the pros use for making it up as you go without looking like you’re making it up as you go.

Step #2 How to Pick the Right Background

We’ll teach you what to look for when selecting your background, what types of backgrounds are available, and how to create settings that will keep your audience interested.

Step #3 How to Set-up Your Camera & Lighting

You don’t need a lot of fancy equipment. We’ll show you how to create great shots with equipment you may already have access to.

Step #4 How to Capture Quality Audio

Sound is usually the last thing everyone thinks about when making videos, but the true professional understands just how important audio is to your piece to camera. We’ll show you how to make sure you’re getting the best audio you can get for your video.

Step #5 Prepare for Your Performance

Everyone hates to see him or herself on-screen, and for some being on camera means high levels of anxiety. But once you’ve learned how to prepare for your perfect Piece-to-Camera, you’ll feel a lot more comfortable with the whole process. These are pro tips that you would not get from your local classified’s videographer.

Step #6 How Use a Teleprompter

In this lesson, we’ll teach you the tricks professional presenters use to make sure they give a perfect presentation – without having to memorize their script!

Step #7 How to Cover Your Mistakes with B-roll or Graphics

We’ll teach you how to use it to cover up mistakes and how to dress up your Perfect Piece-to-camera for greater impact on your viewer. Plus, we’ll show you how to use graphics to enrich your teaching or speaking and create a more powerful learning experience.

Which transitions to the Second Section:

B-Roll 101: 7 Tips to a Killer Video

We all know ACTIONS speak louder than WORDS.

People are more likely to remember 80% of what they saw over 25% of what they heard.

Using B-Roll in your videos increases ENGAGEMENT with your viewers. When your viewers are more engaged with your videos you'll have a HIGHER CONVERSION RATE for what you're aiming to achieve through your videos. This means:

- Selling More Product or Services
- Landing More Clients
- Ensuring the Transformation of Your Clients Through Your Course or Content
- Charging Higher Prices

Plus, adding B-Roll to your videos increases their production value, which increases your brand value, which allows you to charge more.

Whether you’re an experienced videographer using high-end gear, or a hobbist making videos with your smartphone, our B-Roll 101: 7 Tips for a Killer Video course is going to have an enormous impact on your videos, and therefore your business!

Here's what we cover:

Tip #1 How to Use Stock Footage

Tip #2 How to Shoot Your Own B-roll

Tip #3 How to Add Close-ups

Tip #4 How to Add Product Shots

Tip #5 How to Add Reaction Shots

Tip #6 How to Create Sequences

Tip #7 How to Use B-roll Sound

Includes: Video and Reference Guide

Resource Material:

To help your video shoots goes even better, faster, and smoother we're adding our CREATIVE BRIEF FORM, LOCATION SCOUT CHECKLIST, and our PRODUCTION TOOLKIT.

Plus, we've thrown in a bunch of VIDEO HACKS to help you improve your production skills.

It's all about helping you create videos with with more impact and less stress!

So click the button on this page and join us for DIY Video Production for Beginners



Step #1 - Prepare Your Video Content and Messaging
Step #2 - Pick the Right Background
Step #3 - Set-up Your Camera and Lighting
Step #4 - Capture Quality Audio
Step #5 - Prepare for Your Performance
Step #6 - How to Use a TelePrompter
Step #7 - How to Cover Mistakes with B-roll and Graphics
B-roll Introduction
Tips #1 - Add Stock Footage
Tip #2 - Shoot Your Own B-roll
Tip #3 - Add Close-ups
Tip #4 - Add Products Shots
Tip #5 - Add Reaction Shots
Tip #6 - Use Sequences
Tip #7 - Keep Your B-roll Sound
Conclusion & Recap
Video Hack #1 - How to Hide a Lav Mic
Video Hack #2 - Working With One Light
Video Hack #3 - On Set Safety Tips
Video Hack #4 - Protection Balls
Video Hack #5 - The Ancient Secret of the PUNCH IN
Video Hack #6 - Magic of Backlight


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