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Project Management Course: Master Project Scope Management

Practical guide to scope development and management - Project Management Certification (PMP, CAPM) Training [Earn 11PDU]

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Project Management Course: Master Project Scope Management


6 hours


May 2021

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What you will learn

How to distinguish yourself as a project manager.

A detailed and in depth understanding of all aspects pertaining to effective scope development and control.

How to effectively and correctly collect requirements.

How to compile a scope statement that has all the right information.

How to create and WBS and WBS dictionary.

Effective and accurate scope baselining.

Eliminate the threat of scope creep and stakeholder misalignment at the start of the project.

How all the puzzle pieces of project scoping fit into each other and the project as a whole.

How set yourself up for success by starting off your project planning on the right foot.

The right approach to scope validation.

Extremely effective scope control.

A wealth of PMP exam practice questions.

And much more!


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The modern world we live in has brought about chances in abundance and many a career from back in the day will soon find itself redundant, thanks to the immense technological advances brought about by the fourth industrial revolution. There is however one career choice that is reaping major benefits from the capriciousness that goes hand in hand with modern day business. And that career is project management. More and more businesses are realizing the immense benefit associated with the strategic advantages that real project management can provide them and as a result more and more project management vacancies are created.

Learning more about project management is something you will always benefit from, whether you are actually a project manager, a business manager in general or someone aspiring to become a project manager. The art of disciplined management of the uncertainty that comes with project management is something that will always be to the benefit of those who take the time to learn it.

Project scope management forms one of the core aspects of project management. It is one of the ten project knowledge areas recognized as a core component of project management and when executed correctly it ensures that your projects start off right, every single time. The ultimate goal of a project is to fulfill a business need by creating something of value and scope management is the discipline that defines what that something is.

There is nothing worse than the idea of successfully completing a project only to find out that the deliverable created does not meet the expectations of the end users, rendering it effectively useless and the project a complete failure. The six processes of scope management, namely plan scope management, collect requirements, define scope, create WBS, control scope and validate scope help you avoid just that.

This project management course will teach you everything you need to know about scope management by way of imparting the necessary theoretical knowledge as well as working through actual examples of the processes and giving you the opportunity to do some practical exercises yourself.

The course starts of laying the foundation of effective initiation, especially in terms of initiation influences on scope planning. The basics of project planning as a whole are also covered and then the six aforementioned scope management processes are covered in deep detail. You will not only be thought what these processes are, but also how to go about conducting them in what is considered an effective and efficient manner. More than just that, you will also be provided with several template documents that you can use as detailed guidelines on your own projects.

The course design caters for those who already have the foundational knowledge of project management and are familiar with the PMI project management methodology. Beginners are however welcome to take it up as well as this course will add value to all project management professionals, whether you are a veteran or a greenhorn. It is an excellent way to refresh good scope management practices or to learn them from scratch.


Course Introduction


What to Expect from the Course

Claiming your Professional Development Units

Course Slides

Project Planning and Scope Management

The Predecessors to Scope Management

Planning the Project

The Project Management Plan

Overview of Scope Management

Planning Scope Management

Importance of Effective Scope Management

Scope Management Tips


Section Summary

Requirements - The Building Blocks of Project Scoping

Requirements: What and Why?

Gathering Project Requirements

Documenting the Requirements

Requirements Example

Collecting Requirements According to PMBOK

Industry Trends Pertaining to Requirements

Requirements Exercise


Section Summary

Developing the Project Scope Statement

Determining What the Project is About

Importance of Making Changes Early On

Scope Statement Example

Define Scope According to PMBOK

Scope Statement Exercise


Section Summary

Defining the Project Work

Getting Aquinted with the WBS

Characteristics of the WBS

Alternative Project Structuring Methods

WBS Example

Arguments for a Compact WBS

Create WBS According to PMBOK

Assigning Responsibility for Work

WBS Exercise


Section Summary

Managing and Controlling the Project Scope

Maintaining the Project Scope

Avoiding Scope Creep

Configuration Management

Final Deliverable Acceptance

Validate Scope According to PMBOK

Control Scope According to PMBOK


Section Summary

Course Assessment


Course Completion

Course Wrap Up

Bonus Lecture


Gajanan21 July 2021

Excellent course with lot of knowledge with importance scope in Project management. I have applied for 11 PDUs with claim ID 49595246.

Rohan4 June 2021

Once you stated that you are saying one and the same thing like broken record, it feels same throughout the course, the person introducing the course was better then the instructor, on explaining things.

Chandrashekhar29 May 2021

Very Informative .Course is delivered with lot of practical illustrations. Presentation is fabulous. Highly recommended.


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